Fallout 76 Character Builds

Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Posted by NOCTURNUS.

Bloodied sneak crit auto pistol build

3 unyielding armors + 2 chameleon armors with ultra-light mods.

Created 2 months ago.

Posted by NOCTURNUS.

Bloodied Sneak Shotgun Build

3 unyielding armors + 2 chameleon armors with ultra-light mods

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Posted by PureWaddleDee.

One handed melee auto rifle


Created 2 months ago.

Posted by PureWaddleDee.

Bently’s Melee Build


Created 2 months ago.

Posted by Itsapaul.

New New Heavy Guns Build

The main updates are:

A change from using Traveling Pharmacy as my main weight management perk to Bandolier as I technically should have any extra chems in my vendors instead of my inventory anyway, and this also frees up a point.
Lock and Load being worked in since if there were dps meters my main loss would be reload times, and I always hate how slow reload times are in games anyway.
Dodgy and Serendipity being kept even though I don’t min/max for no reason like others and use Bloodied…

Created 2 months ago.

Posted by NOCTURNUS.

Bloodied sneak crit Commando

4 unyielding armors + 1 chameleon armor with ultra-light mods
Adrenal Reaction
Bird Bones
Eagle Eyes
Electrically Charged
Healing factor
Scaly Skin
Speed Demon

Created 2 months ago.

Posted by Impossible.

Heavy Gunner with or without PA

I swap Fire in the Hole and Grenadier with Refractor, depending on if I am facing robots or laser wielding mutants or not. Obviously I have other quality of life perks for making ammo, repairing weapons and armor, etc. I think overall this is a pretty strong build, as I rarely die. My weapons at the moment are gatling guns and a harpoon gun. I used to do shotguns and a gauss rifle, but there’s more damage with a gatling and their range is excellent. The harpoon gun is slow, but gives me a…

Created 2 months ago.

Posted by axel9200.

Conan il barbaro

Melee tank build, more dmg, and good resistence

Created 2 months ago.

Posted by NOCTURNUS.

Bloodied Heavy Gunner-with PA-

                                                                      Power Armor X-01 Mods
Head: VATS Matrix Overlay (Increases VATS hit chance by 10%)
Arms: …
Torso: Emergency Protocols (Below 20% health, speed increases 25% and incoming damage is reduced 50%.)
Legs: Calibrated Shocks x2 (+100 Increases carry weight capacity)
if you don't have too many heavy weapons on you use blocker or bullet shield perks
instead of bear arms

Created 2 months ago.

Posted by Lukewarmsterg.

BOS Heavy Build

This is my BOS Heavy Build, let me know any and all feed back on what you think of it.

Created 2 months ago.

Posted by Azokul.

Power Armor – Heavy Weapon Build

I’ve played f76 since beta till the end of Wild Appalachia, after a little “hiatus period” i decided to come back and optimize my old PA Heavy Gunner Build.
Let’s talk a little bit about my choices:
STR 15
Bear Arms: I usually carry around 5-6 Heavy weapons (Plasma Gatling / Laser Gatling / Cal 50 / Machine Gun) and without this perk i’d be constantly overcrumbered.
Heavy Gunner : More damage. EZ.
Bullet Shield: We’re usually try to run low on health w…

Created 3 months ago.

Posted by Seekaboo.

Solo – Close/Medium Range – Scavenger/Trader [CRITICISM WELCOMED]

About this build

I love shotguns in video games. The overall feel of making someones head explode at such
a close range gives me such a thrill. I also love making currency in games. So if I have
the choice to be a trader I will definitely do it.

Based off my research I figured I would try my hand at a scavenger/crafter/tradesman. I
want something more solo oriented as I tend to be more of a lone wolf anyways. So I am
trying to make a build that balances what I will refer to as my "MAIN FOUR"…

Created 3 months ago.

Posted by Seekaboo.

Sniper – Light Travel – Long/Close Range – NO MUTATIONS – NO POWER ARMOR – Solo Build


There's just something that feels right about firing off a hunting rifle. Of course
I'm not against popping off a combat sniper rifle either. My point is that sometimes
you just want to see a persons brain matter fly out of there head from a distance.
Unfortunately Fallout 76 isn't a forgiving game with enemies keeping there distance so
sometimes you need to be able to take em out at close range to. And sure, you can use
melee, or a pistol, or a shotgun. But that all just adds …

Created 3 months ago.

Posted by Seekaboo.

Solo – Rifle – Pistol – Scrapper

This build is focused on the ability to utilize a sniper as your primary while still dishing out decent damage using a pistol as your secondary. This build was designed with exploration and scavenging/scrapping in mind.
Perks that pack a punch (DMG)

Rifleman +Expert Rifleman + Master Rifleman = 60% more damage with non – automatic rifles.
Gunslinger + Expert Gunslinger = 40% more damage with non-automatic pistols.
Bloody Mess gives you 5% Bonus Damage.

All in all these perks…

Created 3 months ago.

Posted by Itsapaul.

New Heavy Guns

Note: I didn’t include Electrically Charged as tryhard trolls can use it to get you flagged for pvp, nor Unstable Isotope as it heals ghouls and probably can be used the same way to get you into pvp.
This is the newest build I’ve put together for Heavy Guns, keeping in mind I also need to keep stats for shotgunner, melee and unarmed to keep me from going nuts from this game being super alt-unfriendly. I used to use Green Thumb and Scrapper, but I haven’t needed the former as I…

Created 3 months ago.

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