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A Fallout 76 Build by VATs Rifleman – The Glass Canon.


Author: VATs Rifleman – The Glass Canon
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Created: November 2, 2018 at 6:07 pm
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This is the first build I’m going to try.  I prefer stealth sniping at long ranges and swapping to VATS spam at medium to short ranges.  At 15 Perception I’m not sure yet if VATs will be viable at longer ranges.  Time will tell.  If so this build could be broken.   Here are my thoughts on the build:

Weaknesses – This build is a glass canon.  Solo you rely on Stealth attacks so Power Armor may not be viable.  This means you will have little health and little armor.  If you like Berserker style play this build will not work for you.  It takes some finesse to pilot.  It also has no STR.  Welcome to inventory management hell.  Pack light my friends!  Finally it has low INT meaning crafting is out.  Instead rely on a friend or an alt to do the crafting for you.

Strengths – This build is very specialized.  It offers up a lot of weaknesses in exchange for excellent strengths.  Long range, hit and run tactics, excellent accuracy, and being able to position yourself in ways where you can’t be shot back.  Outside you can out range every enemy.   With a silencer you can kill them all while they run around confused.  When found Escape Artist is a god send.  Indoors you rely on Penetrator to shoot enemies through walls from your own cover.  Positioning, range, and cover are everything.  In a group you can stay at Medium Range behind your allies and vats everything to death with little to no return fire.

  • Strength – This is a dump stat and a weakness of the build.  Sadly that means annoying inventory management which most of us already know is a garbage part of the game.  The one point here I was torn between Sturdy Frame and Pact Rat.  Both serve the same purpose – I just don’t know how much end game armor is going to weigh yet.  As the build is more of a back line DPS (aka glass canon) you can drop the 3 points in INT (currently for First Aid) and place them, along with the 2 left over points, in Strength.
  • Perception – A main stat.  It gives both high VATs accuracy and access to all of our damage boosting perks.  Getting more than rank 1 in all of the Rifleman perks is a trap.  For 3 points you get 30% bonus damage.  For 9 Points you get 60%.  That means that 6 point difference only nets you 23% more damage.  If Penetrator is anything like in FO4 (and signs are pointing yes) then it is OP.  Shooting enemies through walls gets bonkers.  Combined with Concentrated Fire you can shoot out the fusion cores on many robots through their bodies as well.
  • Endurance – Another dump stat.  Welcome to being a glass cannon!  If you like berserker play this is not the build for you.  It does require a bit of finesse to play.  Solo you have to be stealthy and use your long range with optimal positioning.  In a group you just don’t want to be in the front.
  • Charisma – While not in a group Lone Wanderer is the obvious choice.  When in a group I’d swapping to Squad Maneuver and Strange in Numbers.  The extra point is dealers choice.
  • Intelligence –  I wanted at least 3 points here to use all 3 ranks of Hacker.  If it turns out that hacking is 100% a luxury and not required to complete any quests/events I might drop those 3 points for something else.  As a glass canon First Aid may have a bit of anti synergy.  Depending on badly how Power Armor effects stealth in this game I might use Portable Power or Power User instead.  Swap in Weapon Artisan when repairing.  I also plan to have an alt for crafting.  Fortunately plans/schematics are tradeable.
  • Agility – Another main stat.  With huge amounts of AP combined with all the luck perks VATs becomes close to spamable.  With 15 agility Escape Artist is your get out of jail free card.  If Light Footed works like Swift Footed in FO3/NV then it is a great QoL perk to have, but ultimately can be replaced.  Perhaps by 2 points in Marathoner so you can really book it.
  • Luck – Another main stat.  Being able to spam VATs combined with 15 luck means lots of crits.  Mysterious Stranger will require so testing to determine if it is worth the 3 points.  It is a complete unknown now.  Luck of the Draw is another unknown.  I’m hoping 1 point combined with Weapon Artisan means your primary weapon will never break even on the longest quests/events.  Again will require more testing.  Starched Genes is a MUST HAVE in every single build.  If you see a build here who doesn’t have it they need to fit it in.  Mutations are Godly – when you find the right one you don’t ever want to lose it.

November 2, 2018 at 6:07 pm

VATs Rifleman – The Glass Canon

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6 Replies


Any reason you invest so heavily into stealth yet don’t take “COVERT OPERATIVE“?


I should phrase it differently. I’m not saying you are wrong, rather what the reasoning is? Not enough damage increase to invest? Maybe not getting sneak attacks off enough or not worth getting back into sneak to take advantage of it perhaps?


B/C that didn’t exist when the build was made. I’m sure lots more perks are going to come out of the woodwork as people get higher level.


Hey was wondering if you have an more updates on the build, or if you’ve have kept it relatively like it is. I have been building similarly and saw your build matches some of my thoughts as well, the only big difference is I was going more into the stealth options that some of the VATS stuff. I’m curious your opinion on the mysterious stranger, also do you know if the vats crit hit is the same damage as a self aim headshot?


I’m looking something more like this now:


I dropped Mysterious Stranger to make some room – and b/c I don’t like unreliable damage. Also dropped Gun Fu to make room for Sneak. Have 1 more point in AGI to spend but not sure what to get yet.

I don’t know if Headshot crits are additive, multiplicative, or overwrite each other yet. Will have to test. If they overwrite one another I might end up replacing all of the crit perks and rely on Concentrated Fire instead to shoot weak spots. I’m hoping they are at least additive.


The link seems is broken. Here is the code:

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