Vengeful Wendigo Build – High risk High damage

A Fallout 76 Build by Dakka.


Author: Dakka
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Created: December 3, 2018 at 2:40 am
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Hello, Thank you for clicking on this build. This build is a prototype glass cannon construct I developed. Inspiration to this build came from the first time I came across a legendary Wendigo on my first character (char), and how it’s level 42 self wiped the floor with my level 13 sharpshooter. This build tries to emulate that same high risk, relentlessly aggressive play style. Fair warning, this build dies a lot, this weakness is mitigated to some extent by the amount of damage resist it has, but I have actually tried to incorporate this as a feature to the build, more often than not, you will get back up, more dangerous than ever.


The crux of the build is to irradiate oneself to about 40% HP and reap all the benefits. While it is true that Nerd rage is not active then, 20% max HP is I feel too low a threshold for survival. Dead Man Sprinting, Adrenal Gland, Radicool, Overly Generous, and serendipity will all occur at this threwshold, allowing one to make use of most of the benefits.

Naturally, this build is the epitome of a glass cannon, and profits off this fact, the damage I have hit, even without grinding for legendary gear is extreme and levels above anything I could achieve with a gun. At level 56, I am hitting close to 500 damage with a modded standard deathclaw guantlet, and most enemies die in a few hits.

Speed is another feature of this build, bird bones + marsupial + Speed Demon + Dead Man Sprinting really takes away the tedium of traveling through the wastes.

Game Stages

Early Game (1-30) – at this point there is nothing really separating this build from another melee build. Play style includes using most damaging melee weapon, and make sure one does not forget about throwing knives. I personally used throwing knives so extensively that I was forced to tag steel scrap for search to keep production up. It was not unrealistic for me to have a brace of 40+ knives, as they are quite simply the best early game damage for a melee build. If one finds the knives hard to use, the trick is to throw them above and to the right of center of the target. Objective is to level ASAP, so do quests, public events, leech experience from Whitespring when the level 50+ are farming it, etc.

Middle Game (31-52) – A bit of a misnomer, as it functionally is the same as early game, except that one has enough stats to go after better experience sources. There are many guides on how to power level, I personally got a level 25 ghoul slayers boxing glove, and I got to level 52 on farming Watoga Highschool Halloween event in one day’s grind.

Late Game (52+) – Where the build really goes off. Do the quests whose rewards one desires, and make sure to get all mutations now, as well as irradiate oneself. Then go nuts tearing Appalachia a new one!

Skill Break Down


Barbarian – Highly efficient damage resist (DR) per skill point, this char’s strength will regularly be at 20, so the perk is quite worth it. Does not make char into a tank, but will allow it to tank a few blows before going down (again).

Blocker – Similar reason to above, most damage taken will be of the melee sort, range damage is mitigated by using cover on approach, and the build’s high speed, making this very perk efficient DR.

Incisor – Effective countermeasure to several problem enemies (deathclaws, mirelurks, PVP) the build hits incredibly hard, and this will make sure the for feels most of it.

Iron Fist – Unarmed was selected over other weapon types primarily due to aesthetics and the Talon mutation. Talon + Iron Fist=55% flat damage bonus + minor bleed. Can be swapped out for other melee perks at users discretion, and the perks are great lvl 60+ choices due to the RNG nature of good legendary gear

Martial Arts – Another key DPS perk, weight reduction also means that VATS becomes more useful due to reduced weight. This becomes important as while vats isnt perked, lower vats cost means one can charge into the fight and have enough action points (AP) for one strike to orientate you for successive blows.


Grenadier – While an unsupported grenade perk seems weird, the idea comes from the fact that this build dies a lot, and will usually die surrounded by enemies. Thanks to the perk Last laugh, this build can drop a grenade dealing area of effect (AOE) damage to all surrounding enemies. Best grenade is cyrogenic grenade, due to both the flavor of a wendigo build dropping an ice bomb, but to slow enemies down to assist in retreat if needed.


Adamantium Skeleton – Crucial perk to neutralize main downside to the mutation Bird Bones. Is still useful without it though, as a broken leg is devastating for a melee build

Aquaboy – Can be swapped out in places like the savage divide, but this build is highly irradiated, and water is a large source of rads, mitigating this is a huge quality of life improvement.

Ironclad – Filler perk, but ever bit of DR helps, and the additional endurance provided by having another endurance perk in build is very helpful for survival.

Life Giver – Life is a very hard resource to come by outside of perks, so this is a very key investment. As the build will have most of its HP bar gone due to rads, this mitigates this.

Radicool – This perk cantrips 1 endurance to 5 strength effectively, making this one of the most efficient perk choices in the build.

Rejuvenated – Both well fed’s HP buff and well hydrated AP regeneration buff and crucial to this build, making this perk choice a no-brainer. Upkeep is a little irritating, but just do some forest runs for food every so often, and have a couple water purifiers in camp.

Revenant – Putting the vengeful part of the vengeful wendigo build, you die, you get back up, and you kill things quicker. 50% damage bonus is no joke, and makes this build hit ridiculous damage values.


Lone Wanderer – All bonuses to this perk are things this build needs, almost self explanatory as to why is in build, obviously swap out to other perks if roaming in team (squad maneuvers and strange in numbers and great replacement perks)

Overly Generous –  Mostly a flavor choice, this build has maximum proc chance for this perk, and 50 rad damage is still 50 damage. This perk also was picked so that when one changes build for team play one has greater perk flexibility.


Nerd rage – first of all, I do not recommend having HP so low that this is on all the time. The reason why it is used is that since one is irradiated to 40% max hp, this means that roughly 50% of the time, these buffs are active, and at that point, it is almost like having a second Lone Wanderer perk active.


Action Boy – Last perk which impacts AP regeneration Action Boy 45%+Well Hydrated 50+ Lone Wanderer 30% + Nerd rage 15%= 140% AP regeneration, which basically means that stamina becomes a non-issue.

Dead Man Sprinting – This plus Speed Demon mutation gives build hilarious speed, and allows one to mitigate time spent at range of enemy where it is most vulnerable. Downside of increased AP consumption is largely mitigated by sheer AP regeneration.


Class Freak – Mutations are a key feature of build, and Class Freak allows the myriad side effects one suffers to be manageable instead of crippling.

Last laugh – Synergy with Grenadier,  makes it so that you are not totally screwed when you get back up after dying, surrounded by bad guys.

Mysterious Savior – This perk is by its nature random, I tested it by jumping off a cliff and found that I was resurrected 6 times out of 10. Obviously your mileage may vary, as 10 tries is hardly a sample size, but the thing is that death hardly matters in this game. You die, you fast travel by location of death and start over. This means that even when this perk does not work, it is not punishing, but when it does work, the build goes into overdrive. Perk can be kept on during team play, but can be swapped for four leaf clover if desired.

serendipity – This perk is responsible for the lion’s share of the build’s survival, against conventional damage. I’ve never seen this work for explosion damage, but against melee and projectile damage, it is invaluable.

Starched Genes – Key perk to allow mutation heavy build work.


All of them! – with no real way to be selective over what mutations one gets and one keeps, since the majority of the perks are beneficial, just keep getting mutated until one has all of them. Obviously, if your last mutations are egg head, empath, and herd mentality go ahead and stop, but odds are against this happening, so I included all mutations in build as a more realistic outcome.


Apparel – Ritual bindings + Ritual Mask is a natural fit to the build, and looks very thematic

Armor – The best you farm, special mention goes to getting a full set of armor with the legendary effect of being 90% weightless + does not count against chameleon, as the only thing scarier than a wendigo is an invisible wendigo.

Weapon – Deathclaw Gauntlet is the best weapon class, and fits the apparel perfectly. Realistically, one will sue the best legendary one has, I use a vampire mole claw I found, but I still keep the guantlet for screenshots. A good way to guarantee a level 50 Deathclaw Gauntlet is to avoid the quest that gets one access to Enclave until one is level 51. This means the reward will always be a level 50 version of the weapon. The mod for it can also be found on vendors, I found mine at level 23 at the raider train station on top of the world

Consumables – I use whiskey + Stingwing fillets to keep build at 20 strength. Buffout is useful to, but watch out for it kicking you out of well hydrated range.  Grenades give build some range when absolutely needed, and throwing knives are important early game kit.

Final Thoughts:

Build has been slow to start, but fun to play. Highly recommend to anyone going for some a little different than a traditional gun/melee build. Thank you for reading!

December 3, 2018 at 2:40 am


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