Fallout 76 Guides & Tips

Fallout 76 Guides and Tips.

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Optimizing Builds – Considerations on Perk Ranks

I’ve seen a lot of people maxing out select cards and apparently not considering how to really optimize. The fact that a Perk card has 3 ranks doesn’t automatically necessitate that all 3 ranks will be worthwhile, or lead to it being the best option. This is primarily true for the weapons cards that have Basic, Expert, and Master versions.
For example, the Rifleman Perks under Perception come in 3 flavors: Rifleman, Expert Rifleman, and Master Rifleman. Each of these cards has 3 ran…

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Hazmat Suit – Location Guide (MUST HAVE!)

Hazmat Suit – Location Guide (MUST HAVE!)

Other than the Clown Outfit the Hazmat Suit offers several advantages (apart from the look itself): It gives a rad resistance of 1000 and grants you 98% radiation reduction. According to Camelworks the Hazmat Suit will protect you more than anything else in the game from both radiation environmentally and radiation in terms of damage.
Additionally, it completely prevents any damage and/or disease from airborne hazards. So basically, it’s a rad suit with a built-in gas mask and a must-have…

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Fallout 76 Power Armor Stats (All Sets)

Here is a list of all Power Armor Sets in Fallout 76, including their stats, the required level and details on where you can find them.

Ultracite Power Armor (Level 50)

453 DR (+60 from chassis = 513)
393 ER (+60 from chassis = 453)
393 RR

Finding place: A reward for the BoS questline.

X-01 Power Armor (Level 50)

398 DR (+60 from chassis = 458)
453 ER (+60 from chassis = 513)
453 RR

Prototype X-01 Power Armor (Level 40)

332 DR (+60 from chassis = 392)
374 ER (+60 from chassis = 434)

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Fallout 76 Zone Map (with recommended level range)

Fallout 76 Zone Map (with recommended level range)

The map gives an idea of the level range for each of the six zones in Fallout 76. It was postet on Reddit by TheRealBoylston.
The Forest: Level 1-10
The first region you’re exploring after leaving Vault 76. Located in the west and characterized by mountains, lush forests and a diverse wildlife. You can also find pre-war town like Charleston and Point Pleasant there.
Toxic Valley: Level 10-25
The name says it all. The region, located in the north of the map, contained factories and industr…

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Clown Outfit & Clown Hat – Location Guide

Clown Outfit & Clown Hat – Location Guide

You can wear the clown outfit over your regular armor. It doesn’t give you any detriment or advantage other than the look itself.
Tip: You’ll need a clown outfit for the quest “Kill a wendigo wearing a clown outfit”!
Where to find the Clown Outfit (Location Guide)
The Clown Outfit has already been found at the following locations. Note: It’s not 100% confirmed that the outfit will always be there.
When you found it at on of the locations mentioned, it would be grea…

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How to use Perk Cards giving the chance to find extra loot.

At the moment there are 4 Perk Cards that give a chance to find extra loot when you search specific containers/corpses:

Butcher’s Bounty: Chance to find extra meat.
Can Do!: Chance to find an extra canned good.
Pharma Farma: Chance to find extra first aid Chems.
Scrounger: Chance to find extra ammo.

Two things you should know when you’re using one (or more) of the listed Perk Cards:
1) They only work when searching specific containers.
When using the Perk Cards, the chances of fin…

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How to choose a Perk Card independently from your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. at Level Up

Each level up (until you reach level 50) you can put one point into a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attribute and then choose a Perk Card.
The Perk Card doesn’t have to be from the same S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attribute you’ve put the point in.
So you can e.g. put a point in Strength but choose a Luck Perk Card.
How does this work?

After you’ve chosen a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. use Z and C to navigate through all the available perk cards.
PS4/Xbox One
After you’ve chosen a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. use the Left…

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Delete Me

Delete please.

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Important SMG Question

Do SMGs count under commando or Guerilla?

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2 GUY 1 queen

Yesterday, with 1 friend we killed the sc queen alone ( no other player on the map at all) and it was realy easy.  Then we lunched another nuck to pop another queen, 3 random players joined the game and this time we loosed the fight against the sc queen.
Any of you have an idea why ?

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SMG Question

Are SMGs under the commando perk or the Guerilla perk?

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A Comprehensive Guide to Storing Junk

Credits to SergeantBoogie who originally posted this guide on Reddit.

I think we can all agree that managing our stash inventory can feel a bit frustrating or tedious from time to time, most notably the junk portion. Sometimes it’s hard to remember which components are more useful, which ones weigh less when bulked, etc. Well, I sat down for a few hours and compiled a pretty detailed list that can hopefully help provide a nice reference for anyone who needs it.
So basically the first sec…

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Nuke silo B

Codes: C9, F2, N9, P5, Q9, G2, B9, O3.

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Fallout 76 Nuke Codes

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