Stealth Sniper (Non V.A.T.S)

A Fallout 76 Build by DrnkAssassin.


Author: DrnkAssassin
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Created: April 30, 2020 at 1:13 am
Updated: May 9, 2020 at 10:13 pm
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So this is my first build and is not mine entirely.  The vast majority has been adapted from MuscleMary’s LadyDeath: Solo Sniper build https://www.falloutbuilds.com/builds/ladydeath/.  I have adjusted it minorly to accomodate those who wish to free fire vs using VATS.  (Mind you this is still a strong VATS build but without the extra Crit damage).

I chose the traveling pharmacy, Bandolier and Strongback perks as well as the Grocer’s backpack mod from the bullion vendor Samuel at foundation.  With the Pioneer Scouts backpack I have 275 carry weight and generally leave base with only 165 to 170 used.

Additionally I wanted to make it swappable with the corresponding Bow and Commando perks. (The LadyDeath build works as well just VATS is not as useful with the bow as it does not account for enemies sprinting/flying).

The weapon I use is the 3* Anti-Armor lever gun with explosive.  I have been fortunate to find 2 so I have one with hardened receiver and the second with Prime receive for scorched.  Anti-Armor is the primary attribute you will want to look for IMO (creates 86% Armor Pen when stacked with Tank Buster) however I can see two-shot being a fair alternative as well.

Armor I am using the Chinese Stealth Armor with the scaly skin mutation.  It gives me permanent cloaking field while sneaking for about 198 Armor and Energy Resistance and 1000 Rad resistance.  This does however force you to side with foundation for the Main quest line as far as I know.  It is player specific so it cannot be crafted for you and the plans cannot be bought or found (only earned during one of the Foundation quests).

Other mutations I am using are Eagle Eyes, Marsupial and Speed Demon.  As with all mutations (especially those you bought via serum) make sure starched genes is level 2 prior to drinking serum (unequip before using serum obv).  After that I rushed Class Freak to reduce the negative effects as quickly as possible.

Any questions leave them in the comments or hit me up on Discord.  In-game name is DrnkAssassin and Discord is DrnkAssassin#9367.  Feel free to join my Fallout Discord server.  It is nothing special, just a place to meet up with like minded people to get together and play and compare notes. https://discord.gg/aTKZWT9

April 30, 2020 at 1:13 am

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This is just what I was looking for- I have been following the LadyDeath guide, and was wondering about non-VATs. So thank you! Just curious, why are you taking Concentrated Fire in a non-VATs? Wouldn’t those points also be better used on something else, such as Long Shot, Glow Sight, Sniper, or even moving some of the points to strength/endurance?


They would but i do still use vats a decent amount for the SB Queen. If you are looking for TRUE non vats then i would reassign that and the tormentor perks appropriately. (tormentor is vats dependent as well)


I adjusted accordingly for true non snipe but as with all builds, you can modify as you feel necessary.


You don’t need to side with Foundation just do their quest line up to the point you get the stealth suit plans, that is what I did. Like you I have been following the Lady Death build but have been tweaking as I do use VATS just not the crit part as much so I have been changing between Commando and less VATS crit build thanks for the ideas.


i would absolutely run this if i could cover the appearance of the stealth suit -_-

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