Fallout 76 Character Builds

Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Posted by ShadowRyuu06.

My sniper build

made this build for solo play but also play with friends a lot. I have managed to 2 shot a lvl50 scorchbeast with a dragon and there are very few enemies I can’t one shot.

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by Scott.

2-Shot Explosive Shotgunner

Future plan build.

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by Enclave FEV experiment (heavy based around ballistic weaponry).

My FEV Heavy build (Ballistic Weaponry)

Essentially this build is meant to be a tank making your power armor nearly indestructible, while using heavy weapons. Works both in groups as well as solo, mainly about putting out a large volume of fire.
However points in perception are put into perception for rifleman to use as a backup.

Swap in perk cards for crafting as needed, and I suppose it could be rearranged for a primarily energy weapons character, but IMO it would be less efficient.

Recommended equipment:
Power Armor: X0-1, Ult…

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by Trevor J Yancey.

melee drug build

the second mutation is only if possible shoot for one of the two and you will be fine

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by The King of PSU.

Dangerous Solo Full Damage 2H Melee Build

Pretty simple and straight forward Build. It’s made to be paired with a Bloodied weapon. You ideally need to stay with low HP (0%-20%) to maximize efficiency. Im getting a decent lvl 35 FireAxe above 1000 damage with no buff. 2-3 Hits with that on lvl 80 Scorchbeast and lvl 91 Deathclaws.
Swap Concentred Fire for Glow Sight during Nuke.
Power Armor: X-01
Head (Databased)
Arms (Bracers x2)
Legs (Kinetic + Optimized)
Torso (Protocoled)
Note: Not sure about Unstable Isotope, I’ve …

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by Paul Woolman.

Solo Rifleman

This is my first build.

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by kenny.

melee power armor

lone wonder can be switched with bodyguards

2 posts, last by Sky Fatality 1 year ago.

Posted by StealthBoy.

Stealth Operative

The Stealth Op can sneak, hack, pick, and hide in just about every situation. With a focus on pistols and sneak attacks with Chem and Alcohol Immunity, the player can boost their Stats with a Variety of drugs to deal Damage without being seen. Hacking and lock-picking allow them Access just about any Are, and Rad Resistance allows them to make get away’s into dangerous Area’s

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by PeePee.

Sneak Pacify Sniper

Very fun and efficient

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by Xerp.

2H Melee Build, Suggestions Please

Sorry im new to this. Just wanted suggestions on what i could do better with my current build, only been playing about 4 weeks or so.. right now im using a level 40 mutants 3* grognak axe with reduced weight, 40% increased swing speed etc.. I always run with power armor but i see no need for the fusion core perk card as their easy enough to get or the other perk cards for the power armor like it breaking down faster.. takes forever for it to break down before i repair it compared to the weapons…

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by John.

Two handed lucky crit

This is a steadyst forward damage focus with melee two games and critical attacks. Some additional functionality is added to help.

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by bjarne white.

mutant sniper/zerker,

mark 1

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by KAPER.

Machine gunner with mutation / without mutation

Пожалуйста, смотрите сборку без мутации, максимальное ускорение урона после адреналина, вы можете положить один из трех я выбрал в калькулятор карты, на бак, когда стоя, бег трусцой, лечение автоматически в зависимости от ситуации.

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by Enob DaedResu.

Stuff n things


Created 1 year ago.

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