JT_Warcrime’s Ammosmith Build w/tips on pricing and where to find materials.

A Fallout 76 Build by JTWARCRIME.


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Created: June 21, 2020 at 8:42 pm
Updated: June 21, 2020 at 8:52 pm
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JT Warcrime’s Ammosmith Build

The Build (An Explanation):
This build is strictly to make you money by crafting and selling ammunition in your vending machines and explosives to sell to NPC vendors. It’ll also help keep you alive while scavenging for what you need without having to rely on much endurance or power armor. Selling ammunition is an easy way to make caps, as there are A LOT of players that want nothing to do with crafting and choose to buy their ammo.

It concentrates on collection of weapons, armor and scrap for steel and being able to transport it back to base using Pack Rat and Strong Back.

Sturdy Frame has multiple uses. It’ll help keep your transport weight low, but it’ll also allow you to play without power armor so that you can use legendary armor buffs to decrease your weight even more.

We want to make the most out of the scrap and ingredients we make Scrapper, Green Thumb and Chemist perks.

Ammosmith is obvious here as it will almost double your output at max level. Arguably more important is Super Duper, which will potentially double whatever you craft. We’ll need this to maximize gunpowder, ore smelting, flux (for Ultracite Ammo) and even the ammo itself.

Since you’re going to be selling most of your ammo and you want to keep your equipment weight down and your damage resistance will be low, so you’ll be relying on one-handed melee and pistols.  To maximize damage, we’ll be using Gladiator, Incisor, Gunslinger and Bloody Mess perks. I suggest using Ultracite .44 ammo, as it’s relatively cheap to make in terms of nuked flora (1 Stable Crimson Flux per craft) and it packs quite a punch.

When using light weaponry, stealth is your best friend.  Sneak and Escape Artist perks are good ideas, as is Lone Wanderer to decrease the damage we take.

Since we do have to take at least one Endurance perk, we’ll be using the 2nd level of Rejuvenated to increase our HP. Rejuvenation requires that you stay well-fed and hydrated, but Green Thumb and Super Duper will help with crafting food.

Finally, we’re going to increase the ammo we find while scavenging ourselves out with the Picklock and Scrounger perks.

Starched Genes is required for most builds, as you want to take advantage of mutations without losing it. In this instance, we’ll be using the Marsupial mutation to increase our carry weight and to help escape combat/reach high places.

Although not necessary, Demolition Expert & Hard Bargain are good ones if you decide to make explosives, which can actually be sold to vendors. Hard Bargain is also good if you decide to buy materials from vendors. While still worth it, buying materials will obviously net you less caps than scavenging for them.

Swapping Out Perks:
As you gain higher levels and start to swap out perks for specific things, I’d suggest getting the rest of the Gladiator Perks, Action Boy/Girl, Ninja, Covert Operative, Pharma Farma, Batteries Included, Traveling Pharmacy, Ironclad, Good Doggy and Good With Salt. I’d also suggest Scattershot since a lot of the weapons you pick up are shotguns, which are strangely heavy. Bear Arms is another one, but you’ll find a lot more shotguns than heavy weapons on the bodies of your enemies.

Material Locations:
The best place for lead is to take an Excavator Power Armor to the Lucky Hole mine (Usually nets me about 400 ore). You can also scavenge the gyms at the Green Country Lodge, the Charleston Fire Department, Vault-Tec University, all 3 missile sites, the Palace of the Winding Path, the Hornwright Estate and the prison yard at Eastern Regional Penitentiary.

Everywhere. Scrapping looted weapons is the easiest way to get steel. The mall at Top of the World and the Pleasant Valley resort area around it is great for Steel and even some Lead (can chimes). You can also take over the workshop at the Grafton Steel Yard.

ACID (For Gunpowder, Smelting and Fuel):
You’re going to need a lot of acid to make gunpowder, smelt ore and to make flamethrower fuel, so head to the cricket cave at Tanagra town and server hop to your heart’s content. Besides that, you can take over the workshop at Hemlock Holes Maintenance, which has 3 acid deposits that you can mine. Another good idea is to find a place to put your C.A.M.P. that has acid to pump. The only one off the top of my head is located on the top of the hill between Arktos Pharma and The Gauley Mine, but there are plenty of maps to look at online to find them.

OIL (For Molotovs & Fuel):
If you want to make fuel and molotov cocktails (and you do), you’re going to need a lot of oil. For this, the best place I’ve found is the workshop at the Beckley Mine Exhibit, which has 3 veins to exploit. Wade Airport also has 3 veins, but they’re scattered very far apart and you’ll be spending most of your free time running from pump to pump.

PLASTIC (For Energy Ammo & Shotgun Shells):
Hands down, the best place for plastic is the Whitespring Resort. Collect every golf ball and club that you can find and you’ll be set. Be sure to raid the pool balls and cues at the clubhouse, as well as all of the balls, bats and clubs in the display cases. Most importantly, as this area has the largest amount of plastic in one area, behind the clubhouse is a row of golf carts next to a couple of shelves. One shelf has a bunch of golf balls in a crate, but DON’T MISS THE GARBAGE CAN NEXT TO THEM!!!! The bottom of the can contains all sorts of plasticware! Besides the Whitespring, the cafeteria and gym at Morgantown High School and the multiple cafeteria rooms at Watoga High School are also filled with plastic.

COPPER (For Energy Ammo)
The workshop Dabney Homestead near the Valley Galleria mall has 3 copper veins to mine, but I’ve never had to use it since copper is relatively abundant compared to what you need it for.

CRYSTAL (For Cryo Cells):
Guess what? You’ve already found plenty! The Lucky Hole Mine and the Cricket Cave at Tanagra Town are full of it.

I should mention The Converted Munitions Factory. You can  use it to make ammo and to mine for oil and lead, but I would only use it if you can’t use the other locations that I’ve mentioned

Suggestive Price Chart and Ammo Types to Carry:
You can sell any ammo that you want, but these are the ones that are mostly bought by my customers and the price that they’ll pay for them. Note: The price of some ammo decreased after the Spring 2020 Wastelander duplication glitches.

1 Cap:
.44 (Hardly ever sell, but those who buy them usually buy your entire stock)
10mm (Hardly ever sell, but those who buy them usually buy your entire stock)
Shotgun Shells
Cryo Cell (Hardly ever sell, but those who buy them usually buy your entire stock)
Fusion Cell (Hardly ever sell, but those who buy them usually buy your entire stock)

2 Caps:
2mm EC(Hardly ever sell, but those who buy them usually buy your entire stock)
Gamma Rounds (Hardly ever sell, but those who buy them usually buy your entire stock)
Plasma Cartridges (Hardly ever sell, but those who buy them usually buy your entire stock)

These are suggestive prices, but the best way to make money in this game is to sell in bulk. The lower prices will add up quickly. Example: Someone comes in for .308 ammo that you have priced at 2 caps a bullet, so they only buy 100 (200 caps). That same person who bought 100 for 2 caps a piece is likely to buy your entire stock of 1000 at 1 cap a piece (1000 caps). If you choose to overprice your ammo, you’ll be selling it very slowly and it’ll start filling your entire stash. Any other ammo is a waste of resources and should be donated to your local train station’s lost & found (You’ll understand when you play for awhile).

These are my suggestions, so if you’re looking over this and commenting to yourself how there are better perks, locations, prices, practices, etc.; unwedge yourself from that chair in your mom’s basement and go cry to her about it.

JT_Warcrime (Add me as a friend if you’d like an ammo dealer)

June 21, 2020 at 8:42 pm

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I like the look of this build and have started a new character to use it.

A question about Charisma. Does the higher Charisma stat affect the vendor prices or is it just to equip the perk card itself? I ask just because if the number itself doesn’t change the prices would it be better to move 3 points out of Charisma and put it into Luck or Intelligence (for the Rank 5 Gunsmith)? Changing that one card is a very minor hassle if it frees up 3 special points.

Thanks for the build.


Sorry. I haven’t checked this is month. Because of how building a guide on this site works, these are just suggestions for the first 50 perks you choose. Personally, I only keep 4 in Charisma myself and just switch out Lone Wanderer with Hard Bargain and Travel Agent when I sell and buy.


… and you’re welcome

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