Fallout 76 Character Builds

Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Posted by gary.

Gunslinger Build, No Power Armor

So I have a Power Armor, two hand Melee and heavy weapons build, I am now wanting to do a gun slinger build with no power armor. What do you guys think, the pro’s and con’s?

Created 2 days ago.

Posted by Poky.

Bloodied Stealth Sniper

This build obviously isn’t at all unique or overly overpowered like other builds i have seen, but you can sneak kill groups of enemies regardless of level without any problems.
I use a full set of Weightless Scout armour with no SPECIAL stat buffs and it works wonders although armour doesn’t really matter when you’re sneak killing everything.
I carry both an Instigating and a Bloodied Lever Action which both come in handy a whole bunch.

Created 5 days ago.

Posted by Wildman841.

BE handmade solo players

the strength is just for carry weight and defense

Created 6 days ago.

Posted by Itsapaul.

Heavy Guns New

This is the build I’ve recently switched to for Heavy Guns, and the special stats also work for melee, unarmed, and shotgun builds. Originally I had 15 Int, but since max Int doesn’t matter for the selling price of craftables (and you’re not crafting your end game weapons anyway) it’s just there for xp and relevant perks.
I’m still not sure Scrapper does anything but I make sure it’s on all my builds as I’m constantly scrapping things to make inventory …

Created 2 weeks ago.

Posted by GuybrushThreepwood.

Bloodied Rambo (Cavalier Commando)

This is my actual Build, so it’s tested and i can say it works pretty well in PVE and even in PVP.
Basically all you have to do is running and VATS shooting, other than avoid enemies’ bullets.
The idea behind this build is simple: shooting as fast as possible, with the highest DPS as possibile and nerfing the opponents’ damage in the meantime.
Offensive perks like Commando, Bloody Mess and Demolition Expert are combined with some suppressing perks like Dodgy, Suppressor, Nerd …

Created 3 weeks ago.

Posted by Chuppa.

Sneaky Explosive Shotgun + Mutations (no V.A.T.S) (Solo/Coop)

Sneaky Explosive Shotgun + Mutations (no V.A.T.S) (Solo/Coop)


Must have: Shotgunner, Master Shotgunner, Expert Shotgunner, Scattershot, Blocker, Skeetshooter, Grenadier, Glow Sight, Tenderizer, Demoliton Expert, Adrenaline, Covert Operative, Sneak (2), Bloody Mess, Class Freak, Starched Genes
Nice to have: Rejuvenated or Fireproof (2), Strange in Numbers (coop), Escape Artist, Action Boy/Girl
Bonus (only in C.A.M.P): Gunsmith, Weapon Artisan, Fix it Good


Must have: Eagle Ey…

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Posted by Halleyj.

Agility Sniper 2.0 Sept 2019

Agility Sniper 2.0

Created 1 month ago.

Posted by DaPorcupineGuy7.

Epic Unarmed Build 2

Very Epic

Created 1 month ago.

Posted by tohokujin.

My shotgunbuild(no bloodied)

This is my shotgun build.
Could you give me some advice on this bulid .

Created 1 month ago.

Posted by ShujaaWaUhuru81.

Bloodied Stealth Commando

This build is for maximum Damage/Energy resistance. The damage output for this build is slightly reduced due to recent nerfing of PVP damage output (it is now a maximum of 110 per shot). I do however understand that DPS is important for overcoming the various damage resistances of your PVP opponent; thus this build will still hit hard enough to overcome your PVP opponent.
This build doesn’t use power armor.
The armor that I use with this build includes:

Powered unyielding sentinel left l…

Created 2 months ago.

Posted by User62218.

Bloodied Stealth Sniper

Solo Bloodied build however you could change Lone Wanderer for other Charisma perks for team play.
You can sneak kill the majority of enemies.
Id recommend using a set of Unyielding armor.
I  use a Bloodied Lever Action and im gonna use a Bloodied Gauss when i eventually find one as a backup gun, i also carry a Bloodied Dragon with me when im doing certain events for the higher damage.

Created 2 months ago.

Posted by Deathclawmilker.

Solo Melee(No Power Armor) Passive Lazy Build (Feedback Please)

I am a returning player looking to make a build that requires little health and rad management.
My build starts with Photosynthetic and Sun Kissed which gives passive healing and rad removal during the day.
From there I just added generic melee perks for damage and % based defensive perks.
Goal is to make self-sustaining fighter that does not have to spam stimpacks/food/radaway without sacrificing too much damage.
Let me know if i missed anything that would make this a stronger passive build.

Created 2 months ago.

Posted by FalloutKingYT.

Give Me Feedback. (Unarmed Build)

Edit my planner yourself then post it in the comments. Thanks.

Created 2 months ago.

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