ALG heavy gunner (solo)

A Fallout 76 Build by JumboTangerine.


Author: JumboTangerine
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Created: August 19, 2019 at 7:08 am
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This build a bit weird since it is me trying to salvage a character that I messed up but! it works quite well. Is it the best build? No not by a longshot but it is a very tanky and reliable one so here we go.


heavy weapons are hard to find in the early game so pick up a good melee weapon and a pump shotgun and grind your way to Lv 25, you can get a gatling laser at big bend tunnel (note big bend tunnel can be difficult at lower levels so take your time). Other than that try to find a heavy automatic gun with the legendary effect furious then you’ll be set. Explosives will also be your best friend in this build so find a grenade or missile launcher.

Perk Explanation

Strength perks

Blocker 3; A must have in almost any build. right?

Lock And Load 1; Faster reload with heavy weapons

Heavy Gunner 3, Expert, and Master Heavy Gunner 3; Max your dmg

Perception perks

Exterminator 3; mainly to make milurks easy

Glow sighted 3; to make nuked areas easy

Grenadier 2; bigger explosions!

Endurance perk

Fireproof 2; to protect yourself from your own explosives

Charisma perks

Lonewander 4; it is a solo build after all

alt Charisma perks

Field surgeon 2; faster healing is good

Tenderizer 1; more dmg rank one is all that is needed

Suppressor 1; you take less dmg

Intelligence perks 

First aid 3; Can’t go wrong with it

Demolition expert; More explosive dmg? yes, please!

Agility perks;

Action boy/girl 3; gonna need those action points for dodgy

Adrenaline 5; having lv 5 isn’t the most efficient but nice for wave clearing

dodgy 3; makes you very tanky, this will drain most of your AP points

Evasive 3; the bonus protection is nice

White knight 1; Don’t have to use as many resources on armour

Luck perks

Bloody mess 3; more dmg

One gun army; nice to have for automatic heavy weapons

Starched genes; to lock down those mutations


Speed demon; the reload speed is a much needed buff

Healing factor; more health regen is very useful

Electrically charged; Just a good mutation


Get Ammosmith early and start collecting that .50 cal and 5mm ammo you are going to go through a lot of it!

If you guys have any questions please ask them I will try my best to answer them, or if you have something you think I can change/add let me know, I am trying to make this build the best it can be.

Thank you and good luck!

August 19, 2019 at 7:08 am

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