Versatile 2 Hand Power Armor or Unarmed Melee Build

A Fallout 76 Build by MHoldgrafer.


Author: MHoldgrafer
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Created: January 12, 2019 at 3:57 am
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  • This is currently a work in progress and the build that I am working towards. It will allow a 2Handed weapon user to jump out of their power armor and switch over to unarmed by switching around a few perks. Currently only the posted build is “viable” with the current glitches between Class Freak and mutations that result in fractions of a special.

January 12, 2019 at 3:57 am


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So the purpose of this build was to be able to have a character that would be effective both in and out of Power Armor. The SPECIAL distribution allows for different perks to be allocated to make each build viable. However, with the current state of the game, glitches between perk cards and stats do not allow for the unarmed build to gain DR/ER from Barbarian and Evasive when mutated with Herd Mentality or Egghead. I prefer to play the game with 2H weapons, however, because I want to maximize survivability when out of power armor we switch to Unarmed to offset(and even surpass) the damage of the 2H build. There is a little bit of play in the build when it comes to SPECIAL allocation(1 Point) and Perks. With that being said, let’s move on to discussing the build.

Strength – 15 – Required
2H Perks – Blocker(3), Incisor(3), Martial Artist(3), Slugger(3), Expert Slugger(2), Master Slugger(1).
Unarmed Perks – Blocker(3), Incisor(3), Martial Artist(3), Barbarian(3), Iron Fist(3).
There are your standard melee perks and I don’t recommend changing them up a whole lot. We take 3/2/1 in Slugger in order to maximize our damage % gained with each point allocation.

Perception – 1 – Recommended
I am honestly not a fan of any of the Perks in this tree when it comes to melee. I run with Fire In The Hole to make landing grenades easier. You can switch it to whatever you would like. Refractor would give a small boost to ER. You could choose Concentrated Fire to target limbs if you ever pull out a gun, however, I run melee only.

Endurance – 8 – Strongly Recommended For Unarmed Viability
2H Perks – Radicool/Rejuvenated(2) are required, the five remaining points are up to you, I suggest Solar Powered for the added damage and health during the day, you could also do Lifegiver for added health and Aqua Boy to fill the 1 extra spot. Lifegiver would make having lower % health builds easier to manage. You could swap these out for QoL perks. It’s up to you on how you would allocate them when using 2Hs.
Unarmed – Radicool, Rejuvenated(2), Ironclad(5) required.

Charisma – 7 Required
2H Perks (solo) – Lone Wanderer (4), Tenderizer (3), if you keep this at 8 feel free to allocate the last point wherever. Travel Agent is just a QoL Perk.
2H Perks (Grouped) – Tenderizer(3), Strange In Numbers(1), Required, 3 Points to play with, I suggest Team Medic or Body Guards. With good PA, Body Guards is less suggested.
Unarmed Perks (Solo) – Lone Wanderer (4), Tenderizer (3) required. Again, feel free to allocate the last point wherever or even move it out of this SPECIAL.
Unarmed Perks (Grouped) – Tenderizer(3), Strange In Numbers(1), Required, I suggest Body Guards(3 or 4) if you can fully benefit from its effects. This will make surviving Nukes wearing just a Hazmat Suit much easier. I’ll break the resistances down at the end of the guide to show how it all ties together. Also viable would be 2 points in Squad Maneuver considering we’re melee and the rest in Body Guards or another perk of your choice.

The reason we want 7 Charisma is that with Herd Mentality it’ll get bumped up to 9, allowing you to share a 3-star perk. With Class Freak the negative effects of Herd Mentality are completely negated. Taking Lone Wanderer allows us to skip perks like Action Boy in Agility because of diminishing returns. If you were to take LW and AB the difference between a full AP recharge would be less than a second, and definitely not worth 3 Points. That being said, if you are grouped up and drop Lone Wanderer, make sure to grab Action Boy to compensate. Tenderizer(3) is required because of it’s boost to our damage. Granted this would probably be overkill in most situations you could easily switch it out Suppressor if needed.

Intelligence – 3 – Recommended
2H/Unarmed – Makeshift Warrior (3). Small increase to the longevity of weapons. 3 points will allow us to repair our weapons to 200%. which is the main reason for the 3 points. You could also take Nerd Rage if you are into low HP builds. If you do decide to take Nerd Rage, look into Emergency Protocols for PA (MOD, Increases DR/ER at low HP). Honestly, this section is up to you.

Agility – 10 – Required
2H Perks (Solo) – Adrenaline (1), Required. 9 Points to spend. Adrenaline gets the most benefit with just 1 point invested, however, there aren’t a lot of AGI perks that work for melee, let alone while in Power Armor.
2H Perks (Grouped) – Adrenaline (1), Action Boy(3), Required. 6 Points to spend.
Unarmed Perks (Solo) – Adrenaline (1), Evasive (3), Required, White Knight (3) outside of Nuke Zones, inside possibly Marathoner + Moving Target,
Unarmed Perks (Grouped) – Adrenaline (1), Evasive (3), Action Boy(3)(B/C of Lone Wonderer), Required, I suggest White Knight(3) outside of Nukes, but you can swap it for Moving Target or Marathoner inside a Nuke.

The reason why we want 10 Agility is because of Evasive when using Unarmed. With Herd Mentality, it’ll bump to 12, and an additional 3 AGI from mutations (+4 Birdbones, but -1 from Talons (+3 Total)). This will bring us up to 13 Solo (39 DR/ER) and 15 grouped (45 DR/ER). Other than Adrenaline I’m not a fan of Agility for 2H/PA builds. Marathoner and a few other perks don’t work while in PA. I believe Deadmans Sprint works in PA. I don’t suggest adding the floating 1 SPECIAL point to this tree.

Luck – 11 – Required
2H Perks – Starched Genes(2), Class Freak(3), Bloody Mess(3) Required, 3 to play around with. Perhaps Luck Of The Draw for weapon longevity 1 or 3. Serendipity doesn’t work while in PA so avoid that.
Unarmed – Starched Genes(2), Class Freak(3), Bloody Mess(3), Junk Shield(3)

The main reason we want 11 is because of Unarmed. 8 Points are required to keep and maintain mutations as well as a multiplicative damage bonus from Bloody Mess.

This build will utilize all mutations except for Eagle Eye, Empath, Unstable Isotope, Carnivore/Herb (You may choose to do either though.)So how will the stat points look like for 2H or Unarmed? Solo or Grouped? If you have the points as 15/1/8/8/3/10/11 it’ll look something like this:

2H SPECIAL SOLO (22/1/11/8/8/13/11) *Optimal
STR 14 – 22
15(-1 from Bird Bones), +5 Radicool(Max),+3 Solar Powered(During Day)
END 8 – 11
+3 Solar Powered(During Day)
CH 8
(3 Base +6 Egghead -1 Marsupial)
AGI 13
10 Base + 4 Bird Bones – 1 Talons
LUC 11

2H SPECIAL Grouped
W/ Strange In Numbers
(25/4/14/11/13/17/14) *Optimal

STR 14 – 25
15(-1 from Bird Bones), +5 Radicool(Max),+3 Solar Powered(During Day) +3 Herd Mentality(HM)
1Base +3HM
END 11 – 14
8 Base +3 Solar Powered(During Day) +3HM
CH 8
8 Base + 3HM
INT 13
(3 Base +8 Egghead(Strange In Numbers) -1 Marsupial + 3 HM
AGI 17
10 Base + 5 Bird Bones(SIN) – 1 Talons +3 HM
LUC 14
Base 11 +3 HM

Unarmed Solo (19/1/8/8/8/13/11)
DR +80 Barbarian, +50 Ironclad, +39 Evasive, + 30 Junk Shield, + 50 Scaly Skin =
DR Total 249
ER +50 Ironclad, +39 Evasive, +30 Junk Shield, +50 Scaly Skin, +100 Grounded =
ER Total 269

Unarmed Grouped (Full Team)
W/SIN (22/4/11/11/13/17/14)
DR +80 Barbarian, +50 Ironclad, + 36 Body Guards, + 45 Evasive, + 30 Junk Shield +63 Scaly Skin =
DR Total 268-304
ER +50 Ironclad, +36 Body Guards, + 45 Evasive, + 30 Junk Shield +63 Scaly Skin, +125 Grounded =
ER Total 313-349

W/O SIN(21/3/10/10/10/15/13)
DR +80 Barbarian, +50 Ironclad, + 36 Body Guards, + 45 Evasive, + 30 Junk Shield +50 Scaly Skin =
DR Total 255-291
ER +50 Ironclad, +36 Body Guards, + 45 Evasive, + 30 Junk Shield +63 Scaly Skin, +100 Grounded =
ER Total 288-324


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