Sniper (solo) pvp+pve Gauss rifle, Responders + level up guide

A Fallout 76 Build by AlfaBuilds.


Author: AlfaBuilds
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Created: May 31, 2019 at 7:11 am
Updated: June 1, 2019 at 5:25 pm
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The sniper was born in vault 76 two years after the great war, all he knew about the outside world was from his mother and father. At the age of 16, sniper went to train himself to be ready for the outside world, he knew he wouldn’t be standing in the front line, shooting scorched, but he would take his distanse and shoot a well planned critical shot. When sniper gets out of the vault 76 he sees all the chaos and destruction, and decides to treat it with caution, from the distance. He thinks that people must be helped and appalachia saved so he favors responders.



Gauss Rifle

Shielded barrel
Recoil compensating stock
Capacitor boosting coil
Long recon scope
No muzzle
(Extra tip: In case you didn’t know you learn mods for a weapon by scrapping the same weapon. So you need to not only get one, but many Gauss rifles.)

Tips to get from: Radio tower close to Uncanny Caverns, Enclave bunker, Watoga train station vendor.

Perfect storm*

Standard receiver
True short barrel
Standard stock
Quick magazine

Tips to get from: Completing quest cold case

Underarmor: None

Armor pieces: Full set of marine armor (Can be bought from Watoga station and vendor bot Phoenix, in Watoga.)
(One piece can be something else if it has the cloaking or chameleon legendary effect.)

Overarmor: Union uniform(can be found at Philippi battlefield cementary) Union hat(can be found at hopewell cave on a small graveyard.)

At nuke zones: hazmat suit (can be found at poseidon energy plant wv-06 at rooftop.)

Calmex, mentats, psycho, addictol (if you are addicted).


2 concentrated fire 1per
3 concentrated fire 2per
4 concentrated fire 3per
5 hacker 1int
6 picklock 4per
7 lone wanderer 2chr
8 rifleman 5per
9 lone wanderer 3chr
10 lone wanderer 4chr
11 pack rat 1str
12 pack rat 2str
13 scrapper 2int
14 barbarian str3
15 barbarian str4
16 barbarian str5
17 pack rat str6
18 Dont pick a perk, save a pick for lvl50!!!
19 expert picklock per6
20 sneak 1agi
21 sneak 2agi
22 sneak 3agi
23 expert rifleman per7
24 expert rifleman per8
25 expert hacker int3
26 aquaboy/girl end1
27 covert operative agi4
28 covert operative agi5
29 covert operative agi6
30 starched genes lck1
31 starched genes lck2
32 tank killer per9
33 tank killer per10
34 tank killer per11
35 escape artist agi7
36 science expert int4
37 science expert int5
38 master hacker int6
39 science int7
40 master picklock per12
41 science int8
42 master rifleman per13
43 science master int9
44 science master int10
45 master rifleman per14
46 master rifleman per15
47 nerd rage int11
48 nerd rage int12
49 nerd rage int13
50 tormentor lck3
51 tormentor lck4
52 tormentor lck5
53 strong back str7
54 strong back str8
55 strong back str9
56 strong back str10
57 batteries included int14

Hope you enjoy the build.

May 31, 2019 at 7:11 am

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