Solo Scavenging Sniper v4

A Fallout 76 Build by PlanckZero.


Author: PlanckZero
Votes: +4 (100% positiv)
Created: November 1, 2018 at 1:26 am
Updated: November 17, 2018 at 2:33 am
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The primary focus of this build is on playing solo while being stealthy and taking out as many enemies as possible through sniping and when that fails backing yourself up with a shotgun.  This is a general exploration/scavenging build and is not entirely focused on maximizing damage or for PvP and includes some utility perks to make life overall easier and more convenient.

Strength: Some people say to avoid perks that modify the weight of items but I think Pack Rat is an exception given how often you’re picking up junk, even in the current 400 stash limit game.  When things get up close you want them to die as quickly as possible, so Shotgunner and it’s Expert/Master versions to maximize your shotgun damage.  You could swap out one Shutgunner perk for a full rank Scattershot, but even at the heaviest shotgun you’re only looking at about 10lbs of saved weight so this is mainly for the reload if you favor that over the extra damage.

Perception:  Since you want to kill as many enemies as you can at range putting all the points you can into Perception is a must.  Rifleman and it’s Expert and Master versions maximize your damage while Tank Killer provides extra kick against armored enemies.  One rank in Concentrated Fire lets you choose where you’re shooting in vats, though in most situations you should be manually aiming.  And finally as a matter of utility two Picklock cards let you open most locks you’ll find without having to swap out perks unless you happen upon one of the rarer level 3 locks.

I dropped a few perks I originally had in here like Penetrator (because you should be manually sniping anyway) and Sniper (because I’ve found as you get used to the AP drain from holding your breath you get better at conserving your AP yourself so it’s a bit of a waste of a perk)

Endurance: I’ve gone back and forth on how useful Endurance perks really are.  First I considered it a junk stat with junky perks, then the beta gave me a second thought on the utility of some food based perks but after you’ve been playing a while food and water can become plentiful enough to even negate those uses.  So put the plentiful food and water to work with Rejuvenated and reap the benefits of staying well fed and hydrated.  This of course is from my personal experience and requires getting yourself situated well enough that you can maintain a steady food supply.

Charisma: It’s a solo build, Lone Wanderer‘s all you really need.

Intelligence: What you should focus on first is Gunsmith, at higher levels when you have junk to spare repairs may not be a problem but early on I’ve personally been having to search for every aluminum can I can find just to keep my rifles repaired, Gunsmith will keep your weapons in top condition longer and make it easier on your junk supply to fix them when needed. Similar to what I did in Perception we have two Hacker perks set so you’re ready for all but the rarest of level 3 terminals.

I used to have a whole paragraph dedicated to Power Armor perks and cramming in as many as you can but… frankly they aren’t worth it.  Reducing the weight of parts isn’t a big issue when you’re already getting a strength bonus to negate the added weight and fusion cores are so plentiful I’ve been throwing them away.  The only perk worth the trouble is Power Patcher and even then it’s not something you have to equip all the time because PA is just so durable, just when you’re repairing to cut down on some of the ridiculous costs for higher tier stuff.

Agility: When sniping you’re going to want to stay off the enemy’s radar, so 3 points in sneak is a given, Marathoner gets you places easier when exploring and away from enemies when fights get tough, Escape Artist for when you need to get out of a fight but don’t want to run too far away and Action Boy for the AP regen.  I used to suggest Born Survivor as a precaution for when you’re too slow to pop a stimpak yourself, but more often then not it’ll end up wasting your stimpaks, just get used to hitting your hotkey when you need health.  If you want to swap any of these out you could also go with Covert Operative for the extra sneak damage, but personally you shouldn’t be hurting for damage too much and it is a bit of a dead perk once you’ve lost the element of surprise.

Luck: Starched Genes for grabbing a good mutation, from what I’ve seen so far I’d suggest Speed Demon for the movement speed/reload or if you want to really go crazy on stealth Chameleon for invisibility. Good With Salt is a personal preference as I’ve gotten way too annoyed already going through my inventory looking for something to eat and finding it all rotted, your experience may vary so any other perk can be slotted in.

This build ended up with 1 SPECIAL remainder that I haven’t quite figured out what to do with yet.

v2: Updated based on updated perk costs.

v3: Updated based on feedback, experience and some perks changing SPECIALs.

V4: Updated based on applying theory and beta play to full time play.

November 1, 2018 at 1:26 am

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i think this is a very intresting build the only realy thing i have to comment is why put 3 points into Galdiator / slugger when you can use them on normal expert and master 1 point ech and gain 30% insted of the flat 20% from just the basic perk.

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