The Regulator (Gunslinger)

A Fallout 76 Build by Ulyssi.


Author: Ulyssi
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Created: November 30, 2018 at 9:06 pm
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Here is a proper Gunslinger build for endgame that does its best to be self contained. The goal is to use your revolver with VATS criticals and chems to blow up enemies in quick succession, maintain viability against herd mobs by using grenades, and provide general utility for survival in the post-apocalypse. So lets skin that smoke wagon!

S – The build utilizes revolvers so rate of fire against large groups of enemies will be your greatest struggle. Basher helps keep things off of you without having to change weapons just to be effective.

P – Perception increases VATS accuracy so we want to invest in this stat a little. Concentrated Fire and Crack Shot are straight forward damage increases. The Picklock skills give you some nice group utility as well as access to greater loot and exp. Grenadier will provide you with a greater blast radius for the times you want to soften up large groups of enemies.

E – Chems will be one of our best ways to pump damage. Specifically chems that increase critical damage like Overdrive or those that increase your VATS accuracy like Orange Mentatas. Increased Endurance keeps sprinting from costing to much and gives the build some much needed HP. You can use HP or Defense buffing chems against some of the harder hitting enemies if need be.

C – Tenderizor is another straight damage increase that can give you a little more team synergy. If you never team up Lone Wanderer may be a better option.

I – Gunsmith at lvl 2 gives you access to all the revolver mods. Armorer lets you pocket your armor to help combat your low strength score so you can haul gear across the wasteland. Chemist is purely quality of life at late game. Demolition Expert will allow you to craft explosives and will up the damage you can do to grouped up enemies.

A – All Gunslinger perks are flat damage increases. Action Boy/Girl gives us more VATS uptime. 15 Agility points give you the maximum amount of AP to work with. Gun Fu is probably the most interesting perk in this section, as it will let you become the Gunslinger you have always wanted to be. Combined with your crit and AP filling perks in Luck, Gun Fu will allow you draw your revolver and mow down multiple enemies in quick succession.

L – Psychopath and Four Leaf Clover will passively give you free crits as you use the VATS playstyle. Grim Reaper’s Sprint will help keep your AP up when fighting multiple enemies. Better Criticals and Critical Savvy make your crits hit harder and happen more often. Having 15 in Luck will increase how fast your crit meter fills from regular shots.

Essentially the build is set up to let you use VATS to one or two shot multiple enemies in succession. Since Gun Fu swaps VATS for you and increases damage you will really get that quick draw feeling as you play. The build suffers from low rate of fire and squishiness, though it pumps out a crap ton of PVE or PVP damage. Use the ridiculous amount of grenades the game throws at you (or make your own) to supplement your pistol in situations where you are facing multiple enemies that will want to rush you down – like ghouls. Using Basher and grenades mean you will always have your revolver out and thus your most potent form of damage should you need it. Aim for the head and pray to Atom for crits and you will be the deadliest gun in Appalachia!

November 30, 2018 at 9:06 pm


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