(UPDATED) Powerful Commando/Melee Hybrid

A Fallout 76 Build by BULLDOG2536.


Author: BULLDOG2536
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Created: September 11, 2020 at 5:19 am
Updated: September 11, 2020 at 5:48 am
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This is a build that is meant to provide a playable and enjoyable experience for melee players and rifle users.

This is a slightly more updates version of the same build I have done before, with a bit more efficency and damage than before.


This build was tested without legandary items, and with both unique, and non-unique weapons/armor for those who can’t get a hold of things like “The FIxer” or the Chinise Stealth Suit. Either way, the build did a respectable ammount of damage.

Because we have Adrenal Reaction, and Radicool, we could cap ourself at 60%-70% health and get those additional benifits, though it is not needed.

This build is NOT a Bloodied build, but because Radicool, and Serendipity, that is a completely viable route.

When I was testing the build, it was at full HP, without any mutations, food buffs, and for basic mobbing it worked fine, so with mutations, and with Adrenaline stacking, you will start doing much more damage.

GEAR: (No Legandary)

(With this you can use any Armor Set, Automatic Rifle, or Unarmed Weapon, these are just my personal picks)


Full Shadowed Leather Armor with Ultra-Light Weight Mods


Chinise Stealth Suit


Power Fist with Puncturing

Handmade Ridle with a Powerful Automatic Reciever, and a Stinging Magazine


“The Fixer” with Powerful Automatic Reciever and a Stinging Magazine


Adrenal Reaction – A great mutations I’d reccomend for any build, if we lose just 10% of our health we will start seeing better damage.

Talons – Good for Unarmed builds, and since we have Level 3 in Class Freak, we will only lose 1 Agility point which will barely make an impact.

Speed Demon – Better reload speeds in combanition with Ground Pounder, and with the extra movement speed we will be able to close in on our enimies faster with our Unarmed weapons.


These two where left out of the build as I don’t feel they are needed, but they are good either way.

Marsupial – Jump Higher, and more carry weight, all around a fun and useful mutation.

Twisted Muscles – This is a good perk, but there is a accuracy penalty which some may find annoying, if you find yourself leaning more towards melee, or don’t care about the penalty, than this is a great DPS boost.

September 11, 2020 at 5:19 am

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