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A Fallout 76 Build by kazyovka.


Author: kazyovka
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Created: December 6, 2018 at 8:30 am
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I’ve played many builds in this game including sneak sniper, all-in melee, heavy weapons, and shotguns. My highest level character is 100+. This is the build I am planning to play once respecs open up next week.

This is a hybrid build which emphasizes AP regen and VATS mechanics to power up both melee and rifles. It is designed to be almost as good as a melee build when melee is feasible, and almost as good as a rifles build when melee is not feasible.

A dedicated melee build has space to take the best support and revive perks, like Injector, Quack Surgeon, Rad Sponge, and Revenant. Pure melee has space for Makeshift Warrior to keep his weapon working, Twisted Muscle for +25% damage, Glow Sight, and will typically have space in Luck for Bloody Mess. He’ll have a few more points of Strength as well (each point of strength is +5% melee damage). On paper, this makes him deal 50-60% more damage with melee attacks. However, this build has higher AP regen and VATS crits, which partially offsets those bonuses, particularly with a melee weapon that has +40% for power attacks.

A dedicated sniper can take sneak and sneak multiplier perks, and also afford the same support perks. When he’s able to sneak, he’ll strongly outperform the rifle side of our build. However, you can’t do much sneaking against the Scorchbeast Queen and in other party activities. In those situations he doesn’t have much more damage than this build: He will have slightly higher PER and AGI, affording higher +%Hit in VATS, and higher AP and AP regen, respectively. Like us, VATS snipers have no room in Luck for Bloody Mess.

However, in exchange for the tradeoffs between the dedicated classes, the hybrid has some upsides:

  1. He can outdamage rifle builds against ground targets.
  2. Unlike melee, he is never a zero.

How this build plays out:

When necessary, use rifles. The best rifle types are Handmade, Gauss, and Lever Action. Tesla Guns also count as rifles. The perks here are designed to make the rifles work well in VATS (limb crippling is essential for many fights).

When possible, use melee. Melee characters tend to have higher DPS over all when they are able to swing.  It is recommend to stay in VATS even while using melee, unless you have +40% power attacks, in which case you should use your AP on power attacks. This character has rank 1 Gun Fu for fast switching between enemies while staying in VATS, and the high AP regen and crit bonuses make melee crits common and often.

December 6, 2018 at 8:30 am



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