Fallout 76 Character Builds

Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Posted by Seekaboo.

Sniper – Light Travel – Long/Close Range – NO MUTATIONS – NO POWER ARMOR – Solo Build


There's just something that feels right about firing off a hunting rifle. Of course
I'm not against popping off a combat sniper rifle either. My point is that sometimes
you just want to see a persons brain matter fly out of there head from a distance.
Unfortunately Fallout 76 isn't a forgiving game with enemies keeping there distance so
sometimes you need to be able to take em out at close range to. And sure, you can use
melee, or a pistol, or a shotgun. But that all just adds …

Created 1 month ago.

Posted by Seekaboo.

Solo – Rifle – Pistol – Scrapper

This build is focused on the ability to utilize a sniper as your primary while still dishing out decent damage using a pistol as your secondary. This build was designed with exploration and scavenging/scrapping in mind.
Perks that pack a punch (DMG)

Rifleman +Expert Rifleman + Master Rifleman = 60% more damage with non – automatic rifles.
Gunslinger + Expert Gunslinger = 40% more damage with non-automatic pistols.
Bloody Mess gives you 5% Bonus Damage.

All in all these perks…

Created 1 month ago.

Posted by Itsapaul.

New Heavy Guns

Note: I didn’t include Electrically Charged as tryhard trolls can use it to get you flagged for pvp, nor Unstable Isotope as it heals ghouls and probably can be used the same way to get you into pvp.
This is the newest build I’ve put together for Heavy Guns, keeping in mind I also need to keep stats for shotgunner, melee and unarmed to keep me from going nuts from this game being super alt-unfriendly. I used to use Green Thumb and Scrapper, but I haven’t needed the former as I…

Created 1 month ago.

Posted by Itsapaul.

New Pistols Build

Note: I didn’t include Electrically Charged as tryhard trolls can use it to get you flagged for pvp, nor Unstable Isotope as it heals ghouls and probably can be used the same way to get you into pvp.
This is my new build just in case this game ever makes alts viable and I have a reason to play on someone other than my main. While pistols are the worst option, everyone does too much damage for proper group play anyway, so I’d only be worried about the queen, and honestly I can just s…

Created 1 month ago.

Posted by Thunder2103.

Stealth, critical strikes and lone rifleman build

Level 50 56/56 points 180 lbs 297 HP 180 AP
Special Points:
Strength – 2
Perception – 15
Endurance – 3
Charisma – 4
Intelligence – 8
Agility – 12
Luck – 12
Perk cards:
Strength – Strong back (2)
Perception – Rifleman (3), Expert Rifleman (3), Master Rifleman (3), Tank killer (3). Concentrated Fire (3)
Endurance – Rejuvenated (1), Dromedary (2)
Charisma – Lone Wanderer (4)
Intelligence – First aid (3), Weapons…

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Posted by ClasseyWanderer.

Lucky vats specific commando

A commando with a Focus on high crit output and dps haven’t fully tested open to suggestions and tweaks nothing super high carrying capacity mostly paying attention to a non power armor build will update. But meant to use with high tier armor and high gear buffed automatic rifles not geared toward any specific playstyle like chems heavy or a mainly bloodied set just an interesting vats high output build for someone looking to use a main weapon most of the time and doesnt care about gear v…

Created 2 months ago.

Posted by DesertThornz.

Heavy Gunner – Mow anything down!

This is my first build posting, leave thoughts and suggestions, please!
( Also, I recommend X-01 for the Power Armor..unless something is tougher. 🙂  )
GUNSMITH can be swapped out for DEMOLITION EXPERT, hence why FIREPROOF is there.  GLOW SIGHT can be swapped for GRENADIER.
BANDOLIER and LOCK AND LOAD could be sacrificed in order to put on  ORDNANCE EXPRESS.
Edit: Add in Plague Walker because why not? (I never have Disease cures so hey – free damage!)
Added in Chameleon because when (if) …

Created 2 months ago.

Posted by Kopa23.

Max Haul Build

I tried to create a build that would maximize the amount of stuff you can carry/create.

Created 2 months ago.

Posted by gary.

Gunslinger Build, No Power Armor

So I have a Power Armor, two hand Melee and heavy weapons build, I am now wanting to do a gun slinger build with no power armor. What do you guys think, the pro’s and con’s?

Created 2 months ago.

Posted by Poky.

Bloodied Stealth Sniper

This build obviously isn’t at all unique or overly overpowered like other builds i have seen, but you can sneak kill groups of enemies regardless of level without any problems.
I use a full set of Weightless Scout armour with no SPECIAL stat buffs and it works wonders although armour doesn’t really matter when you’re sneak killing everything.
I carry both an Instigating and a Bloodied Lever Action which both come in handy a whole bunch.

Created 2 months ago.

Posted by Wildman841.

BE handmade solo players

the strength is just for carry weight and defense

Created 2 months ago.

Posted by Itsapaul.

Heavy Guns (Outdated, see new one)

This is the build I’ve recently switched to for Heavy Guns, and the special stats also work for melee, unarmed, and shotgun builds. Originally I had 15 Int, but since max Int doesn’t matter for the selling price of craftables (and you’re not crafting your end game weapons anyway) it’s just there for xp and relevant perks.
I’m still not sure Scrapper does anything but I make sure it’s on all my builds as I’m constantly scrapping things to make inventory …

Created 2 months ago.

Posted by GuybrushThreepwood.

Bloodied Rambo (Cavalier Commando)

This is my actual Build, so it’s tested and i can say it works pretty well in PVE and even in PVP.
Basically all you have to do is running and VATS shooting, other than avoid enemies’ bullets.
The idea behind this build is simple: shooting as fast as possible, with the highest DPS as possibile and nerfing the opponents’ damage in the meantime.
Offensive perks like Commando, Bloody Mess and Demolition Expert are combined with some suppressing perks like Dodgy, Suppressor, Nerd …

3 posts, last by GuybrushThreepwood 1 month ago.

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