Solo Commando Build (NPA)

A Fallout 76 Build by I3loodDevil.


Author: I3loodDevil
Votes: +3 (80% positiv)
Created: December 16, 2018 at 5:34 am
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Hey guys. this is my solo commando build with No Power Armor Needed.

First off let’s start off with the stats.

Strength: 10

Bandolier (2 Stars) Ballistic weapons ammo weights 90% less. ( This is good for stockpiling ammo and it won’t take up most of your space in your inventory.

Blocker (3 Stars) Takes 45% less damage from your opponent’s melee attacks. (This is both good for PVE or PvP)

Pack Rat ( 3 Stars) The weight of all junk items is reduced by 75% (This is great if you’re a hoarder like me)

Sturdy Frame ( 2 Stars) Armor weighs 50% less than normal (Good for hoarding armour or fixing dead armour)

Perception: (10)

commando (1 Star) Basic combat training means automatic rifles o +10% damage
( This is good for those nuts who gun down everything they see in their path, extra 10% will help)

Expert Commando ( 1 Star) Rigorous combat training means automatic rifles now do 10% damage.
( This add’s another 10% like the commando Perk )

Expert Rifleman ( 1 Star) Your non-automatic rifles do +10% damage ( Just handy for those days you run out of automatic rifle bullets and have to resort to non-automatic rifles)

Rifleman ( 1 Star)  Your no-automatic rifles do +10% damage ( Again this explains itself)

Long Shot ( 3 Stars) Rifles have 30% more range and excellent accuracy when sighted
( Just better Long Shot or distance long shots so you can pop off some crit headshots)

Master Commando ( 1 Star)Lifelong combat training means automatic rifles now do +10% damage          (same as the perk Expert Commando and commando )

Master Rifleman ( 1 Star)Lifelong combat training means automatic rifles now do +10% damage   ( Same perks as Expert and Rifleman )

Tank Killer ( 1 Star)Your rifles ignore 12% armour and has a 3% chance to Stagger
( This is helpful if you’re in a situation where the Person or Monster has OP Armor)

Endurance: (6)

Slow Metabolizer (2 Stars) All Food satisfies your hunger by an additional 50%
( This helps a lot even when you’re out of stimpaks and need to heal.)

Dromedary ( 2 Stars) All Drinks quench your thirst by an additional 50%
( Helps if you need to drink to get your AP back up to full)

Rejuvenated ( 1 Star) You increased benefit from being well fed or well hydrated
( Helps with getting your AP or Health Up Quickly)

All Night Long ( 1 Star) You Suffer less from hunger and thirst ( This helps you keep on top of your food and water)

Charsima ( 4)

Lone Wanderer ( 3 Stars) When adventuring alone you take 20% less damage and gain 30% AP regen

Intelliegnce ( 8)

First Aid ( 3 Stars) Stimpaks restore 45% more lost health ( You can heal super fast without having to pop so many to heal)

Gunsmith ( 5 Stars) Guns Break 50% slower and you can craft Tier 5 guns
( Simply your guns will break less and you can craft up to tier 5 guns with plans ofc)

Agility ( 8)

Action Boy/Girl ( 2 Stars)AP regens 30% Faster (self-explained)

Marathoner ( 2 Stars)
Sprinting consumes 30% fewer AP ( AP will stay steady with this perk and only cost 30% fewer, so you can run to your heart’s content)

White Knight ( 3 Stars) Your Armor breaks 90% more slowly and repaired cheaper  ( It breaks less and repair costs are way cheaper than normal)

Thru-Hiker ( 1 Star) Food and Drink weights are reduced by 30% ( Food and Drink won’t weight you down while your hiking through Fallout 76)

Luck (10)

Junk Shield ( 3 Stars) Carry junk gain up to 30 Damage and Energy Resistance (No Power Armor)
( You carrying junk around will help you gain 30 damage and energy resistance so you’ll be unstoppable)

Pharma Farma ( 3 Stars) Get 80% chance to find extra chems when you search a chem container
( We all know how hard it is to find chems and stimpaks in chems containers and boxes this helps a lot)

Scrounger ( 3 Stars) Get 80% chance to find extra ammo when you search an ammo container ( You will be stockpiling ammo for days, even weeks thanks to this perk)

Critical Savvy ( 1 Star) Critical Hits now only consume 85% of your crit meter
( This helps a with getting those important crits on Monsters or Players)

Perk Cards to swap out while playing:

In Perception perks, I’d swap out some cards for Picklock Perk or If you need to pick flowers or some reason the Green Thumb Perk


I’d go simply with these mutations since they help out your character the most.

Healing Factor Mutation: Health Regeneration +300% 

This mutation would really help you stay healed up during fights with monsters or in a PvP match up, but the negative effects are that Chems Effects is -50% if you don’t mind it reducing your chems like physco, bufftats, buffout, addictol, Daddy-o, Day tripper, Fury, All Mentats, Psycotats, Rad-X, Rad-away, Stimpaks ect…

December 16, 2018 at 5:34 am



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