Fallout 76 Character Builds

Fallout 76 Character Builds.

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By DJAlleyKat · November 29, 2018.

Smart Bomb (Solo)

This is a Melee/Explosives Power Armor Solo build.

Perk Rundown
Strength – 15
Slugger, Martial Artist, Blocker, Incisor – Standard 2H Melee stuff (change to Gladiator if you want 1H)
Ordnance Express – We like bombs, but they are heavy! Lighter means we carry more.
Perception – 3
Grenadier – Bigger explosions!
Fire in the Hole – Personal QoL pick, I want to aim better.  Also to keep perception at 3 for lockpicking swapouts.
Endurance – 7
Lead Belly …

Created 2 years ago.

By theSPARTANspear · November 29, 2018.

Dr. Jekyll (support)

Supportive chemist who can keep his teammates healthy, fed and rad free while enduring the worst the Badlands can throw at him!

Created 2 years ago.

By SpaceHippy710 · November 29, 2018.

Nobody left behind Tanker

This is my Nobody left behind Tanker build I put together for when I’m playing with my friends. These are all cards that you will be running the build with. No crafting cards are selected and shouldn’t be used with the build. Before I started I separated the cards for the build and the cards that I would throw on real quick just to craft something or pick a lock
This build is gonna be meant for running into battle, reviving your teammates, and keeping your teammates health up.
Let m…

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By Popzilla · November 29, 2018.

BOS Heavy Gunner Combat Medic

This build is one I use to enjoy survivability and allows you to deal good damage from range so you can be right by your team when they need those heals. Since you cannot share rad away I use Rad Sponge to accommodate prolonged fights in blast zones.

Created 2 years ago.

By MTCarrots · November 28, 2018.

Pyrolyzer (High Survival, High damage support build)

This build was inspired by UndeadDave’s Crippling/Negating Pyrolyzer build. This build is centered around the Pyrolyzer Legendary flamer that is obtained from the “Tracking Unknowns” quest found in Harpers Ferry. The weapon comes with the passive ability “Reduce your targets damage output by 20% for 3 seconds” which has great synergy with the perks Suppressor (Reduce your target’s damage output by 30% for 2 seconds after you attack), Tenderizer (…

4 posts, last by Sentinel76 2 years ago.

By CaptSwears · November 27, 2018.

Combat Medic (Charisma and Strength Focus) sans power armor

1. These are your core cards to your build without power armor, damage and energy resist are going to be a problem until you can not only find decent gear but be able to mod/craft it into its best versions. This is made more difficult by how hard it can be to learn the plans for the best armor as well the mods to them. That is all before you start searching for legendary gear. (note here I am aware of refractor but that would be a max rank 2 you could build in due to S.P.E.C.I.A.L. distribution…

2 posts, last by WasteRat 1 month ago.

By User56991 · November 28, 2018.

Sniper Healer Pacify Build

Great for a group build especially with a tank!

Created 2 years ago.

By Dra6o0n · November 28, 2018.

Ultimate Pipe Sniper

Since for pipe weapons the gunslinger and rifleman perks stacks, and any perks that affects either ‘pistol’ or ‘rifle’ stacks with pipe weapons…
I threw in every mutation and perk that grants you insane levels of damage, and chose a non-automatic perk damage instead of automatic ones (you can swap them out if you wish, they have the same effect value and same tiers if you go automatics).
+60% Weapon Damage + 15% Bloody Mess DMG.
+60% Weapon Range + Accuracy goes th…

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By User56991 · November 28, 2018.

Support Sniper aka. Ana in Fallout

Good group build

Created 2 years ago.

By knightsoluck · November 27, 2018.

Solo Melee

trying to perfect a non power armour build what do you think any help improving would be helpful

Created 2 years ago.

By Buckii · November 26, 2018.

2H Melee PA Build – Suggestions Please

Gday All,
Im trying to use this as my guide, but any suggestions would be great, sooner the better obviously.
Thanks all.

2 posts, last by Rextar 2 years ago.

By IGuardian · November 26, 2018.

IGuardian’s Medic v3

Team medic, share the Mysterious Savior perk card to get the most out of it. Find armor with the weightless legendary effect for the chameleon perk for when you are not in power armor for some reason. (Stay in power armor as much as possible to buff strength stat and defense)

Created 2 years ago.

By IGuardian · November 26, 2018.

IGuardian’s Sniper v3

Idea is to stay back out of the way shooting the weakest first to get the most out of  the adrenaline perk, I sometimes play solo so I have not taken the one mutation (Herd mentality) and I swap out the charisma perks for Lone Wanderer when I am doing so.

Created 2 years ago.

By IGuardian · November 26, 2018.

IGuardian’s PA EGat v2

My build for using Gatling lasers/plasma Gatling lasers while moving around in power armor. (Swap lone wander for team perks as needed)

Created 2 years ago.

By FadeDeklin · November 26, 2018.

Undying Berserker Melee Power Armor Build w/LVLing Guide

Slugger – Your damage main source, you can change it with single-handed cards, but two-handed just more powerful
Expert Slugger – same
MasterSlugger – same
Martial Artist – two-handed weapons are very heavy, so this will help and swing faster for more dmg.
Incisor – Armor Pent for more dmg, no doubt.
Picklock – I have met so many 3LVL locks that I can’t open, this is a must!
Expert Picklock – same
Master Picklock – same…

Created 2 years ago.

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