V.A.T.S. Auto-Riflegirl V 2.0 (backpack, luck, sneak)

A Fallout 76 Build by Ermag.


Author: Ermag
Votes: +3 (100% positiv)
Created: May 27, 2019 at 8:09 am
Updated: June 6, 2019 at 10:02 am
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Hello again,

with release of backpacks, I had to adjust this build, so .. enjoy V2.0!

What should this buidl do: you are ment to shoot them into head with V.A.T.S. (bonus for headshot , bonus for Concentrated fire), from sneak (Cover operative bonus), with critical hit(bonus from food, Better criticals, Tweaked receiver), preferably while influence of Balistic brock beer (more bonus to damage), with explosive weapon(bonus from Demolition expert). Each salvo should be max few bullet, every second salvo is supposed be critical hit. (Luck 16 required, hit target with V.A.T.S. required)

V.A.T.S. shot should help you conserve ammo, spray and pray will kill you, dont use it.

Weapon: handmade with TWEAKED receiver (crit shoot boost), silenced, piercing. No hip-fire mods, all to stabilize shooting.

Armour: MUST have one cloaking piece. You are expected to have 3+ ap regen pieces. Even level 15 leather shit with AP regen is better than level 50 superduper Marine armour. If set up properly you should refill all your AP in few seconds. Your armour is primary used to boost you ability to KEEP SHOOTING. Avoid close combat. With a bit of practise, you kill ANYTHING before it gets close.

Short Perk comments:


You need Blocker. Enemy who will manage to get close to you gonna HURT.

I am used to carry all chems with me. As stash is permafull. Chems in stash weight so much more compared to carry them with Traveling pharmacy.

Backpack should take care of all you need to carry. If not basic one, high-capacity mods will…


Raw damage.

Tank killer kicks in on harder mobs, Concentrated fire saves ammo. I excluded Tank killer from build for now as I am xperimenting with other ways to achieve required armour piercing effect, so all cards going for raw damage now.

If you getting mad about lockpicking, adjust pick/damage ratio as needed. If you want to stay sane, replace +20% comando with +15% and use three spare points for lockpick cards.


Just make sure you drink (Ap regen) and maybe eat (HP boost) before you engage. (Thru-hiker keep your water and food stock levels high to satisfy this)

You may want to use proper food to boost ctitical damage or ap regen.


After experimenting with alcohol related perks and adding +3 to luck due to changes in special, I humbly return to use Lone wanderer. Of course, replace it if you barter or if you in group.


Demolition expert expect you to use explosive weapon. Replace with gunsmith if needed.

You want to keep int at 5. No more, but NO LESS.


sneak, Escape artist and cloaking piece of armour .. does MIRACLES and keeps your damage from sneak bonus ON. Keeps your ass safe as well.

Thru-hiker is hyper usefull, contributes to Rejuvenated, counters Speed demon mutation. Saves shitload of space in stash.

Adrenaline can be replace with Action girl. BUT. Bear in mind 3 points in Action girl are roughly same as one piece of AP regen armour. Use Action girl when you lack gear, replace with Adrenaline once you happy with your AP regen.


You WANT to be mutated. You need Starched genes and Class freak.

Bloody mess is boost to any kind of damage you do, helps to collect stuff (there is always a bit of flesh from enemy near to collect from it)

Critical savvy, together with 14 luck + 2 shielded Vault lining and you passed 2 shoot treeshold for Critical shot REFILL. Just make sure you have luck 16+. (Salvo, Crit, Salvo, Crit .. nirvana)

Important mutations:

Speed demon (counter negaive effect with Thru-hiker), Marsupial (hyperimportant jumping to shoot from safe), Eagle Eye (more crit damage), Adrenal reaction- if you go bloodied weapon.

Final notes:

If you want to go pure glass cannon, get bloodied weapon and some unyelding armour.

Make sure you Well tuned. Easy to get. Last long. Gives edge to Ap regen.

WARNING, this build is using automated weapons, so it is ammo hungry. It is recomended to have secondary weapon with different ammo, to deal with low level enemies. Ammo which can be used for secondary weapons are mainly .38, .45. You may also find funny to use automated pistols even without perks in low level areas. Yes, with spare 5k of .10 you can spray and pray 🙂

May 27, 2019 at 8:09 am

10 +7 2B+8


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