Silent but deadly [Chinese Stealth Armor Shotgun V.A.T.S build]

A Fallout 76 Build by NamelessMartyr.


Author: NamelessMartyr
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Created: August 16, 2020 at 8:46 am
Updated: August 23, 2020 at 9:36 am
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This build I have found is much more efficient than a stealth sniper build. The damage output on pump action shotguns surpasses any rifle I have used, and if you use this build you will find that out for yourself. The key is to use V.A.T.S as much as possible because shotguns deal more damage in V.A.T.S than they do out of it.

Traveling Pharmacy and Pack Rat they reduce the weight of junk, chems, and stims.
Shotgunner, Expert Shotgunner, and Master Shotgunner should be obvious.

Skeet shooter is the only card you should worry about obtaining, because it increases the accuracy of shotguns and makes the pellet spread tighter.

Dromedary because it replenishes an additional 50% thirst when you consume any drink.
Good Doggy is a very nice perk because it makes dog food three times as beneficial causing it to replenish 30% food per consumption which is better than all other canned goods and it’s fairly common.

Lone Wanderer simply because it causes all damage you would receive to be reduced by 20% and also gives you a 30% AP regeneration bonus as well, you can stack this with Action Boy/Girl to get 75% AP regeneration bonus!

Gunsmith because it allows you to build suppressors and causes your guns to degrade 50% slower when shot.
•If YOU DON’T already have the Chinese Stealth Armor Blueprint then you’ll have to get 12 INTELLIGENCE to be able to pass a dialog skill check to get the Blueprint FOR FREE, otherwise you’ll have to pay 4000 gold bullion for the armor, and another 1650 gold bullion for the helmet. DO MAKE SURE TO HAVE 12 BEFORE DOING THE INVISIBLE TIES WASTELANDERS MISSION FOR THE SETTLERS (FOUNDATION).

Action Boy/Girl is helpful when using V.A.T.S because it gives you a 45% AP regeneration bonus, you can also stack this perk card with Lone Wanderer to get 75% AP regeneration bonus!
Adrenaline to make quick work of large crowds.
Covert Operative so your stealth attacks deal even more damage.
Escape Artist so you can break combat easily.
Sneak kinda self explanatory.

Bloody Mess to add an additional 15% damage on top of the Shotgunner perk cards.
Can Do! so you can find dog food easier in containers like trash cans.
Scrounger to find more ammo in containers like duffle bags and ammo creates, this also applies to ammo like plasma cores and fusion cores.
Starched Genes so one can still use Radaway without losing the mutations for this build.

•Marsupial is a very well rounded mutation because it increases jump height by 300% and gives the player 20 extra carry weight but the downside is it decreases your INTELLIGENCE by 4.
•Speed Demon is helpful to get around in stealth mode because it increases your overall movement speed as well as increases reload speed but the down side to it is it causes all your consumption rates to be increased by 50%.
•Eagle eyes because it increases perception by 4 and increases critical damage by 25%.  NOTE-
•Because Marsupial reduces a players INTELLIGENCE BY 4 it’s recommended that you ACQUIRE this AFTER the wastelanders mission INVISIBLE TIES.
•Speed Demon should only be acquired after a player has the perk cards Dromedary and Can Do! because of the increase to your consumption rates.
•  I know Eagle Eyes isn’t in the build planner, but with how often you get your criticals with Four Leaf Clover it was an easy addition.

**After you max out Adrenaline work on getting the following.**
Grim Reaper’s Sprint and trade out Scrounger for it until you need ammo.
Four Leaf Clover and trade it out for Can Do! until you need more canned goods.
Gun Fu rank 1 and trade it out for Escape Artist.
Scattershot and trade it out for Pack Rat until you need the weight reduction for junk items.

•The Prefix modifiers are Bloodied, Instagating, and Mutant’s.
•The Major modifiers are Explosive, Lucky, V.A.T.S Enchanced.
•The Minor modifiers are Lucky or V.A.T.S Enhanced.

August 16, 2020 at 8:46 am

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3 Replies


Do you think this could work with melee weapons too? With say instigating or anti armor


I don’t see why it wouldn’t, it has the points in strength already. You’ll have to switch out some cards, but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.


I would go for different perks on endurance (lifegiver or something) and replace can do! because food/drink are abundant making those perks useless. While playing on a team I would swap lone wanderer out for suppressor lvl 3 and tenderizer lvl 1. I would avoid bloodied with this build since you are not using most of the perks/armor that make bloodied more survivable and suggest going junkie instead.

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