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A Fallout 76 Build by zXUnsungHeroXz.


Author: zXUnsungHeroXz
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Created: February 22, 2020 at 9:22 pm
Updated: February 24, 2020 at 5:00 pm
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Now this is my first build so please bear with me if this is drug out longer than it needs to be.

This build is a stealth Sniper build with a high reliance on V.A.T.S. it is my build Ive tweaked and refined since launch. If you are wanting a run and gun style of play this is NOT going to be your particular cup of tea. I have always enjoyed stealth based games and try to take advantage of any games that have a sneak system. With this forethought you will not be sprinting from area to area to take advantage of your AP points. I prefer to adapt this build to a slower more methodical play style and take in to account which enemies pose the biggest threat and pick those off first to compensate for my high damage Low DPS output Sniper build, now with that said lets jump in to the build.


  • Marsupial + 20 Carry capacity – 4 Intellegence
  • Bird Bones + 4 to agility – 4 to Strength
  • Eagle Eyes + 25% crit dmage -4 Strength
  • Healing Factor 300% health regeneration outside of combat

keep in mind as a Sniper relying on vats about 80 percent of combat the combined – 8 from both Bird Bones and Eagle eyes dont make much of an impact to the efficiency of this build. You just need to make sure you keep aware of your carry weight seeing as how you will only have a base carry weight of 160, but this is now easily offset by the backpacks introduced to the game in Patch 9 Which you can find a detailed guide to getting yours Here if this seems too monumental of a task at lower levels there is a video Here detailing how to obtain a smaller backpack that will help you at lower levels with your carrying capacity (I do not claim any rights to the aforementioned links none at all Zero, Zilch, Nada!)

Marsupial will allow you to carry a bit more weight and the added jump height lets you make it on top of buildings to snipe that you could only reach with power armor

Bird bones will let you jump off of cliffs and make traversal so much easier and works well with marsupial. (Bird Bones DOES NOT Mitigate 100% of your fall damage I myself have never died from a fall but I’ve taken damage I can only assume the higher falls like ones from the monorails WILL kill you)

Healing factor will allow you to heal outside of combat and reduce your need for carrying lots of stim oacks that can get pretty heavy when carrying many at a time (take note that while sneaking if there are no enemies near you but you are in a caution state Healing factor will not regenerate your health until you are back in a hidden state)

At this point I’ve told you this is a Vats build twice and it still is a VATS heavy build (that’s three now) so Eagle eyes is a no brainer like literally,harder hitting crits to the head leave your enemies wit no brains.


S- bandolier** Lower weight for ammo means you can carry more weaons and more Chems for healing. Keep in mind when having a low carry capacity missiles and mini nukes  are not effected by this card if you are ever over weight and cant find where the excess weight is coming from check you ammo.

P- Concentrated fire *** allows you to aim for the limbs and maxed out increases your chance to hit with each miss and increases damage when you do connect if they don’t die right away The mad titan said it best “You should have gone for the head”

rifleman** Expert Rifleman** Master rifleman**  Your gonna nab each of them at level 2 this will give you 45% more damage on your Single fire rifles and allows for a little more versatility allowing you to round out your last 6 Perception points with…

Tank Killer ** with 24 armor penetration modifying your clip with Stinging or perforating mag in theory gives you 40% armor penetration (there are many extensive thesis on this topic about it that gave me a headache so I wont go in to details) for a total of 64 Armor penetration Like a Hot Shishkibab through Radbutter! the slight stagger chance is nice and can some times proc at the best times

Long Shot*** The 30 percent range and accuracy on your sighted rifles helps you stay that much more further out of detection range and help you keep your stealth

Finally Glow Sight* gives you a bump of 20% damage to anything that has vital organs glowing just begging for a bullet in it!

E- Cannibal honestly I use this to reduce my weight and carry a minimal ammount of food as possible. Feel free to take whichever food skill you like but just so you know the liver is what science tells us we should eat first if it ever came to an I need to eat my buddy to survive situation, I also hear its delicious with a side of Fava Beans like for real, go google it….

Sun kissed* Now that your back from googling this is a great ability to have to further reduce your weight by opting to leave the rad away at home you regenerate your rad damage from the hours of 6 AM to 6 PM and honestly I never bothered to max it out and I feel it does just fine with 1 point.

C- Hard Bargain*** this benefits both your buying and selling prices with NPC vendors the card is very vague but im greedy. They say money cant buy happines but I’ve never seen anyone speeding in a Ferrari in a bad mood. I switch between Inspirational and lone wanderer as the situation calls for it.

Travel Agent* more caps means more happy!

I- Gunsmith ***** 50 percent less degradation on machined weapons means more bang for your buck and the higher teir gun mods have Bigger bangs which is nice too.

A- Action Boy*** So I don’t know if I’ve stated this yet but this is a VATS heavy build….. so faster AP regen means faster head holes

sneak***  Maxed out this card is super powerful combined with chameleon armor you can crouch in the middle of the road while enemies walk pas you. If you were a snake you would have bit them and they would have died an excruciating and painful death but your merciful and a Sniper so you just shoot them in the head 🙂

Covert Operative *** Having more sneak damage makes you deadlier 2.5 extr damage when maxed

Escape Artist* This ability isint 100% needed for this build but as a super secret stealth Sniper your also super squishy AF crouching will make distant enemies go in to search mode Keep in mind any enemies close enough to smell your fear (that stain in your pants) will still chase you. Its litterally my built in oh S**t button. Sprint away when the going gets rough sneak and disappear like a fart in the wind.

Mister Sandman** again with this card feel free to reallocate its points where you want but situationally if you time your missions right the extra .50 sneak damage at night synergises well with covert Operative for 3x sneak damage.

L- VATS HEAVY! Psychopath Vats kills have 15% chance to fill your critical meter

Four Leaf clover*** each hit in vats has “excelent”  chance of filling your crit bar. No hard numbers on this card but ill take the gamble combined with a high luck which already makes each hit fil your crit bar faster. Remember to use your crits as often as you can to take advantage of your free crit bar fills

Starched Genes** With this card maxed it ensures you will never gain mutatios and never cure the 4 we have selected for our build. Natural Selection Smatural Selection I always say!

Grim Reaper’s Sprint*** With each kill IN VATS this card has a 15% chance to refill your action points and ill take a 15% chance iver a 0% chance any day

Critical Savvy*** at max rank we only consume 55% of our crit meter when activating our crit this is key to the buld because its very VATS heavy….


For weapons your going to want to stick to rifles obviously but finding a hunting rifle with instigating and armor piercing with either vats hit or vats critical damage as it 2nd effect with less action point consumption wuld be ideal as a 3rd effect but RNGesus can be fickle

As for armor it really is up to what Suits your play style best but I will recommend that you have at least one piece of Chameleon armor to give you stupid good sneak.

So you’ve made it this far and I sincerely thank you for giving this a look over.

Please comment if you feel there could be any changes that could possibly improve this build I love theory crafting and bouncing ideas off of other active players!

Until next time see you in the waste!

February 22, 2020 at 9:22 pm

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3 Replies


I would take out the Cannibal perk and reduce Endurance by 1 point. Instead I would take the Rejunvenated perk. This will give you much more AP regeneration which goes nicely with your build.
To not run into troubles regarding food I would recommend the mutation Vegetarian. You should always find something to eat then and don’t have to carry food with you still.
Also I would reduce the hard bargain perk level to two and only use it when selling stuff. Same for travel agent. This way you can lower Charisma by two points. The Lone Wanderer perk level 2 makes you more resitant.
I would make use of the freed up points by investing in Adrenaline and Gun Fu perk level 1 (Agility) and Class Freak perk level 1 (Luck). This will add a significant amount of damage and increase your strength as the negative effects of the mutations will get reduced.
If you don’t use energy weapons, which I assume as you use the perk Bandolier, I recommend the mutation Grounded as well. Will give you more resistance to damage for free.
Then you’ll basically end up with what I’m playing 🙂


Great thanks for the feed back. I do use a legendary gaus rifle so I try to stay clear of grounded and have another Pistol build that utilizes gun-fu and adrenaline and didn’t want 2 builds that played too much the same and for lone wanderer im always partied up with friends. Ill make sure to play around with the rejuvenated perk and see how I like the added AP regen thanks for your imput!


well to be honest not a good build. Sun kissed 1 and Mister Sandman 2 only work half the time. VATS heavy build doesn’t mean use every VATS card you can….Psychopath doesn’t make any sense. Luck determines how fast crit meter fills up and it should only take around 5 shots (with rifleman) to fill crit meter so using 3 perk pts for a 15% chance to fill on a kill is not needed. Build attempts to fill crit meter as fast as possible but doesn’t use better critical card? So we are filling a crit meter to do less damage? Hard bargain is only used at vendors and you kind of explained to use other cards so why is it even shown? Inspirational is only a good charisma card to use early on, higher level enemies give plenty of xp, so lone wanderer would be best for solo play. Gunsmith 5….I assume 5 points here in intelligence is merely so you can use the Gunsmith 5 to mod guns and the added gun durability is mostly a byproduct of this. Easy to repair guns. Cannibal not necessary because doing events gives lots of stimpaks and purified water restores health and being a stealth build should not take a lot of damage. Long shot also not necessary…its a stealth build and can get plenty close to shoot enemies, max out the rifleman cards for another 15% damage. Glow sight also situational, increase tank killer to 3 to use against all enemies. Good starting point for a build but needs work.

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