T-51B Complete Soldier – Ammo Crafter

A Fallout 76 Build by Militoch.


Author: Militoch
Votes: +3 (100% positiv)
Created: December 22, 2018 at 11:54 am
Updated: December 29, 2018 at 12:21 pm
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T51-B Complete Soldier

Hey guys !

Here is a build of a realistic, versatile and complete soldier, of my vault survivor.

I use to build my character as someone who crafts his own armor and guns. So I don’t play with Laser Guns or too technologic weapons. I don’t use unique power amors like X-01 or Ultracite Armor. I prefer the old T-51B, found in the Wasteland and repaired by my character.

Also, i think it’s more realistic to play with two or three types of weapons. Do you really think a vault survivor will only use a Super Hammer to overpass every monsters on his way ? No. The vault survivor has a Machine Gun, a Rifle and a Super Hammer, for all situations.

A survivor cannot kill the biggest monster only with ammo he finds in old devasted houses. He must learn how to craft ammo, and craft it well !

For that build, i chose perks for 2-hand hammer, rifles, and heavy guns. Yes, it’s possible ! For that, you must use only the 1st rank on each perk giving you 10% damage stat on a weapon type. 2nd et 3rd rank cost 1 point and gives you only a 5% bonus..

Then, i chose perks for armor penetration, on each type of my weapons. Basic.

For my power amor, i chose the most important perks for reparation cost, and mods crafting.

I kept two perks on picklock and hacker to pass most of computers or doors you will see on your way.

Finally, as I craft my own ammo, i chose 2 perks on ammosmith and 3 points on Super Duper. You’ll never be out of ammo !

Hope you’ll enjoy that RP build ! Leave comments if you like, dislike or have suggestions !

Good Game Guys !

December 22, 2018 at 11:54 am

7 +2 1B+3

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Solid build my friend I do believe I may give this one a try on a PA/Ballistics play through!

Thanks ! Hope you’ll enjoy that build !

I recommend you the machinegun cal. 50 :p

If you like it, just make a vote on the build to give it more visibility !


So far the best build for me! Although I would like to keep aside some cards which allow me to build anything (like home defense, perks for building guns and armor). Most of the perks chosen by You are very high-level. What perks do you recommend when leveling on lower levels?

Hey Rycerz ! Yes, it’s a build you can only choose when you’re HL.

When you’re levelling, i recommend you to focus on just one type of weapon, and select perks for weight reduction ! Also, Ammo Crafter is so good !

Perks for crafting are not must-have at the beginning of the game because you can find most of weapons on your way and on creatures 🙂

If you like this post, you can click on the little arrow at the top to make a vote :p

Have a good game !


How’s the carryweight on this guy? would he be able to carry some junk and scavenge a decent amount before having to go store it in a stash

You can carry something like 225lbs, without bonus stats. It’s enough for me because i have weight reduce perks. But you can optimize it with power armor mods, or you can choose to travel with an excavator power armor 🙂


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