Fallout 76 Guides & Tips

Fallout 76 Guides and Tips.

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Bloodied Exp Heavy gun

This is my build I use in 76

Created 4 weeks ago.

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Nuke Codes July 8th-15th

Anyone know the launch codes this early??

Created 8 months ago.

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Nuke silo B

Codes: C9, F2, N9, P5, Q9, G2, B9, O3.

Created 1 year ago.

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All Treasure Map Locations

All Treasure Map Locations

Here’s a map I’ve been working on that has all the Treasure Map locations: (Spoilers, obviously) https://fo76map.com?catIds=58
Or in image format if you’d prefer:

All Treasure Map Locations

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Nuke codes for February 4th – 11th

sitting at the keypad like an idiot… forgot it was monday!  Anyone know code for site charlie??

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2 GUY 1 queen

Yesterday, with 1 friend we killed the sc queen alone ( no other player on the map at all) and it was realy easy.  Then we lunched another nuck to pop another queen, 3 random players joined the game and this time we loosed the fight against the sc queen.
Any of you have an idea why ?

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Posted by franks-and-beans.

An abridged list of the most beneficial and easy to prepare cooking recipes

Credits to franks-and-beans who originally posted this list on Reddit!

Over the past few weeks I had made a few comments in various posts about how useless I felt cooking recipes were in general. I decided to take a closer look at them to see which ones are the best. I do believe we’re swimming in too many lackluster recipes or recipes that do the same thing as 4 or 5 others do and this wall of recipes so to speak turns off many people. Hopefully the below compendium of the “best&#…

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Trading in Fallout 76: Best Practices (with Video)

Trading in Fallout 76: Best Practices (Video)
Some of these practices may seem obvious, some of these are rule reminders, but I still find a lot people new to the game and/or trading and thought this might be useful! Even if you’re a steady trader, these practices will reassure you as a primer to remaining 99% scam-free (there is always a risk in trading, regardless of how many precautions you take). You’ll also find this written guide a little more comprehensive than the video, so …

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by SergeantBoogie.

A Comprehensive Guide to Storing Junk

Credits to SergeantBoogie who originally posted this guide on Reddit.

I think we can all agree that managing our stash inventory can feel a bit frustrating or tedious from time to time, most notably the junk portion. Sometimes it’s hard to remember which components are more useful, which ones weigh less when bulked, etc. Well, I sat down for a few hours and compiled a pretty detailed list that can hopefully help provide a nice reference for anyone who needs it.
So basically the first sec…

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Posted by Preston.

How to tame a creature in Fallout 76

How to tame a creature in Fallout 76

Reddit user echolyx57 managed to tame a Deathclaw recently:
Meet Peaches, my new C.A.M.P. security system!
I haven’t seen much on this sub about successful creature taming, but I figured I’d give it a shot today. I equipped rank 3 of Wasteland Whisperer and Animal Friend and set out to tame whatever I came across. There’s a crashed Vertibird north of Abbie’s Bunker that is a guaranteed random encounter spawn, so after a bit of server-hopping, I finally found a Deathclaw!…

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Important SMG Question

Do SMGs count under commando or Guerilla?

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SMG Question

Are SMGs under the commando perk or the Guerilla perk?

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by Preston.

List of Ballistic Fiber Locations

Always running out of Ballistic Fiber? Then this list of Ballistic Fiber locations should be really helpful (credits to Lissuh who posted this collection on Reddit)
Camp McClintock 

After walking in the main building, on a table to the left, near the Overseer’s Cache and in between lockers to the right (x2 Ammo Bag)
In the left barracks near the main building, on a shelf near the back (Ammo Bag)
In the shack uphill and southwest of the main building, near a wall and in the corner (x2 Amm…

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by CaedoGenesis.

What FLUX is and Where To Find It Guide (With Video)

What FLUX is & Where to Find it Guide – Fallout 76

Hello fellow Vault Dwellers, welcome to a Fallout 76 guide all about Flux, where it’s found, and what kind of things you can craft with it! Now that you know what to expect, let’s go get irradiated!

WHAT IS FLUX – 0:18 – Flux is a rare crafting material that comes in 5 variants: Cobalt, Violet, Yellowcake, Crimson, and Fluorescent. These are gathered in their raw form from the mutated flora around a …

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by Preston.

The Mire Treasure Map Locations: Where to find all treasures in The Mire

The Mire Treasure Map Locations: Where to find all treasures in The Mire

There are 5 The Mire treasure maps which guide you to treasures buried in The Mire. Each one shows a specific location you have to find so that you can dig up the treasure.
In case you don’t want to look on your own you can find all the treasure locations including maps and videos here.
Please note: You need to have the treasure map in your inventory, otherwise you can’t dig up the treasure! The treasure map is removed as soon as you find the treasure.
The Mire Treasure Map 01

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