Fallout 76 Character Builds

Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Posted by Pokesto.

Bloodied 25/25 Pistol Build

Bloodied 25/25 10mm Pistol
Unyielding AP BOS Combat Armour

Created 1 hour ago.

Posted by Pokesto.

Broken Meat Hook

Bloodied SS +1 Strength Meat Hook.
Unyielding BOS Combat Armour.

Created 1 day ago.

Posted by Pokesto.

Bloodied Sneak Shotgunner

work in progress

Created 2 days ago.

Posted by Gilgamesh19.

Full Health Commando/Shotgun Combo Build

This build as shown is for a solo player. Team build conversion will be shown below. Full auto rifles are your main weapons with a shotgun as a backup. This build as shown is not heavy on VATS or stealth.
Strength: level 1 shotgun perk cards for 30% bonus damage and some basic carry weight cards
Perception: concentrated fire for headshots, tank killer for anti armor. main damage cards for automatic rifles are the commando cards, can use rifleman cards here for semi autos.
Endurance: ironclad fo…

Created 4 days ago.

Posted by Gilgamesh19.

Full Health Shotgun/Melee Combo Build

This build is for full health shotgun and melee weapons. The cards shown are for a solo build, if you are a team player replace lone wanderer in charisma (use strange in numbers) and add herd mentality mutation. Also the damage cards show are for shotguns, but can replace those with gladiator or slugger cards when using melee.
Quick Breakdown:
Strength: this is where your main damage cards are. barbarian for some added damage resist and some general carry weight cards.
Perception: concentrated …

Created 5 days ago.

Posted by musclemary.

Lady Death: A solo sniper build guide.

Hello everyone! I’ll try to keep this guide as concise as possible. I decided to make a new character in the stealth sniper role. The leveling process is very quick and easy, utilizing the abundance of Hunting Rifles in the early levels and maximizing their power. Smooth transition into high-level content with Lever or Handmade rifles capable of one-shotting most enemies. Overall, very fun to play and lots of RPG flavor to work with.
I’ve decided going al…

Created 5 days ago.

Posted by Gilgamesh19.

Bloody Commando Tank Scavenger

This is a team build for low health characters (20% health, 80% rads) who like automatic rifles, high armor, and scavenging resources. Characters are balanced with weapon damage, armor and carry weight. The build does not show the actual stats of the character when using strange in numbers and radicool. The actual numbers for special points are: 20, 13, 9, 9, 5, 15, 14. Carry weight will be 320 lbs, HP is 302, and AP is 273.
Weapons to use: silenced automatic rifles. non explosive. (if you want…

Created 2 weeks ago.

Posted by Greybaine.

Maximum Rifle/Scavenger/Merchant build. Open to suggestions/feedback! :)

Hey there! Relatively new player here!
I’m looking for a decent rifle build that focuses on using a lever action rifle as the main weapon and allows for a tonne of scavenging/looting/events/etc.
Open to opinions/feedback on this build! 🙂

Created 2 weeks ago.

Posted by MickJayPlays.

MJP Junkie Mutant’s Heavy Gun Survivor

This is a concept I’m working on for the character I’m starting from scratch for Wastelanders. The idea is to have a build that is a power-leveling, hardcore survivor that runs Heavy Guns and Power Armor. Early game focuses on survivability and really kicks into gear at level 32.
Until level 20, this build will probably use shotguns and a fire axe as a backup. At level 20, they’ll switch to a gatling gun and add a .50 cal at level 25. Also, will work to get the “talking …

Created 2 weeks ago.

Posted by Gilgamesh19.

Bloody Weapon Master

Jack of all Trades build as far as guns go, made for those players who really like to use guns….all of them. Can also swap out shotgun cards for heavy gunner, rifleman for commando, gunslinger for guerilla. While not a high strength build, can use melee cards to mess around with sharp things and smashy things. For example, remove the shotgunner cards and use incisor 3 along with ironfist 3 for unarmed. For slugger and gladiator use level 1 of all three cards (ie slugger 1, expert slugger …

Created 2 weeks ago.

Posted by Gilgamesh19.

Bloody Pipe Revolver Pipe Bolt Action VATS Stealth Sniper

This is a solo build made to take advantage of Pipe Revolvers and Pipe Bolt-Actions benefitting from both rifleman and gunslinger perk cards. Damage is of the highest priority and carry weight the lowest. A very versatile build that will allow players to use any single fire rifle or pistol they find with great effectiveness. It also allows for the use of most ballistic ammo types, making any ammo you find useable (more on that later). Being a bloody build, characters will be playing at 20% hp o…

Created 2 weeks ago.

Posted by MRxJx.

VATS Solo Vampire .50 Heavy Gunner

I have a mash up legendary armor set, all marine armor with deep pocketed. Usually stuff that helps like AP regens on a few pieces. I usually use the Vampire .50 cal machine gun with this build. Rounds are usually cheap to make if you also have the ammo Smith perk and as long as you are hitting something you almost can’t be killed. I left room for hacker perks and Lockpick perks to be traded out, also room for the crafting perks. I’m looking for a good legendary hunting rifle to mak…

Created 3 weeks ago.

Posted by zXUnsungHeroXz.

Stealth Sniper (Vats Heavy)

Now this is my first build so please bear with me if this is drug out longer than it needs to be.
This build is a stealth Sniper build with a high reliance on V.A.T.S. it is my build Ive tweaked and refined since launch. If you are wanting a run and gun style of play this is NOT going to be your particular cup of tea. I have always enjoyed stealth based games and try to take advantage of any games that have a sneak system. With this forethought you will not be sprinting from area to area to tak…

4 posts, last by Gilgamesh19 3 weeks ago.

Posted by Gilgamesh19.

Power Armor Bloody Commando/Rifleman No VATS

This build is for use with power armor and as shown for automatic rifles that are not explosive. A conversion for a rifleman build will be explained later on. Cards used are also for a solo build. Bloody build is for use on characters with only 20% or less health, use rads to keep health down. Weapons that have a silencer are best for the build as shown. This build should maximize damage output while offering adequate damage resist.
Power armor used: helmet-targeting HUD, torso-emergency protoc…

Created 3 weeks ago.

Posted by Seekaboo.

Solo – Close/Medium Range – Scavenger/Trader [CRITICISM WELCOMED]

About this build

I love shotguns in video games. The overall feel of making someones head explode at such
a close range gives me such a thrill. I also love making currency in games. So if I have
the choice to be a trader I will definitely do it.

Based off my research I figured I would try my hand at a scavenger/crafter/tradesman. I
want something more solo oriented as I tend to be more of a lone wolf anyways. So I am
trying to make a build that balances what I will refer to as my "MAIN FOUR"…

3 posts, last by Gilgamesh19 3 weeks ago.

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