Stealth Commando/Rifleman 2.0 (Crit spam + Stealth)

A Fallout 76 Build by JoBo0302.


Author: JoBo0302
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Created: February 5, 2019 at 3:58 pm
Updated: February 5, 2019 at 4:02 pm
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Welcome to my revised Stealth Commando build that I have based off of YouTuber (Captain Noob)  (The link below is his channel) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE6rlbDvll5tS8htVIVl90A

Gear: Use any rifle/ auto rifle with a 2 chameleon legs, 2 chameleon arms, and Stand Fast as the chest (this helps with stealth a lot).

Strength: -4- Strength is not a necessity for this build but I have it at 4 to help with weight reduction. This is very situational for example: Equip Traveling Pharmacy 2 with rank 1 Bandolier  & rank 1 pack rat, OR Traveling Pharmacy 3 with rank 1 Bandolier for later game, etc. Have multiple different ranks for Traveling Pharmacy, pack rat, & Bandolier for multiple different situations.

Endurance: -1- Endurance is one of if not the most useless SPECIAL in the game. each rank gives +5 health and that sucks. just have Radicool for extra carry weight or rank 1 Adamantium. Endurance is a dump stat and we won’t be using this because this is a stealth build.

Perception: -15- Max Perception is a must because we will be doing Crit spam + Stealth+ V.A.T.S. This will be further boosted by mutations and it speaks for itself. Concentrated fire 3– A must for extra accuracy and damage, Rifleman/Commando Rank3 and Rank1- This is situational: We can either do max damage with +60% for 9 points or perk card efficiency with +30% for 3 points. If you want to use Ground Pounder, Tank Killer, And Long Shot all at the same time use the +30% option.

Charisma: -1- I don’t have much use for Charisma, but it isn’t completely useless. Have it at 2 (Lone Wanderer rank 1) for levels 1-50 for leveling purposes but change it later for tenderizer once you have full chameleon gear and good rifles. Otherwise just use grape mentats when doing vendor runs.

Intelligence: -5- Just have this at 5 for Gunsmith. EggHead will boost this so you can craft decent weapons and use berry mentats for even better results.

Agility -15- THE MOST IMPORTANT!!!! Have this at max rank with the Bird Bones mutation boost for best sneaking results. Covert Operative 3– Best possible sneak bonus + Mister Sandman at nighttime. Action Boy 3– Better AP regen. sneak – THE most important because it is so broken and exploitable.    White Knight 1- For cheaper repairs.     Escape Artist 1: Useful but doesn’t always work. Adrenaline 1– 36% boost is enough IMO, because the first point does just as much as the 4 extra points to get it max rank.     Thru Hiker 3– A must for reduced weight, A must for every build. For Nuke Zones: Take off Covert Operative 3 and put on Evasivefor extra survivability.

Luck: -15- The Second most important SPECIAL. Starched Genes 2 & Class Freak 3 for mutations and if you do not want mutations, put 3 points in to charisma for Lone Wanderer 3. Next, Critical Savvy 3, Four Leaf Clover 3, and Better Criticals 1 for Crit spamming and better damage for criticals when combined with the +25 from Eagle Eyes and the +20 from Better Criticals 1. And lasty, Bloody Mess 3 (for better damage) and Serendipity 3 (for Whitespring and nuke zones) for swapping in and out of each other.

MUTATIONS: Eagle eyes and Bird Bones (essential for the build); Marsupial (really fun); Egg Head (we already have low endurance and strength so fuck it); Grounded and Scaly Skin (for extra survivability); and Speed Demon (because why not)

And that is all, thank you for reading. Enjoy the build!

February 5, 2019 at 3:58 pm


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