Fallout 76 Character Builds

Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Posted by DrDavis.

Stealthy Sniper


Created 10 months ago.

Posted by AccentWalls.

Reliable Starter Build

I found this to a be a reliable character setup that helps a lot with movement and survivability. Maxing out Lead Belly early helps deal with hunger, thirst, and subsequent radiation from consuming most food and drink  items. In addition there’s less need for stimpaks as food and drinks become effective heal items. Lone Wanderer is a no brainer when it comes to solo play, providing damage mitigation and sprint boost via ap regen, which stacks well with Action Boy. Pharmacist is maxed out …

Created 10 months ago.

Posted by antsam9.


This guide is bad and you shouldnt use it.
The biggest enemy of the game is weight. Loot, guns, junk, stims, everything takes up weight, and the idea of this build is to max our your weight capacity so you can focus on playing the game rather than playing the keep or don’t keep game. This build starts off weaker than other builds but ends up in a strong position for end game.
S: 15 Obviously, focus on the weight perks, this precludes the shotgun and heavy gun perks as there’…

Created 10 months ago.

Posted by CooLTanG.

Power Armor Melee Build

Well this build is team focused and enough perks so u can continue to get 3x(perception) lockpicking and 3x(int) hacking and 5x melee weapon crafting.
Since u can’t many of the damage reduction perks, its centralized around power armor.  Hopefully good power armor parts will give you enough survivability, or else better off going the melee 2h tank build already posted.  Except that build can’t have lockpicking or hacking or weapon crafting, so limits a lot of your play style.

Created 10 months ago.

Posted by Dra6o0n.

Trader/Looter Build

Rather than a pure charisma build where the extra perk cards might not have any further influence into trading and generating items to sell or hoard, this build focused more on perks and strength, for weight management and hoarding and finding lots of loot.

2 posts, last by NOREG 9 months ago.

Posted by Tommiiee.

Gimmie’ Summin’ to Tank (2H Melee)

A tribute to badass’s who live for the battle. 
The concept is timeless in that you want to rush into battle (Gaining 45 Damage and Energy Resistance while sprinting) and hit things (Hitting makes the enemy do -30% damage) resulting in kills (kills gives 10% more damage stacking up to 60% for 30s) and stay alive easily while doing it.
The following perks should result in these stats:

HP: 305
Carry Limit: 225
Action Points: 235 (Sprinting AP reduced by 40%)
2H Melee DMG: +60% (Additional …

5 posts, last by Dra6o0n 10 months ago.

Posted by targetrein2.

With a Pocket FULL of Shells…. (11/13/2018 EDIT)

Note:  This build was heavily influenced by Battlin’ Jack’s level 50 build and is basically a shotgun version of his build with minor changes here and there to suit my playstyle.  The build assumes we can hot-swap for crafting rank 5 weapons (Gunsmith 5) / exotics / etc (hence Intelligence 5) and can hot-swap for lockpicking / hacking / everything in between.
I may update the build as new perk cards are fully revealed or may ditch it altogether if shotguns turn out to be pure garbag…

6 posts, last by targetrein2 9 months ago.

Posted by Deadman squad melee.

Sprint around at break neck speeds smashing enemies to the ground with an audience!

build concept:
by irradiating half of our health away we can activate deadman sprinting and increase our strength with radicool
I imagine this character running around like a crazy madman vats smashing enemies with a large
two handed weapon only to have his action points replenished by grim reapers sprint and continuing until everything in sight is destroyed!
191-218 damage/energy resist depending on whether you are sprinting and if solar powered is active
40% increased movement speed

Created 10 months ago.

Posted by Aarafondo.

No VATS solo build (Hillbilly Hound)

*Updated Build*
Strength 10 : Blocker – melee endgame will be the tough for PVM and PVP.  This should help out with that.  Packrat for collecting and LUCK armor.  Bandolier and sturdy frame is a must imho for all distance builds.
Perception 12: 1 in each regular/expert/master of each of these perks: rifleman and commando for 30% increased damage of each.  Tank killer and Longshot compliments these.
Endurance 5: Originally had this set to 2, was told atleast 3 for flexibility.  Went with 5…

5 posts, last by Aarafondo 10 months ago.

Posted by Neph.

The (Unarmed) Train Build

The build is focused on getting a ton of movement speed with power armor and running enemies over. Included run and gun for movement speed while charging at an enemy. The strat is to run into someone (with a pistol out for the extra 20% movement spd), switch weapons and punch them while they are knocked down.

Created 10 months ago.

Posted by Emberstone.


Build that focusses on rifles, late-game nuke resource farming, and basic survival and resupply.
SPECIAL is also high enough to equip a set of crafting cards to craft your own rifles, power armor, exotic weapons and regular armor.

Created 10 months ago.

Posted by odinmask.

黑火藥手槍 BUILD

黑火藥手槍 BUILD

黑火藥手槍 PVP 專用
配合SPEED DEAMON突變,快速填裝、移動

2 posts, last by odinmask 10 months ago.

Posted by Drunken Shotgunner and Slugger.

Drunken shotgunner and slugger build

This build is optimized for use of shotguns and two-handed melee weapons while drunk (to get additional perks). There are also cards put into VATS, and damage resistance/mitigation for survival and pvp. This build should have high survivability while putting out high damage.

Created 10 months ago.

Posted by odinmask.

通用步槍手 Mutated Rifileman – Newbie Friendly, off Tank, NoPA, 5int(All Craft), Healing Factor

通用步槍手 Mutated Rifileman – Newbie Friendly, off Tank, NoPA, 5int(All Craft), Healing Factor

變種特化步槍 – 新手專用、泛用型、中距離步槍、近戰、半坦、免PA(免動力裝甲)

With the mutation Healing Factor

STARCHED GENES . lvl 30 Perment Mutation.
STRANGE IN NUMBERS  lvl 42 up to 375% health regen effect.
SUPPRESSOR 、 NERD RAGE 、 SERENDIPITY . provide the resist when you in low HP. You will have enough time regen health to safe amount.
LEAD BELLY 、 REJUVENATED  keep Well Fed buff all the time. (you can have multiple food buff)
And share 1 point  RAD SPONGE to teammate. All of that make you  be entering combat with f…

Created 10 months ago.

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