Fallout 76 Character Builds

Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Posted by Spartano.

Build Enclave-ShockTrooper

Build: Perception/Intelligence/Agility (Power Armor build)

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by Enclave-ShockTrooper.

Build Pe/In/Ag

Build ShockTrooper

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by DX_Rattlehead.

solo scrap collector build

This build  is for when you are running around. swap out lock pick and hacking as needed. I use excavator power armor, and focus on handmade and combat rifles, with shotgun for close encounters.  This gives you max carrying capacity and also allows you to function as a pack mule if you run with a team,  I swap out crafting perks  when needed  like ammo smith , chemist , super duper, etc back at camp. yes you go through a lot of food and drink with this build but i can stay out for long periods …

2 posts, last by DX_Rattlehead 1 year ago.

Posted by Heavenly_Malice.

SOLO – Versatile Power Armor Rifleman/Commando 7/15/6/4/12/6/6

Versatile Build focuses on solo play with high armor values due to Power Armor, coupled with close quarters defense for when the fight gets too close for long range combat. Due to perk point setup, makes for easy hot-swap of card for crafting and other utilities such as hacking and lock picking.
Main features:
Usage mitigation of Fusion Cores via sprinting and deceased drain during normal usage.
Power Armor is cheaper to repair and last much longer in combat.
Increased stimpack health recovery …

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by Fallout 76 build W-K3.

Stuff n things

Leave me alone

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by theSPARTANspear.

Dr. Jekyll (support)

Chemical master and party physician.

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by peachtea.

Teamaker WIP

Teamaker WIP uses stealth, rifles, VATS, flora, and bartering.

Created 12 months ago.

Posted by cptyolocaust.

Auto pistol and riffle

Auto Pistols and riffles

Created 12 months ago.

Posted by Ghostm4n101.



Created 11 months ago.

Posted by philvarikhotmailcom.

Ninja sniper build

Building on stealth for a sniping, melee sword build. Added the gunsmith, so I can craft my own sniper rifles, and a couple of evade damage perks. What do you reckon?

Created 12 months ago.

Posted by OneDoctorGdub.

ez heavy weapons/melee build

Hey, I’ve seen some pretty shitty heavy weapons build on here so I thought to post my personal build. First I’ll explain a couple perk card choices. Demo exp/Grenadier I use a 2SE shotty and these are amazing perk cards to have equipped passively. If in a team replace Lone wanderer with Squad maneuvers 2 and red sponge 1, share rad sponge. With a team of at least 3 when sharing the card your whole team will never have rads in nuke zones. This build is heavily reliant on specific mut…

2 posts, last by OneDoctorGdub 12 months ago.

Posted by Daswolven.

Gun-Kata Pistol Build

Designed for use with Power Armor (optional) and explosive pistol (required)
Warning: Stupid OP, switch pistols for close quarters or you will blow yourself up!

Created 11 months ago.

Posted by Ice.

Raider Build

It’s a build based on drugs and melee damage, tell me what you think and if you would have put other perks in the place, any help is welcome.
If the build is optimized I will make a serious post

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by PeePee.

Lucky Auto Rifle Build

Very different and fun af

Created 12 months ago.

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