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Posted by Gristle.

Profile is in German, need it to be English

How do I change the website language back to English?

2 posts, last by Dennis 11 months ago.

Posted by IF25.

Level Past 50

In the Level Assistant section, you should add in Levels past 50. You can keep leveling up past 50 but stop gaining stat points and only gain cards.
But sometimes that’s required to finish a build, like mine I need to be lv56 to be finished unless I manage to find some of the cards I need from packs.

2 posts, last by Dennis 1 year ago.

Posted by Hezino.

Leveling system feedback

First of all, thanks to all the contributers of this simple and usefull site.
The leveling system was a great addition to create my build, however it seems to overlook one detail. While it urges you to pick all of your perks, it doesnt take into account which level you want to max a certain skill. For example:
I wanted to level inspirational to 3 in the charisma perk. The leveling system urges me to pick inspirational perk 3 times. The flaw in this is that my charisma starts at lvl 1 and ends u…

3 posts, last by Dennis 1 year ago.

Posted by timidobserver.

Leveling Roadmap

It would be nice to have a leveling roadmap based on the level of our perk cards that outlines what special and perk we need to take at each level.

4 posts, last by Dennis 1 year ago.

Posted by Tricentennial.

German text when set to english

 I’m finding it difficult to navigte the site, because there’s random German text on certain pages and buttons.
Also just wanted to say, great site man, very useful tool! Thx!!!

4 posts, last by Gristle 12 months ago.

Posted by Tricentennial.

Can’t remove unwanted perk cards when building

I’ve been able to click on a card, away from stars to reset to zero stars, but the vast majority of the time, i’m forced to start from scratch if i change my mind about a card.

3 posts, last by Saerein 1 year ago.

Posted by OolongPanic.

Perk card Class Freak is not actively reducing Mutation negatives.

The Luck card Class Freak should actively alter the negative stats of Mutations.
Ex: Class Freak reduces negatives of mutations by 25% per rank. If a build has the Marsupial Mutation this reduces Intelegence by -4. At rank 2 of Class Freak this mutation should only reduce build Intelligence by -2.
However, currently at rank 2 of Class Freak with the Marsupial Mutation the front page of the build still shows and active reduction of -4 Int. as if there was no change.

Can this be fixed?

2 posts, last by Dennis 1 year ago.

Posted by yajnaji.

Fo76builds app suggestion

I’m no programmer, I know nothing about software developing, so I do not know how hard it would be to make a app version of this website.
Something like the Path of Building app for Path of Exile, where you can save different builds.
Just a thought, it would be great.
Other than that, keep up the good work.

Created 11 months ago.

Posted by cptyolocaust.



Created 12 months ago.

Posted by superpangolin.

Registration not working (no validation email)

Not sure if this is the right place to go about this, but there isn’t really a help contact since I don’t use Twitter. I’ve tried registering but am not getting a validation email to finalise an account and log in. I tried with a Hotmail address several hours ago and got nothing, and tried with Gmail an hour or two ago and also got nowhere.
And no, they’re not in spam/junk.

8 posts, last by Carlton 12 months ago.

Posted by Gohla.

Link to builds not working

All link to builds from https://www.falloutbuilds.com/fo76/builds/ go to a German “page not found” page. For example: https://www.falloutbuilds.com/builds/thebuildguide/

3 posts, last by Gohla 1 year ago.

Posted by GeGe.

Account Set Up Problem

I have tried many times but can seem to get the email verification for the account set up!

2 posts, last by Carlton 12 months ago.

Posted by Arakkun.

Problems with perk db and login

Some perk description and name are in German and not in English
I can’t Sign In via Google+

2 posts, last by Dennis 1 year ago.

Posted by mr logan.

Activation email

I registered a bit ago and wondering how long the activation email takes to arrive.  i tried to register again via the g+ method and it does confirm my email is already in use.  i had thought maybe i typed in my email incorrectly, but it doesn’t seem so.

2 posts, last by Carlton 12 months ago.

Posted by ninjah.

Field Surgeon Perk seems bugged.

Field Surgeon is a perk with 1 level only but once you pick this it increases 2 points on Charisma stat.

3 posts, last by ninjah 1 year ago.

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