V.A.T.S. Lucky Auto-Riflegirl – kill’em before they touch you, sneaker

A Fallout 76 Build by Ermag.


Author: Ermag
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Created: May 23, 2019 at 11:26 am
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been around a while and it seems mine build has finally settle down. Let me share mine experience and point out some mechanics which works nicely for me.

What should this buidl do: you are ment to sneak upon enemy and shoot them into head with V.A.T.S. (bonus, accurate), from sneak(bonus), with critical hit(bonus) … preferably while influence of Balistic brock beer (more bonus, more crit), with explosive weapon(no more bonus needed, they dead already). Each salvo should be max two bullet, every second salvo is supposed be critical hit. (Adjust shooting to enemy you face)

V.A.T.S. shot should conserve your ammo, spray and pray will kill you, dont use it.

Weapon: handmade with TWEAKED receiver (crit shoot boost), silenced, piercing. No hip-fire mods, all to stabilize shooting.

Armour: MUST have one cloaking piece. Expected to have 3+ ap regen pieces. Even level 15 leather shit with AP regen is better than level 50 superduper Marine armour. Best is Sentinel AP regen combo. If set up properly you should refill all your ap in 2 seconds (!!). Your armour is primary used to boost you ability to KEEP SHOOTING. Avoid close combat. With a bit of practise, you kill ANYTHING before it gets close.

Short Perk comments:


– you need blocker. Enemy who will manage to get close to you gonna HURT.

– I am used to carry all chems with me. As stash is permafull. Chems in stash weight so much more compared to carry them with travelling pharmacy.

– I started at strength 3, but with time I raised it to 9 to be comfortable on stuff I pick on travels and gives me possibility to go melle if I want save ammo in lowlevel areas.


– Raw damage.

– adjust pick/damage ratio as needed. If you want to stay sane, move two points from strength to per and get +3 pick.  Or replace +20% comando with +10% and use two spare points for lockpicks


– just make sure you drink before you need ap regen. (Thru-hiker keep your water and food stock high)

– you may want to use proper food to boost ctitical damage or ap regen or luck.


– If you missing proper armour or Balistick brock supply, you may want to use lone wanderer here. This setup just gives so much more damage, use it once you have your gear set up, especialy while in team.


demolition expert expect you to use explosive weapon. Replace with gunsmith if you dont have/use it.

– If you have friend who mod for you, you can lower int to 3 just for hacking (I prefer 5) and get +3 hack, +3 pick.


sneak, Escape artist and cloaking piece of armour .. does MIRACLES and keeps your damage from sneak bonus ON. Keeps your ass safe as well.

– Through-hiker is hyper usefull, contributes to Rejuvenated, counters speed demon mutation. Saves shitload of space in stash.

Adrenaline can be replace with action girl. BUT. Bear in mind 3 points in action girl are roughly same as one piece of AP regen armour. Use action girl when you lack gear, replace with Adrenaline once you happy with your AP regen. (same for lone wanderer)


– You WANT to be mutated. You need Stratched genes and Class freak.

Bloody mess is boost to any kind of damage you do, helps to collect stuff (there is always a bit of flesh from enemy near to collect from it)

– Critical savy, together with 11 luck + 1 shielded raider lining + 3 happy go lucky from Balistic brock and you passed 2 shoot treeshold for Critical shot REFILL. If you have +1 luck gear, you may use 3 point in Party girl and only one for Happy go lucky. Just make sure you have 15. (Salvo, Crit, Salvo, Crit .. nirvana)

Important mutations:

– Speed demon (counter negaive effect with Through-hiker), Marsupial (hyperimportant jumping to shoot from safe), Eagle Eye (more crit damage), Adrenal reaction- if you go bloodied weapon.

Final notes:

– If you want to go pure glass cannon, get bloodied weapon and some unyelding armour.

– Best secondary weapon is automatic shotgun. You can oneshot from sneak and not breaking stealth. If done properly.

– make sure you Well tuned. Easy to get. Last long. Very good stuff 🙂

May 23, 2019 at 11:26 am

10 +8 2B+8

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I absolutely love this build and have most of the perk cards and point distribution already. The only substitution I need to start with is with rifleman cards in lieu of commando cards only because I love explosive lever action rifles. I love stealth rifle builds and personally hate to melee. This build is perfect for me. Thank you so very much for posting!!!

P.S. I got into PvP trouble recently at a workshop because my VATs keep targeting NPCs and not the opposing player and he shredded me with a heavy gun build before I could VAT him. Any tips would be appreciated. 🙂


You can cycle targets with Z and C in VATS. But I recomend to avoid this scenario. You will have hard times if you just run into PA heavy weapon tank. You cannot hope to stand them face to face and regulary win with build like this. Bring fight on your terms. Use what you are good at and counter what is their strength. It is easier said than done, but heavy gun will try to get close before it releases its barage. This is usualy your chance. Once you are seen an your sneak is no longer possible, you need to completely change way you fight. As this is highly probable, you need completely change perks for pvp. But .. build it in accordance of what is your main strength.


Hey, I see you have a silenced handmade. Where did you get the plan or mod for that? I have searched high and low and can’t seem to find it. I will be using this build for my new character. Thank you.

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