Dangerous Solo Full Damage Two Handed Melee Build – One Shot Everything

A Fallout 76 Build by Drago Nightmare.


Author: Drago Nightmare
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Created: December 12, 2018 at 6:26 pm
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Hey. Here is my Solo Full Damage Two Handed Melee Build. It’s a pretty simple Build I’ve put together through the game until now. This is made for Solo player and the use of Two Handed Melee weapons only (Super Sledge, Fire Axe, Grognak Axe). The Build is played with Power Armor and mainly thought to maximize damage at all cost (or almost) but it is quite tanky as well due to his High Risk High Reward nature. You gonna need to ideally stay within the range of 5% to 30% HP at max and below 20% HP for good efficiency.





You can basically One Shot every enemies in the game at their max level quite easily, (atleast to this date as far as I know) and without any buff whatsoever. (Scorchbeast lvl80, Deathclaws lvl91, Behemoth lvl50,
Queen Mirelurk lvl50, etc…)

The only exception here is obviously the Scorchbeast Queen lvl95.


I’ve put together some video clips to show you the damage you will achieve with this Build. It can help you better understand how this need to be played too so you may want to check this out.

Link : https://youtu.be/38PXuaVutUU




Must have : Weapon Artisan

Nice to have : Hard Bargain, Cap collector, Super Duper, Fix it Good, Power Patcher, Power Smith

Bonus : Curator, Home Defense, Inspirational, Party Boy, Strange in Numbers, Team Medic, Aquaboy, Pick Lock, Expert Picklock, Master Picklock, Hacker, Expert Hacker, Master Hacker, Iron Fist, Strong Back





Some of them are very important to this Build and some are just there for comfort. Here is the priority list :


Must have : Adrenaline Reaction, Twisted Muscles, Grounded, Scaly Skin

Nice to have : Electrically Charged, Speed Demon, Healing Factor, Talons, Marsupial

Bonus : Chameleon, Carnivore


Note : Im not using Unstable Isotope cause it seems to heal ghouls, not sure tho.





Top Tier Two Handed Weapons are:

– Super Sledge, Sledge, Bat, Grognak Axe, War Drum (I like Fire Axe very much tho)


Whatever you use as a weapon, the real important thing here is to have the good legendaries effects on it. The following pools of effect are the one you looking for :


– Bloodied + 40% Power ATK + 1 Strength

– Instigating + 40% Power ATK + 1 Strength

– Bloodied + 40% Swing Speed + 40% less damage while Power Attack

– Instigating + 40% Swing Speed + 40% less damage while Power Attack


The first two are for the strongest enemies in the game with that you gonna have the maximal single hit damage you will ever get with this Build. Power Attack anything, and if it survive (spoiler alert : it won’t :P) then switch over to the two others.


Thoses last two isn’t that necessary in the current state of the game, you indeed, theoretically get a higher DPS with the Bloodied one than any other weapon (due to Swing Speed), but the fact is nothing in the game can survive a single blow with a good weapon, so… However, thoses are the best weapons in my opinion for high group of ennemies and crowd control.


Note : We do not have 5 in Intelligence to get Makeshift Warrior and mod our weapons ourselves, so you need to buy already modded one, or make a friend mod it for you.





X-01 Head (Databased)

Arms (Bracers x2)

Legs (Kinetic + Optimized)

Torso (Protocoled)





I want to put my finger on buff for a bit. Even if we don’t really need it at all to this date, it may be interesting for you to know that you can achieve much higher damage with buff. It may be usefull for the Scorchbeast Queen, further content, or simply to get your damage a little boost while you are building your character.


Here is the consumables I’ve found that increase your overall raw damage :


– Bobblehead (Strenght, Melee) – Total : +2 STR, +10% Melee Damage

– Magazine (Grognak the Barbarian) – Total : +15% Melee Damage

– Chems (Buffout, Bufftats, Fury, Psychobuff, X-Cell) – Total : +10 STR, +70% Melee Damage

– Food (Glowing meat steak, Deathclaw steak, Deathclaw Wellington, Mole rat chunks, Stingwing fillet, Yao guai ribs) – Total : +8 STR, +20 Melee Damage, +10% Melee Damage

– Drinks (Beer, Blackwater Brew, Mountain Honey, New River Red Ale, Oak Holler Lager, Old Possum, Pickaxe Pilsner, Simple fern flower tea, Whiskey) – Total : +10 STR

– Soup (Mutant hound stew) – Total : +15% Melee Damage


If you somewhat manage to take all that in a row you will be granted by :


+30 STR

+20 Melee Damage

+120% Melee Damage


God have mercy of your ennemies.





There is two weaknesses I’ve encountered so far.


– First is obviously health, that’s kind of the point of the Build, but even if you can easily survive against 3 or 4 Scorchbeast shooting you from the air with 30% HP and some stimpaks, you obviously need to look at your health constantly. If you get below 10% HP in a tense situation, I recommend to not greed and burst a stimpak, the damage gain doesn’t worth it compared to a normal 20%/30% HP.

The Serendipity perk will be, most of the time, the reason why you’re going to have some “surprise death”. It is luck based and have a 45% chance to avoid damage when you’re below 30% HP. If you really want some higher HP, Lifegiver perk could provide you +45 HP at maximum level. It may not be that bad of a deal, but that’s up to you.


– The second and last is maintaining your AP for power attacks and running. The main reason we struggle with AP is Dodgy perk that avoid 30% of incoming damage at the cost of 30 AP. And believe me : that thing is gonna burst your AP pretty quick… In fact I have thought about getting rid of this perk entirely, but defense is an important thing in this build too. So same, up to you.


I really think this build can be improved further, I may have far too much overall damage and not enough resistance, but it really fits my style well, so you’re probably gonna have to make some adjustments to fit yours.

December 12, 2018 at 6:26 pm

Drago Nightmare

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Drago Nightmare
December 12, 2018 at 8:41 pm

UPDATE: Don’t put points on Marathoner, it seems that it doesn’t do anything while in Power Armor despite the fact that this is not indicated on the perk description.

You need to max Rejuvenated from Endurance, which will get you +25 HP and +25 AP Regeneration !

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