Satdoac’s – The Offensive Tank [PvE-Endgame]

A Fallout 76 Build by Satdoac.


Author: Satdoac
Votes: +3 (100% positiv)
Created: June 17, 2020 at 10:04 pm
Updated: June 17, 2020 at 10:07 pm
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This concept is not my idea. I only adjusted the idea to my own preference. You can do the same. 😉
Special thanks to Machete83. Without him, this wouldnt be possible.

Range OffTank [V.A.T.S Setup]:

Range OffTank [PA Heavy]:

Nice to have Perk cards:
S Ordnance Express
P Fire In the Hole *If you feal, you want to start an explosive party
E Chem Resistant 2 *Nice to buff your stats. So you dont have to care a lot of missing special points.
E Chem Fiend 3 *Synergy for Chem Resistant
E Rejuvenated 2 *For even more tankyness
E Solar Powered 3
C Strange in Numbers *If your team cant share
C Party Boy/Party Girl 3 *Realy nice addition to the melee part, specialy with Cola Nut + Nuca Dark.
C Suppressor 2
A Born Survivor 1
A Adrenaline 1 *Allows more different setups
A Dodgy 3 *For more tankyness
A Action Boy/Action Girl 3 *Synergy for Dodgy
L Lucky Break 3 *For abusing tankyness =)
L Mystery Meat 3 *It just works, so why not =)

Mandatory Perk Cards for this build:
S Blocker
E Radicool + Lifegiver
I Nerd Rage!
L Starched Genes + Class Freak + Ricochet

Mandatory Mutations:
Adrenal Reaction, Speed Demon, Plague Walker, Unstable Isotope, Electrically Charged, Talons, Twisted Muscles

Misc items section:

Chemist‘s Backpack *Highly recommended
Shielded BoS underarmor *2 STR + 3 END

Psychotats *use them in this order and you can stack the effects (State 17.06.2020)

Nuca Cola Dark [Melee] *adds 6 STR + 6 END with Cola Nut and Party Boy/Party Girl
Tick Blood Tequilla [Melee] * It heals you, replenish hunger (Nice for Rejuvenated) and the most important thing, you can stack easy diseases for Plague Walker (up to 5).
Ballistic Bock [Range] *More range damage

Grenades *Realy nice for cripple groups of enemies + awezome dmg
Toxic Goo *Better control over your Rads

Armor section: *Side Note: best way would be, to opt for a Thorns armor set. Not mandatory

Legendary effects that fit well into this concept.

Life saving *imo best in slot, i recommend using at least 3x if using Revenant.
Unyielding *imo best in slot, i recommend using at least 1x.
Auto Stim
– Any -15% damage from X

Increases action point refresh speed *imo best in slot
– Any Special stat
– Any Resistance

75% chance to reduce damage by 15% while standing still/sprint  *imo best in slot
Any weights reduced by 20%

Weapons section:

Legendary effects that fit well into this concept.


♦♦ / ♦♦♦
n/a *It just doesnt matter, use what u have.

Gameplay Section:

Use Toxic Goo until you hp falls down to ~50%. If you feal comfortale with low life, you can go further for more dmg.
The rest should be self-explanatory

“Pierce the enemy with the pointed end”

Gameplay videos

CC OffTank Explo:

Vats OffTank Explo:

Heavy PA OffTank FFR:

*None of the videos where buffed with consumables.

+ Dynamic gameplay at a high level
+ High tankyness up to immortal
+ Pick the weapon you like, make some tweaks and start to kill things
+ „Low“ Budget

High repair cost for the armor, if abusing the tankyness =)
No max dmg compared to specialized builds

Thx for visiting this guide. I hope, i could inspire some one.
I will try to keep this updated as good as i can.
I am open to productive criticism, so feel free = )

Best regards


*Release 06.17.2020

June 17, 2020 at 10:04 pm

6 +7 3B+10

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