The “Chillax” build – go anywhere, do anything, don’t worry bout a thing.

A Fallout 76 Build by Istaria.


Author: Istaria
Votes: +4 (100% positiv)
Created: February 8, 2019 at 8:36 pm
Updated: February 16, 2019 at 6:28 pm
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One day you’re in the Vault. It’s warm, there’s food, and you can dedicate your time to coming up with interesting ways to use spices, and then….

…Reclamation Day!

Wait what?

What do you MEAN you’ve been preparing for this for weeks? I certainly haven’t. Perhaps a little too much immersion in Grognak mags and maybe – MAYBE – the spices are not supposed to be smoked.

Dammit. Can we at LEAST limit the hassle?

Yes, yes we can. Meet the Chillax build.

The build is designed to have great defense, very decent damage, exceptional carry capacity, and allows you to stay out so long exploring that your CAMP will think you’re its daddy who went for cigarettes 20 years ago.


Whatever, tbh. This one’s for the lazy, and you can wade into stuff with your rifle knowing you probably won’t die very quickly. You don’t need to manage distance like a sniper, or worry about the one-shot kill like a bloodied build. You can carry so much stuff, you don’t need to manage inventory much, and you have good enough defence and damage to do whatever you want and be effective. Hence, the “chillax” title 🙂



Power armor. Any flavor will do, but I can recommend X-01 (for the defense and looks, cmon, the looks), Excavator for the carrying capacity and mining capabilities (never run short of lead again), T-51 for something something best-in-theory-but-looks-like-ass, T-60 or T-45 if it’s the first you found and can’t be arsed to change it yet.

You DO want calibrated shocks at some point, but the other mods are totally up to you. Personally I like the Targetting HUD for the helm (nice for dark places), with a red headlamp. Only because I use X-01 with the Blackbird paint. I mean, cmon. I look ridiculously sexy. Anyhow, I digress.

For the chest, you have several options – Jet Pack for flying about (I use this), Kinetic Dynamo (we’re using Dodgy) for defense, Emergency Protocols (+50% DR if your health gets low). Try em and see which one feels right to you.


Any rifle. Anti-armor is nice, as it stacks with Tank Killer (it’s not additive stacking, but it does help), but Two-shot and even Two-shot with the explosive mod work really well. Be careful with point blank shots with an explosive – even after the nerf they still can kill you. Personally, I use Bloodied, but this is laziness. It does fine damage when I’m in good shape, and only gets nastier when I’m hurt.


Knock yourself out. There are only a few you don’t want, as follows:

  • Empath – If you group, you might want this. I don’t, so I left it out.
  • Herbivore – No, we’re a cannibal.
  • Herd Mentality – This one’s up to your play habits. If you group, take it. If not, it’s a liability.
  • Talons – Not a melee build, so it’s only a negative. Less agility means less benefit from Dodgy.
  • Twisted Muscles – No. Less gun accuracy.


Strength: 10

  • Blocker – 45% DR from melee attacks, you want this.
  • Bandolier – Ammo is heavy. Still don’t pick up missiles though.
  • Pack Rat – Junk is heavy. Just click everything, it’s fine. We’ll sort it out later.
  • Traveling Pharmacy – Turns out Rad-X, Radaway, Stimpacks and every other drug weigh a crap ton. Never worry again

You may find you don’t need all these perks. They’re QOL, so do as you will. If you want you can swap in some melee perks instead and hang with the bruisers. Too much effort for me tbh.

Perception: 15

  • Rifleman – Shooty-shooty damage.
  • Expert Rifleman – More shooty-shooty damage.
  • Master Rifleman – See above.
  • Tank Killer – Armor Penetration. Essential. Stacks with Anti-Armor legendary property, but not additively. Look, you just need it OK?
  • Concentrated fire – One point. Not used that often probably, but handy when you can’t find the damn radroach or the molerats keep burrowing.
  • Glow Sight – More damage to glowing stuffs, which are everywhere.
  • Picklock perks to taste – I actually find I use these frequently. You can remove them if you’re OK with switching. Me? No. Lazy.

Endurance: 1

  • cannibal – Finding food is exhausting. Besides, scorched taste fine. An interesting gritty-chewy texture which excites the palette, with a hint of nutty aftertaste. Goes well with an Inert Flux.

You could opt to switch this for Radicool if you decide to play with Strength and make a melee hybrid.

Charisma: 6

  • Lone wanderer – The Wasteland is not that populated. Also I am too lazy to make friends.
  • Travel Agent – Fast travel is stupidly expensive. Now it’s not so bad.
  • Suppressor – A little less damage from enemies once you start shooting.

This one’s a complete judgement call, and infinitely customisable depending on if you group or not. If you do, then obviously get rid of Lone wanderer, and slot in what you like. The Charisma 6 choice was simply to be able to share a level 2 perk card if you do. Play with it and see what you like.

Intelligence: 6

  • Batteries Included – Fusion cores are made of neutron star cores (or melted down pre-patch bobby pins, perhaps). This really helps.
  • Hacker – Hack stuff.
  • Master Hacker – Hack it better.
  • Scrapper – Not what we want it to be yet, but it helps with getting steel.

I chose Int at 6 for two reasons – Fix It Good and Power Patcher, both at max level. You’ll need to repair that power armor, and you might as well do it well and cheaply. Swap them in when repairing. Nerd Rage and Gunsmith are both very viable options instead of hacker/scrapper. You can play with this one to your taste 🙂

Agility: 10

  • Action Boy – More AP refresh, which helps Dodgy, and you can run for longer.
  • Dodgy – Less damage taken as long as you have AP.
  • Thru-Hiker – It turns out that food contains considerably quantities of lead in the wasteland.
  • Adrenaline – More damage after your first kill. Useful, but optional.

This one’s very flexible indeed. You can take out Thru-Hiker, but I like it because lazy. You could top up Adrenaline with it? Up to you.

Luck: 8

  • Class Freak – Mutations are lovely, but let’s not grow TOO many arms in weird places.
  • Starched Genes – Let’s keep the nice ones we have, too.
  • Bloody Mess – More damage, yay!

When crafting, swap out Bloody Mess with Super Duper. If it’s ammo, don’t forget Ammosmith.

Enjoy, folks, and see you in the wasteland!


February 8, 2019 at 8:36 pm

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A quick note. An argument has been made for Gunsmith instead of hacking perks for Int. I am on the fence with this. I don’t personally use it, but I can see how it could be a nice QOL thing. Up to you! 🙂


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