X-01 Power Armor Lone Heavy Gunner balanced build no VATS

A Fallout 76 Build by DepletedUranium.


Author: DepletedUranium
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Created: May 31, 2020 at 2:26 am
Updated: June 2, 2020 at 5:00 pm
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This build allows me to try and farm that elusive Legendary without burning through chems in a Nuke Zone. It is also a pretty good setup for PvE whilst wandering the wasteland.  It works well for me, but I welcome any suggestions to improve it.  I’m not new to Fallout, but have only been playing 76 a few weeks. Currently at level 115 ish in X-01 PA equipped with stealth torso and calibrated shocks.  With a little patience and scavenging, it’s possible to buy the shock plans and collect the gear to build the armor without server hopping to the Enclave hoping for a lucky drop. And you’re levelling up all the time you’re collecting caps and scraps.

  1. Power Armor used is the X-01 but I did just as well in the T-60. I like to visit every Nuke Zone I see, so X-01 offers the best radiation protection without needing Vault Steel or Bullion.
  2. The main SPECIAL features are strength for the heavy gunner perks and intelligence for important crafting and supplementary heavy gunner skills.
  3. I can confirm that Marsupial and Egghead used together with the Class Freak and Starched Genes perks at max do not lower any of my stats (unless the game registers partial point loss without showing it). They appear unchanged in game, except for the Intelligence boost.  I added Scaly Skin when it finally appeared for me on the Enclave vendor terminal.
  4. I believe Intelligence is the most important SPECIAL, as so many perks can be swapped in for crafting extra durable gear, guns and mods.
  5. Strength can be used for melee or shotgun perks while ranking up to aquire heavy guns perks (min level 30) . Blocker at 2* for those pesky attacks from behind, Bear Arms for carrying several heavy guns in your inventory. It’s highly likely you will go well beyond level 50 to gather all of the Heavy Gunner perk cards.
  6. Glow sight is a must for green, angry mobs and can be swapped out to pick level 3 locks with all the picking skills. I added Greenthumb to swap in for collecting raw flux and the elusive Strangler Blooms.
  7. Endurance is usually a dump stat but this setup seems to work well in a daytime Blast zone. Fireproof protects against SB scream attacks (they are explosive apparently), and offers good resistance against incendiary attacks or high level missile toting Super Mutants etc.
  8. Lone Wanderer speaks for itself, and can be swapped for Hard Bargain when you’re ready to buy those Calibrated Shock plans.
  9. Intelligence perks Gunsmith and Stabilized are a must. I tried to maximise points here to slot in Demolition when I finally get the Gauss Mini or a suitable Legendary explosive gatling. Batteries included lowers fusion core weight to .3 and can be swapped for a range of other durability and power saving perks. First Aid 2* and a 1* Pharmacist boost effectiveness of the most used chems in a Blast Zone, stimpak and radaway. Obviously Hacker skills can be swapped in as needed to get into terminals. I avoided Power User as I have plenty of fusion cores from a couple of gaming sessions farming at Poseidon while I completed a few nearby quests. There are many cores to be randomly found in Appalachia. Crafting skills for all types of weapon can be swapped in here.  Weapon Artisan, Power Smith, Science etc used as needed, there are plenty of points, just grind the perk cards.
  10. Adrenaline is 1* as it’s no use when fighting a SBQ or boss, but extra damage fighting hordes comes in handy. Thru-Hiker is a QOL 2 points, swapped out for Ammosmith when crafting bullets etc.
  11. Class Freak and Starched Genes make the most out of mutations, and I used serums following a few failed attempts to hit the one I wanted by irradiating myself at Emmett Mountain. I recommend Marsupial, Egghead and Scaly Skin. Speed Demon is also an option, but affects QOL too much imo. One Gun Army is a must for Heavy Gunner solo builds, and Bloody Mess adds damage and fun to any build.  Super Duper is swapped into the luck SPECIAL for crafting any item.

This isn’t a build you will complete by level 60, and you’ll have to farm extra perk cards to slot in when needed. It’s fun and balanced though, and as I’m no expert, purely designed from my own PvE experience. I’ve been learning a few tricks along the way, and this build has been influenced by many of the excellent guides posted on this site.  If you can hold off building your X-01 until you have all the perks, plans and mutations in this guide, your Power Armor will be even more durable than mine.

Let me know what you think.

May 31, 2020 at 2:26 am

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