The Choo-Choosen One.

A Fallout 76 Build by Revvy.


Author: Revvy
Votes: +1 (100% positiv)
Created: December 21, 2019 at 8:32 am
Updated: December 21, 2019 at 9:38 am
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What is this build for?

This build is for the Bloodied Railway Rifle, preferably with 25% Less Vats, 15% Vats critical fill, 50% Vats Crits and/or Faster Fire rate. It relies on drinking, like a lot. Alcohol mostly, so you’re like a drunk railway worker shooting everything. Oh, and you can use this while in PA, so no need to worry.

Standard VS Automatic

The Standard receiver gives its user a perfect balance between fire power and accuracy. Sadly, it also gives a long and uncanny fire rate. We don’t want that. What we need is an absurd fire power and close to no accuracy, for a high damage per second. Think of it as a shotgun, but instead of bullets, it’s 5 inches railroad spikes.


2 Strength :
Bandolier : We need this because railroad spikes weights a ton.

15 Perception :
Commando (s) : To deal more raw damage
Tank Killer : To deal even more damage
Ground Pounder : Because you’ll reload a lot and accuracy helps for boss/legendary fights where you just pepper spray and hope for the best.

3 Endurance
Professional Drinker : To be honest, this is just the dump stat, I had 2 points left and didn’t know what to do with them. This perk will let you drink Ballistic Bock like there’s no tomorrow without getting that precious Intelligence debuff. It saves on Addictol too.

3 Charisma
Strange in numbers : Boost your mutations, which is explained later.
Happy-go-lucky : Gives you 3 Luck to augment your VATS critical recharge. Because this is a crit build where you’ll hold the spacebar to deal a shit-ton of damage all the time.

3 Intelligence
Nerd Rage! : Bloodied.

15 Agility
Adrenaline : You’ll get 60% more damage in no time.
Action Boy/Girl : Because AP is your bread and butter.
Gun Fu : When there’s a lot of enemies and no time to spare.
Escape Artist : A fast crouch and bang, 150% more damage.
Covert Operative : See Escape Artist.

15 Luck
Starched Genes : To keep the mutations.
Class Freak : To reduce the negative effects of your mutations.
Bloody Mess : A raw 15% more damage.
Grim Reaper’s Sprint : You look badass with Gun Fu.
Critical Savvy : Hold Spacebar.
Better Criticals : 20% more damage!


Egg Head : Gives you some brain to your build so you’re not biting the dust when leveling.
Eagle Eyes : 25% more crit damage and 4 Perception. Neat.
Bird Bones : More AP
Marsupial : Because jumping is fun.
Adrenal Reaction : Bloodied.
Healing Factor : Saves on Stimpaks
Speed Demon : Faster, faster!
Empath : Don’t be a loner.
Herd Mentality : Free +2 to everything
Electrically Charged : For those who just want a hug.

How to play

Drink Ballistic Bock, stay drunk and at low HP. Vats everything and get some Canned coffee or Nuka-Colas for bad luck and low AP.

Concentrate Fire?

Sadly, the Railway Rifle, for a reason I don’t get, doesn’t count for the damage boost and accuracy in VATS. Concentrated Fire is just useless, which is a shame really.

December 21, 2019 at 8:32 am

14 +9 6B+15

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Just registered to let you know you are doing an awesome work with these guides. Especially this one sounds absolutely like a blast.

I just started playing the game (Level 32) and to be honest, feel at times that I am way behind on everything (Everyone is level 150+ and bands together, so at the moment I am just sending out random invites in hope for some social gaming in the Wastelands).

Anyhow – Thanks for all your hard work and super detailed builds!

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