The Unstoppable Force – A Detailed Guide

A Fallout 76 Build by Megabiter.


Author: Megabiter
Votes: +14 (100% positiv)
Created: November 2, 2018 at 2:46 pm
Updated: November 15, 2018 at 9:50 am
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The Unstoppable Force – A Detailed Guide

Hello fellow Vault Dwellers! Do you like big guns? How about power armor? If you want to wield the greatest destructive force in all the wastelands, then grab your pip-boy and put on your big boy pants, we’re about to get serious!


** Update in Process **


Unlike previous version of Fallout, we are now able to change out perk cards on the fly! So before you flame me for not including various perk cards in the stated build, just know… that I know that you know…that I know!


Perception: (Picklock), (Master Picklock), (Expert Picklock) – When you need to pick a lock, or try to at least!

Endurance: (Aquaboy/Aquagirl) – When you want to get wet and not worry about growing a third eye.

Intelligence: (Hacker),  (Master Hacker),  (Expert Hacker) – When you get your clothes from the matrix and need those sweet robot legs!
(Literally Any Crafting) – Just do it all, hard!

Luck: (Super Duper) – Again, use when crafting for a chance to get mixed results.

Team Play

Endurance: (Revenant) – For an extra damage bonus after being revived by a fellow teammate.

Charisma: (Strange in Numbers) – Bonus to mutations (positive) when a teammate is mutated as well.
(Inspirational) – 15% more xp when playing with friends…yay!

Solo Play

Charisma: (Lone Wanderer) – Less damage received and a nice AP buff. (Will have to use 1 extra perk point to unlock, out of the 3 remaining.)


When first starting your adventure in the waste land, be smart! The most practical use of your perk points will be to disperse them to unlock necessary quality of life cards. For example; (Concentrated Fire, Picklock, Hacker, First Aid, and Gunsmith). Always check what cards you will receive before assigning a perk point into that category, you may be able to level up a card from duplicates received in card packs! The heavy doesn’t start to shine until you are in your 30’s, so don’t get discouraged. There is plenty of wiggle room on this blood-soaked road!

Level 1-10

Skill Cards: Picklock, Hacker, First Aid, Action Boy/Action Girl, Good Doggy, Dromedary
When first starting out, be sure to craft yourself a set of leather armor. Grab yourself a pipe pistol or the 10mm, and a melee weapon. Stimpacks are rare to find, so try to conserve them as much as possible. The best way to heal is with food or sleeping at the earlier levels. Until you can craft diluted stimpacks, I wouldn’t suggest using them unless you are going to die and drop a ton of junk materials. 

Level 11-20

Skill Cards: Pack Rat, Concentrated Fire, Gunsmith, Expert Picklock
With Gunsmith, you will now be able to craft weapon mods. I would suggest upgrading a pipe pistol to a fully automatic one. With Action Boy/Action Girl and Concentrated Fire perks, you will begin to farm events and mobs more comfortably now. You can also switch out your melee weapon for a shotgun during those close encounters. 

As you all can see, you have 3 Perk Points to play with at the end, do what you feel is best. While you stop getting perk points at level 50, you do not stop acquiring cards and packs as you level, so rest assured you will eventually get every card you need. 

Update Log

11/11/2018: After reviewing game play data from the final beta test with friends, I have again changed my Perk Cards. What you see is what I will be rolling with during live. Big thanks to everyone who commented, defiantly helped in my decision making. I will be re-working the guide over the next few days with a bit more data/images/and tips to hopefully help everyone out.

If you have any questions of just want to team up, IGN: Megabiter.


November 2, 2018 at 2:46 pm

15 +13 1B+10

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I just have to say: Thumbs up for the effort you put into writing/editing this guide. Great work! Gonna read it now. 😉


First I’d like to say that this guide is very well made. You’ve considered a lot of things and your formatting is beautiful. I’m wondering how often fireproof is going to help you though. You mentioned taking it for the nukes, but that seems more like something that would go under the situational category. I didn’t get a ton of time to play, but the only fire I saw was the occasional Molotov cocktail, the same could be said for the radiation resistance. That being said, if you’re not having troubles surviving then it’s probably not worth going out of your way to get different endurance perks to replace them. I personally think that the first rank of the adrenaline perk is amazing, but the other 4 ranks are not. First one grants 36 percent damage increase after 6 kills and the other 4 ranks together only bring you up another 24 percent. I’m also thinking that in scenarios where you have many enemies to kill and this perk is going off the enemies are weak enough that the extra 24 percent isn’t going going to be necessary. On the other hand for the tough enemies you’re facing where you won’t be building up this perk bloody mess could provide a damage bonus in the situation where you need it.


Good write-up! A few questions:

1) Have you been able to find / farm enough fusion cores to keep power armor on indefinitely?
2) What weapons should we use while leveling, and are they good enough without throwing points into stop-gap cards (like rifleman)?
3) Have you been able to find enough heavy ammo to keep the big guns up and running or do you have to swap to conventional weapons from time to time?
4) What are the common crafting materials to look out for when maintaining power armor / heavy weapons?

Thanks again – good read.


Holy moley tons of changes….

1) Can you even use cannibal with power armor on?
2) Are your current Endurance choices better than the benefits of Lifegiver / Rad Resist / etc?
3) Your changes in the Charisma tree look pretty solid for team play. What mutation(s) are you running?
4) Wrecking ball permanently equipped? Do you really do that much workshop destruction?
5) Do you have enough AP to play with Concentrated Fire with only 4 Agility?

Also – have you found any Legendary power armor pieces? Do they exist?

Keep up the good work – still tracking this build for use on main release.


Personally I went a bit of a different route with a similar build. More defensive, atleast mitigation wise. Just a couple things to consider though –

I’m not sure if power user is worth it or not over batteries included. You’ll spend more time farming cores of course but they will weigh you down 90% less. This should work with plasma cores too if you want to use the gatling plasma whereas power user doesn’t benefit that. There is a couple variables here going forward to consider like what will happen to the stash limit if anything, but just something to consider.

Portable power too is one I have moved away from. Equipped power armor doesn’t have any weight including power armor on another frame you put into your inventory. The vast majority of the time the only benefit you will get from this perk is the weight reduction to the 10 lb frame.

There is some other changes I would make as well with the current info we have. At this point though it’s so hard to say for sure, I feel like I’ll have to reroll anyways due to things that are impossible to judge how they will turn out. Like I mentioned before, something simple like the stash weight allowance changing could impact my build quite a bit.

I’d make a couple other changes as I said but overall I like the build!


very nice work the only thing i got to set a finger on is the fact that you have a 3 star lone wanderer as a back up but only 3 points in Cha … lone wanderer 3 star is a 4 point perk >^.^< other then that very nice tought try.


What defines a ‘heavy gun’ are they like sniper rifles etc? Also with bullet shield and heavy gunner having synergy, how does bullet shield work if a heavy gun is a sniper rifle that fire one round every few seconds?


Are the Heavy Guns perks available to choose later on or do they only come in packs? It seems like I will have to save my special points for Strength until later or else do a ton of grinding to get them.

Also I think I’ll take One Gun Army instead of Bullet Shield


I’ll just start by saying i don’t think CHA under 5 is a good idea. Its just so strong when looking at groups and as you pointed out Lone Wanderer is pretty good also. Additional when in a group, and under 9 CHA, Magnetic Personality is a must. It allows for sharing of 3 Star Cards to the entire team. TLDR if you have a team of four (4) its Nine (9) Star points worth of Perks to EACH member (possibly more if some are sharing 4 or 5 star perks).


I like this build, big Vault Boy thumbs up from me! I do have one question about the build, everything synergizes so well. You can really see the core fundamentals on why you chose the perks you did.. that being said though I have one suggestion. The mutation cards Strange in Numbers and Class Freak seem to be outsiders compared to the rest of your perk choices. I certainly see the benefits of getting mutations but what if they get wiped. I think Starched Genes might be a better choice so if you do roll some most excellent mutations, you can hold onto them without fear of accidently curing them 🙂


Very nice and a lot of good advice too


Does legendary power armor drop in FO76?

Do standard armor bonuses stack with power armor bonuses in FO76?

Will legendary standard armor bonuses work even if damage reduction doesn’t stack with power armor?

If we miss out on up to 5 legendary effects on standard armor just because we’re in a suit of power armor, that’ll suck. A LOT.


Good guide, gonna take a lot of work to get to there as it requires quite a bit of waiting for the later cards and benefits of increased dmg on heavy guns.


Awesome job and thanks for taking the time to write this up.

How crucial is photosynthetic for this build? I don’t usually like skills/perks locked through time of day or similar conditions like this. I feel it kinda gimps my character not being able to play during those time periods in game. Is there anything worth of subbing out for that or even moving 2 points of endurance to a different trait?


What heavy gun do you suggest and do you only carry one? Reason I ask is ive tried several that seemed to be mosquito bites in damage compared to just using a shotgun, and the ones that did do great damage broke after one encounter with a powerful enemy. I was spending so much time gathering repair mats than now I’m left toting a shotgun and only using the heavy gun on non trash….and then I get in one major encounter and maybe a piece of a second before it breaks – aka- the thing breaks not long after running one load of ammo through it and a bit of the second.


Thank for this build,
is there any updates ?


вы проверяли реальный эффект 25 от мутантов в группе?!
глупая раскачка в носителя тяжелого оружия, при этом вы не сможете носить разные пушки, и еще много спорных моментов , а также некоторые карточки вообще не работают, и чистого танка из вас не получится, у вас сражение на средних дистанциях, вы должны косить врагов пачками, т.е. поднимать урон максимально…а вы тратите все на харизму…а как же адреналин?!


Build through mutations, no indication of mutations, and what is the effect of photosynthesis, if you can take a mutation to regenerate, and remove the negative effects of the local freak…in short, anyone who fell for this build, just as stupid as the author

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