Plasma Caster VATS/Power Armor Build (theory)

A Fallout 76 Build by swiftbombay.


Author: swiftbombay
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Created: April 27, 2020 at 6:39 pm
Updated: April 28, 2020 at 3:48 pm
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The plasma caster lends itself to a VATS build as it is not an automatic weapon like all other non-explosive heavies. It packs a punch so you’re more likely to want to use VATS to get those crits in. By using it w/ VATS with the improved accuracy and extra damage from crits, this may be the most ammo efficient build in all heavy builds.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L.s and Perks

Disclaimers: First this is based on low-health, hence the Nerd Rage and Lifegiver (see gear). That said, it is easily tweaked for full-health. Second, weight reduction Perks serve one purpose. You ONLY ever slot them when you are out and about an become over-encumbered. Then you slot them so that you can fast travel back to you CAMP. Perks that do no increase damage dealt (directly or indirectly through AP regen etc.) or reduce damage taken can be slotted in when appropriate. Those Perks listed are those that serve on purpose: killing enemies before they kill you. Perks that do otherwise are a complete waste of space when you’re neck deep in scorched critters during Scorched Earth.

The HW support Perks are not worth the points in Strength that an go to Perception, Agility, and Luck for accuracy, AP, and criticals. That said, the utility of most Perception and Agility perks for an HW/PA build is razor thin. This is as high as you can get these two perks without having to take Perks with no damage dealing value. So while Glow Sight and Exterminator are situational, there are no other Perception Perks that do a damn thing for this build. Same situation in Agility. As for Luck, there is no Class Freak because of the suggested Mutations, none have a negative effect that is deal breaking for this build. You’re in power armor, so who cares if your Strength gets -8?


Well, your PA of choice with the following mods: Sensor Array (+2 per), Emergency Protocols (for survivability and extra damage if a low-health build, otherwise Core Assembly for AP regen), Kinetic Servos (AP regen).

As for the weapon itself, you will want either the Calibrated or Prime receiver depending on style of game play (basically how much time you’re willing to invest in gathering flux). The Aligned Sniper barrel theoretically will use less AP (as Aligned is a keyword for AP cost reduction). I will test this and edit this build afterward.

Warning! DO NOT WASTE YOUR GOLD ON PULSE CAPACITOR! From everything I can tell, it is utterly useless unless you are in PVP with someone on their last fusion core.

The best Legendary effects are still the usual suspects (Bloodied, Junky’s, etc.), with Instigating being better for this than for other HWs. However with this weapon you have a wider variety of major and minor effects that are useful besides Explosive! Such as +50% Crit, +33% VATS accuracy, -AP cost, etc. Thus the odds of getting a decent roll are much higher than any other HW.


The universally useful Marsupial, Speed Demon, and Adrenal Reaction of course, but for this the only other Mutations I’d use are Bird Bones and Eagle Eyes. These are essential for accuracy and AP. Maybe Egghead. Any others are to taste for you as a player.


Anything that increase Perception or Agility. Same for AP & AP Regen, Hard Lemonade if you can get it. There is a bug where sometimes, if your AP hits zero it will not regen for quite some time. To combat this, have an AP renewing item (such as Nuka Cola) favorited. This will trigger your innate regeneration.


Same as a rifleman build but without the stealth, really. Target torso for weaker mobs, heads for tougher ones. Remember that the reduced accuracy may require three shots to actually hit the head where two to the torso may have put it down. Eventually you’ll get a feel for when to target what, but that takes practice if you aren’t familiar with the playstyle.


Please provide feedback. If you find a flaw in my logic or you have experience that supports or contradicts anything here, I want to hear it.


4/28/2020 Was made aware that Adamantium Skeleton is redundant in PA, so moved points to Luck and added Grim Reaper’s Sprint.

April 27, 2020 at 6:39 pm

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