Solo – Close/Medium Range – Scavenger/Trader [CRITICISM WELCOMED]

A Fallout 76 Build by Seekaboo.


Author: Seekaboo
Votes: +6 (100% positiv)
Created: November 2, 2019 at 3:18 am
Updated: November 2, 2019 at 3:52 am
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About this build

I love shotguns in video games. The overall feel of making someones head explode at such
a close range gives me such a thrill. I also love making currency in games. So if I have
the choice to be a trader I will definitely do it. 

Based off my research I figured I would try my hand at a scavenger/crafter/tradesman. I
want something more solo oriented as I tend to be more of a lone wolf anyways. So I am
trying to make a build that balances what I will refer to as my "MAIN FOUR" which are
Combat + Protection + Carry Weight + Crafting. I will go over the Main Four in detail, 
and then the individual perks and the reasoning behind them as well later on in this 

Keep in mind that some of these perks, such as the picklock, hacker, fix it good, gunsmith,
etc. are all conditional perks. Meaning you don't HAVE to have them equipped at all times.
So technically you could work this around to spend significantly less on perk trees and still
be able to use all of these perks. Essentially what this means is that you only have to place
5 points into the intelligence tree. Which means you could beef up your secondary weapon more
or even turn this into a build that does utilize power armor.


Combat: Many Scavenger/Trader builds, I find, tend to lack in the combat department. 
Obviously you can't really get through FO76 without engaging in combat. Whether it be
mole rats, ghouls, the scorched, super mutants, etc. you are going to get into a scrap.
So I decided to attempt a scavenger build that provides a Primary and Secondary weapon
skill set. I went with Shotgun for Primary, and Automatic for secondary. 

Protection: Next I chose a few perks that help with protection. I originally wanted to
go with Power Armor (PA), mostly because I enjoy it's use and it's potential for 
increasing carry weight. But after trying to balance it all out I found that PA was 
more of a hassle than it's worth and ultimately landed on perks focused more on standard
armor protection.

Carry Weight: Obviously carry weight will play a big role in scavenging. If you are like
me you find yourself picking up virtually all junk. This plays another big role in why
I chose shotgun as my primary. More strength points means more carry weight. 

NOTE: Upon the release of Fallout: 1st, carry weight is less of an issue IF YOU HAVE THE
SUBSCRIPTION. The scrap box and portable tent make the need for more carry weight less
important. I don't personally have any qualms with the use of this subscription service
as I do not feel it's my place to tell someone how to spend there money. But if you do
use it feel free to substitute certain perks that pertain to overall carry weight. 

Crafting: And finally we have crafting. After getting all that junk you're going to want
to use it. Whether it be to repair weapons/armor, craft better weapons/armor, craft
ammo, or just make your shop look nicer. No matter what your reason is crafting will help
make a profit. I've found that I get most of my caps from selling ammunition. SO I have
become quite good at finding the components used to craft it. But most importantly for
me, crafting makes the game more enjoyable.


Now it's time to cover the various perks chosen and why I think they will be beneficial
in the long run. So there's a lot to cover in this section. Let's get to it. 


SHOTGUNNER Rank 3: The Shotgun is going to be your primary means of combat. It's good 
for most situations the way I see it. Due to our scavenging nature most of the areas you
will enter will be close quarters. And even when you are out on an open battlefield you
will find the shotgun has some pretty gnarly range. This perk, when ranked up MAX, grants
you a 20% damage increase. 

EXPERT SHOTGUNNER Rank 3: Again, the Shotgun is your best friend. The peanut butter to 
your jelly, the pea to your pod, the radiation to your mutation, the... well you get
the point. Other vault dwellers know your shotgun is your pal because of how many marks
you've etched into it't stock. So it makes sense that you'd want another 20% damage added
onto that sucker.

MASTER SHOTGUNNER Rank 3: Because 40% more damage wasn't good enough. Now deal an 
additional 20% damage with your trusty girl... or boy, I don't discriminate. 

SCATTERSHOT Rank 3: Carry weight is essential to being a scavenger. I don't know if you've
ever held a shotgun before but you don't need a video game to tell you they aren't light.
Every pound counts, now your shotgun weighs 90% less. Oh, and you also reload 30% faster
too. It's like killing things with a feather. An incredibly powerful feather. 

PACK RAT Rank 3: If you didn't see this one coming you must be newer to the game than I
am. 75% weight reduction on all junk items? Sounds like a scavengers dream to me. 

NOTE: Again, if you have Fallout: 1st you really don't need the PACK RAT perk. Save it for
some honorable mentions.


COMMANDO + Expert + Master Rank 1: Okay, so maybe you're asking yourself "Why only one rank?" and
the answer is quite simple. See, the automatic rifle is your secondary. It's not
what you'll be leading with nine times out of ten. But sometimes the shotgun's range 
just won't cut it. Also, I really like automatic rifles too. Now that being said this
was chosen as secondary and not primary because of overall ammo consumption. Now, if you
sink 1 point into COMMANDO, Expert Commando, and Master Commando, you still get a nice
30% damage increase to automatic rifles. Whereas if you spent 3 points to each perk
you are spending 9 points for 60% damage increase and that's just a waste for a secondary
weapon. Alternatively you can leave these out altogether and save yourself some perk points
for something else. It's completely doable to play through the game using only a shotty.

PICKLOCK + EXPERT + MASTER: I'm a curious George by nature. So when I am locked out of
something, I want in. A good scavenger takes every single item available to them. That 
includes items locked in toolboxes and safes. That being said, I've found that MOST
locked containers to reap good rewards. So you could potentially skip these perks as well
and save the points. But it will always linger in the back of your mind that you could be
missing out on some nice loot. Can you live with that?


DROMEDARY Rank 3: If you aren't careful, food and drink can really weigh you down.
Proper Aid management is a must for my playstyle. With DROMEDARY, all drinks quench thirst
by an additional 75%. So you don't have to weigh yourself down with water and Nuka-Cola.
I see that as an absolute win.

LEAD BELLY Rank 3: Like food and drink, rad-away can weigh you down. Not to mention it
sells for a good price. If your goal is to earn some caps and carry more stuff, it only
makes sense to not use your product or weigh yourself down with it. Less radiation from
necessity means less need for rad-away. 

SLOW METABOLIZER Rank 3: Last but not least for Endurance we have SLOW METABOLIZER. Same
concept as DROMEDARY, but with food!

GOOD DOGGY: Dog food only weighs 0.50. Now add that onto the fact that you are
gaining an additional 75% food bonus from SLOW METABOLIZER and slap it onto dog food
having THREE TIMES the benefits of eating it without this perk. You may want to change
your name to Fido.


LONE WANDERER Rank 2: PAY ATTENTION! Unless you choose to save yourself some perk points
with my previous recommendations it's very important that you only rank this up to 2.
As stated previously, I tend to be a lone wolf. So I don't spend too much time with my
Charisma. But they do have a few good perks. One being LONE WANDERER. But you don't need
to go all out with it if you are wearing armor. So I feel a rank 2 is solid.

SUPPRESSOR Rank 3: At the moment, I'm still unsure about this one. I suppose the benefits
of reduced damage dealt by 30% by a target is good. But further testing is needed before I
decide if this is beneficial. Any input would be appreciated. 


HACKER + EXPERT + MASTER: Who knows? Maybe as you read my build you feel I lack in the
intelligence department. That being said, much lick picking a lock to get into a 
container, hacking a terminal to enter a room is just as rewarding on occasion. I 
recommend taking these over picnicking if you had to choose between the two. I find more
stuff in a locked maintenance cage than I do in a toolbox. And sometimes you can even 
open a safe with terminals. 

FIX IT GOOD Rank 3: Sure, you can spend your perk points on the Armorer perk. But why do
that when you can repair your armor AND power armor (should you choose to pick alternatives
to previously mentioned perks and go with a more PA oriented build) a whopping 200% of normal
maximum condition? 

GUNSMITH Rank 5: Sure, you can travel the wasteland and HOPE to find a better shotgun.
But I find it to be more satisfying building your own death machine. Weapons break 50%
slower, which is handy for your trusty boot-blaster considering they tend to break fast,
especially in the early stages of this build.  


AMMOSMITH Rank 2: You may be wondering what being agile and making ammo have in common.
The answer? Who knows. I don't. But I do know that ammo is ONE of the biggest reasons
players resort to melee builds. If you don't pay attention you blow through it pretty
quick. So it's important that when you make it, you make 80% more of it. 

ENFORCER Rank 3: In close quarters combat situations it's important that your enemy dies
as quickly as possible. But not all enemies go down easy. So I will settle for slowing them
down too. The slower they move, the less chance they will turn your face into hamburger meat.
With a 15% stagger chance and a 30% chance to cripple the enemy limbs, you'll find your
enemies can't get close enough to touch you as you tookie the crap out of THEIR faces. 


BLOODY MESS Rank 3: Look, as much as I would like to beef my luck perk out so I can get 
that pie from the Port-O-Diner, I just feel like turning my enemies into a pile of red goo
with 15% bonus damage to be much more satisfying.

November 2, 2019 at 3:18 am

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3 Replies


Seekaboo since u are asking for Criticism on this ill just say the crafting perks are not needed out side of camp so u can replace them with combat or exploration cards when not at camp since u wont be crafting.


20% of perk cards wasted on situational effects…fix it good used like once a week in game. picklock and hacker only used when well you use them, which for me is almost never. Ammosmith only used to craft. That adds up to 11 perk points not being “used” most of the time. Those cards are good to have, but not really good to have equipped at all times. A good start for a shotgun build, but needs a little TLC.


Tbh, swapping out perk cards like that gets old real fast. I’d rather they just be there as part of the “build” and not worry about min-max and micromanagement.

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