Fallout 76 Character Builds

Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Posted by DrDavis.

Stealthy Sniper


Created 1 year ago.

Posted by AccentWalls.

Reliable Starter Build

I found this to a be a reliable character setup that helps a lot with movement and survivability. Maxing out Lead Belly early helps deal with hunger, thirst, and subsequent radiation from consuming most food and drink  items. In addition there’s less need for stimpaks as food and drinks become effective heal items. Lone Wanderer is a no brainer when it comes to solo play, providing damage mitigation and sprint boost via ap regen, which stacks well with Action Boy. Pharmacist is maxed out …

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by pallyftw.

High HP / Damage Resist / Evasion Tank

The goal of this build was to create the most damage mitigation possible and also give the healers an easy go at healing the tank.
The first step in creating this build was to max out Strength/Agility for the Barbarian/Evasive perk cards. The higher the SPECIAL, the higher your damage resistances. 
I would max out Strength first. Get it to level 15 ASAP for the carry weight, damage, and Barbarian. Never max out Gladiator (I hope they change this) It will provide you with much more utility that …

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Posted by Salvation78.

Efficient Team Melee guide

Mutation guide: https://www.falloutbuilds.com/t/mutation-guide/
Changes: I’ve re-evaluated intelligence and now believe that we need at least 3 this gives us access to the double repair on weapons and armor. This actually improves our damage since over-repaired items deal more damage. For the most part we cab have makeshift warrior on to save our weapon durability, but I think I want to have the ability to go for a heavy melee damage option involving radicool, nerd rage, and unyielding ar…

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Posted by JizBat.

Workshop Mule – Solo

This build is a hoarders dream. The build is for players who want to take advantage of resources around the map. A good strategy is to place your C.A.M.P near an enemy and lead them back to it, where you can let turrets deal with them.

2 posts, last by Flakpuppy 1 year ago.

Posted by Deadman squad melee.

Sprint around at break neck speeds smashing enemies to the ground with an audience!

build concept:
by irradiating half of our health away we can activate deadman sprinting and increase our strength with radicool
I imagine this character running around like a crazy madman vats smashing enemies with a large
two handed weapon only to have his action points replenished by grim reapers sprint and continuing until everything in sight is destroyed!
191-218 damage/energy resist depending on whether you are sprinting and if solar powered is active
40% increased movement speed

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by antsam9.


This guide is bad and you shouldnt use it.
The biggest enemy of the game is weight. Loot, guns, junk, stims, everything takes up weight, and the idea of this build is to max our your weight capacity so you can focus on playing the game rather than playing the keep or don’t keep game. This build starts off weaker than other builds but ends up in a strong position for end game.
S: 15 Obviously, focus on the weight perks, this precludes the shotgun and heavy gun perks as there’…

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by DoublesunRUS.

Heavy Gunner with Power Armor

Just some idea for Power Armor build. Since there is a Stabilized perk exists, I decided to focus on Heavy Guns.
STR: Boost our heavy guns.
PER: Just a placeholder perk.
END: Sun Kissed and Photosynthetic are only work when you are out of combat, so I dont see a point to put 2 points into it.
CHA: I don’t think Bodyguards are good for duo. Philanthropist may be good alternative. For solo build you may take Lone Wanderer.
INT: Antibreak perks are the must. And even with Luck skill Luck of …

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Posted by Neph.

The (Unarmed) Train Build

The build is focused on getting a ton of movement speed with power armor and running enemies over. Included run and gun for movement speed while charging at an enemy. The strat is to run into someone (with a pistol out for the extra 20% movement spd), switch weapons and punch them while they are knocked down.

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by TunergiArchoz.

Heavy Gun & Power Armor Tank Build – Co-op, In-Depth

Hey there, this is my first build but I’ve been tweaking it for a while now and will continue to adjust it based on my experience with it. I will also try to balance it around the endgame: nuked areas, boss enemies and such.

Anyways, tank build: the general idea of this build is to draw and keep the attention of most of the enemies while staying alive as long as possible. The high amount of damage resistance, health regeneration and a few damage perks combined with a good heavy gun and p…

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Posted by CooLTanG.

Power Armor Melee Build

Well this build is team focused and enough perks so u can continue to get 3x(perception) lockpicking and 3x(int) hacking and 5x melee weapon crafting.
Since u can’t many of the damage reduction perks, its centralized around power armor.  Hopefully good power armor parts will give you enough survivability, or else better off going the melee 2h tank build already posted.  Except that build can’t have lockpicking or hacking or weapon crafting, so limits a lot of your play style.

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by Drunken Shotgunner and Slugger.

Drunken shotgunner and slugger build

This build is optimized for use of shotguns and two-handed melee weapons while drunk (to get additional perks). There are also cards put into VATS, and damage resistance/mitigation for survival and pvp. This build should have high survivability while putting out high damage.

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by Placebon.

Rebuilder of Civilization (Support)

This is an endgame build for roleplayers.
You represent the re-emergence of civilization. You barter and craft a lot, and when it comes to a fight you always fight in a team with the best weapons money can buy.
With both maximum Charisma and maximum Intelligence, you will never want for resources. You can build powerful weapons and can afford expensive ammo. You should also be able to afford large amounts of explosives and combat drugs for yourself and your teammates. You can use your 15 Charis…

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Posted by OolongPanic.


A Chems-Billy is a mutated hillbilly shotgun runner with an obsession for chems. This build allows for quick mountain goat like movements with a trusty shotgun that can cripple your enemy’s where they stand allowing you to bombard them with explosives and molitavs made from Meemaw’s Moonshine! All while using safe performance enhancement chems! And heck, he’s strong too.
Naturally a Chems-Billy can breath underwater and hop like a kangaroo (intended for Marsupial mutation). He…

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by DoublesunRUS.

Sneaky Sniper Build with Power Armor

Simple rifles build with Power Armor.
STR: With PA you will have 11 STR and even more if you modify your PA.
PER: 3 Lockpicks are here because my son just like to open locks. I don’t really like limb targeting system in VATS, so I decided not to take it.
END: Sun Kissed and Photosynthetic are only work when you are out of combat, so I dont see a point to put 2 points into it.
CHA: I don’t think Bodyguards are good for duo. Philanthropist may be good alternative. For solo build you m…

Created 1 year ago.

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