Fallout 76 Perk Card Matrix

2GladiatorConcentrated FireLead BellyInspirationalFirst AidAction Boy/Action GirlPharma Farma2
3Traveling PharmacyButcher's BountyDromedaryHappy CamperBorn SurvivorScrounger3
4Green ThumbIron StomachLone WandererHackerGun Runner4
5Iron FistPicklockSlow MetabolizerBodyguardsLicensed PlumberMoving TargetSerendipity5
6SluggerBow Before MeThirst QuencherPharmacistGunslinger6
7Pack RatCrack ShotHard BargainThru-HikerCan Do!7
8Archer RiflemanGood DoggyDead Man Sprinting8
9E.M.T.Makeshift WarriorPackin' LightGood With Salt9
10ShotgunnerSkeet ShooterNatural ResistanceDemolition ExpertGuerrillaJunk Shield10
11BasherHydro FixBloodsuckerGunsmith11
12PannapictagraphistRejuvenatedMystery Meat12
13Sturdy FrameMagnetic PersonalityScrapperMarathoner13
14BarbarianExterminatorCola NutLuck of the Draw14
15CommandoCannibalField SurgeonArmorerNinja15
16Martial ArtistPercepti-BobbleVaccinatedCap Collector16
17Munchy ResistanceHappy-Go-LuckyEvasiveWoodchucker17
18ScattershotGround PounderContractorModern Renegade18
19Expert PicklockHomebodyInjectorCurator19
20Expert GladiatorExpert Rifleman Expert ArcherTeam MedicScienceSneak20
21BlockerAdamantium SkeletonPsychopath21
22BandolierFortune FinderSolar PoweredQuack SurgeonExpert HackerHome Defense22
23Expert ShotgunnerChem FiendDry Nurse23
24Expert SluggerNight PersonParty Boy/Party GirlExpert GunslingerLucky Break24
25Expert CommandoExpert Guerrilla25
26Strong BackAquaboy/AquagirlTravel AgentMysterious Stranger26
27AwarenessFireproofFix it goodCovert OperativeLast Laugh27
28SniperHealing HandsBatteries Included28
29Wrecking BallFour Leaf Clover29
30Heavy GunnerTank KillerIroncladAnimal FriendEnforcerStarched Genes30
31Ordnance ExpressNocturnal FortitudeScience ExpertOne Gun Army31
32RefractorRevenantOverly GenerousGoat Legs32
33Full ChargeGlow SightGrim Reaper's Sprint33
34IncisorRad ResistantAnti-EpidemicChemistAmmosmith34
35Bear ArmsGrenadierEscape ArtistStorm Chaser35
36GhoulishSpiritual HealerStabilized36
37Lock and LoadLong ShotSquad ManeuverMister SandmanTormentor37
38Fire in the HoleRadicoolMaster HackerLight FootedRicochet38
39Bullet ShieldProfessional DrinkerPhilanthropistWhite Knight39
40Expert Heavy GunnerMaster PicklockSuppressorWeapon ArtisanQuick Hands40
41Pain TrainAll Night LongPower SmithMaster Gunslinger41
42Master Archer Master RiflemanStrange in NumbersBloody Mess42
43Master GladiatorChem ResistantScience MasterMaster Guerrilla43
44Rad SpongePower PatcherCritical Savvy44
45Master ShotgunnerMaster CommandoSun KissedDodgy45
46TenderizerNerd Rage!Class Freak46
47PhotosyntheticSecret AgentBetter Criticals47
48Master SluggerFriendly FireRobotics Expert48
49Portable PowerAdrenalineMysterious Savior49
50Master Heavy GunnerNight EyesLifegiverWasteland WhispererPower UserGun FuSuper Duper50

Fallout 76 Perk Matrix

Perk cards in Fallout 76 are an important part since they represent the skills of your character. There are two ways to get new perk cards in Fallout 76: You can choose a new one each time you level up and additionally, you get perk cards pack on a regular basis, each containing four random perk cards.

Other than the perk cards packs the cards you get at a level up don’t seem to be random but attached to a specific level. Each level-up specific new cards are added to the list you can choose from. On level 2 e.g. you’ll always get access to Gladiator (S), Concentrated Fire (P), Lead Belly (E), Inspirational (C), First Aid (I), Action Boy/Action Girl (A) and Pharma Farma (L). Of course you can just choose one but the others stay in the list so you can pick them later if you need them.

This is really good to know so that you can plan ahead your starter build (use our Fallout 76 build planner to do so!) and choose the perk cards that best fit your intended build. Also have a look at our Fallout 76 build directory where you can find lots of different build ideas.

Fallout 76 Build Planner
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