Fallout 76 Character Builds

Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Posted by Ghostm4n101.


For Nuke Zones
For Crafting: https://www.falloutbuilds.com/fo76/planner/#AwIOAAIKDgcAAAACARAoTwMLAlEDVwNsA3AFtQEDpgEDiwEDhwEDSgO7AQM2AsEBAs0BAcIBAdsBA9oBA6cBA5ABAwA=
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Created 1 month ago.

Posted by Bobalmighty707.

Heavy Gunner

Heavy gunner with power armor

Created 1 month ago.

Posted by virpyre.

Raid Leader: Boomer (Power Armor/Explosives/Lv. 100) [Updated for Newest Patch]

Boomer was a raider leader mostly know for being in Fallout 4, he was located at Outpost Zimonja and was normally seen armed with a Fat Man and wears an incomplete set of raider power armor.
HairColor – DeepBrown
Eye Color – Hazel Bloodshot
Hairstyle – Warhawk
Facial Hair – Survivalist
Weapons – M79 grenade launcher, Bunker Buster, and Daisycutter.
Armor – Raider (Heavy)
Clothing – Harness or Road Leathers
Power Armor – Full Set of Rai…

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Posted by JoBo0302.

Stealth Commando (utilizing critical spamming and stealth)

Hi, I created this build based off someone on YouTube (captain noob) and this build relies on using the sneak bonus combined with crit spamming to make any automatic rifle work and be overpowered.
STR4: Having strength of 4 is only there to carry more junk and chems
PER12: I’ve made perception 12 instead of 15 because I plan on having perk card efficiency instead of having the max damage. This also allows me to have more accuracy and armor penetration. 3 points from strength could easily …

Created 1 month ago.

Posted by Qilto.

Rifleman tank no pa

With this setup you don’t have to worry about maintaining a rediculous 20% hp, just the opposite. Staying at 100% with keep you very tank with the vangaurd legendary set. Now with this build just switch out the rifleman cards for commando and that will allow you to go full auto.

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Posted by Frnkrunz.

Never Die Again – Most Versatile Build

Before downvoting, comment and let me know what made you want to, so that I can adjust the guide to help more people and cover nuances I may have missed. Thank you very much! If the build doesn’t fit your playstyle, know these are guidelines and you can adjust how you want.
ALRIGHT! I am very very excited to bring you this build.
Up Front – This build is Strength Based, uses Power Armor and is NON-VATS.
What is so great about this build?
It is built for solo play OR team play
It is …

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Posted by Frnkrunz.

VATS Rifle Build – OP Auto One Shot

Before downvoting, comment and let me know what made you want to, so that I can adjust the guide to help more people and cover nuances I may have missed. Thank you very much! If the build doesn’t fit your playstyle, know these are guidelines and you can adjust how you want.
This was my first ever character.
It took a long time to min/max and create this build. I had to weigh various options, and to me, this is the most optimal to max it (balance between damage and survival). I wanted …

Created 2 months ago.

Posted by Nostawydnar.

So Planning Earlier Could’ve Improved All Leveling

Eh eh??? See the action I made?
Basically, it’s like the title says. I didn’t know of this site to map out my first character, so I’m just posting where I ended up skill point wise and try to make the best of it…

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Posted by iTryShotty.

Hearty Stealth/Recon sniper

Do with this as you will.
This is my current solo/group sniper build.
This build is focused on survival and damage using primarily rifles and stealth.
I haven’t outlined what perks to choose per level because that is up to you depending on what you want at the time.
This is a swap build utilizing what you feel you need when you need it regarding gun smith, and lone wanderer.
The perks I’ve chosen are what I chose and ran with to level 50. I’ve made my way without lock picking …

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Posted by TheDarthFather.

Lonely Gunny (Shotgun & Rifle + Melee as backup)

Here is my first attempt to play F76. Any feedback will be greately appreciated.
I am very concerned on not being able to reset the SPECIAL, so hopefuly this choice will work for multiple specs.


I like to carry a lot, therefore the plan to max STR.
Max STR synergise with Shotguns & Melee (nice for preserving ammo)
Rifle gameplay was very enjojable in F4, so this aims to use this too
I like to be able to switch to other builds as easy as possible, so the SPECIALs have to c…

Created 2 months ago.

Posted by Lilphero.

Nuke Launcher & Pistol Gateling

2nd Build for Nuke launch and lvl up with heavy gatling.

Created 2 months ago.

Posted by virpyre.

James “007” Bond (Pistol/Sneak/Vats) Build

Commander James Bond RN—code number 007—is a fictional character created by the British journalist and novelist Ian Fleming in 1952.
Fleming portrayed Bond as a tall, athletic, handsome secret agent in his thirties or forties; he has several vices including drinking, smoking, gambling, automobiles and womanising. He is an exceptional marksman and skilled in unarmed combat, skiing, swimming and golf. While Bond kills without hesitation or regret, he usually kills only when carrying out orders, w…

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Posted by furiousknight25.

overpowered commando build to have at the least 200 Damage Per Second.

this is a great damage per second build with a bunch of damage boosters the demolition expert perk is for extra damage for if you can get an explosive shot assault rifle if you don’t have it you can always use gunsmith in the meantime but if you have it you will be doing about at least 175% more damage so at least 120 damage per sot for a level 45 explosive handmade and if you can get 2 shot on it you’ll be blowing everything to pieces use the starched genes for a bunch of mutation …

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Posted by Gristle.

Gristle’s Laser Gunslinger

Trying to see if I can make laser weapons be useful in FO76.

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Posted by phoenixphantom.

Carfting build

just trying this out, working ok for now.

Created 2 months ago.

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