Night Eyes

Night Eyes is a Perk Card in Fallout 76. This Perk requires Perception and has only one rank:

To use this Perk Card your character has to be at least level 50.

Night Eyes
Gain Night Vision while sneaking between 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.
Level 50

Builds using "Night Eyes"

These builds are using "Night Eyes" as a Perk Card:

Build Guide S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Votes Updated Author
PvP Ninja15/5/7/1/3/15/10+1 (100% positiv)2019-02-19 Sentinel76🗨️ 0
1 Shot kill15/5/15/2/6/6/7+1 (100% positiv)2019-01-08 Lilphero🗨️ 0
Hearty Stealth/Recon sniper5/14/10/4/5/15/3+3 (100% positiv)2019-01-04 iTryShotty🗨️ 2
Stealth Operative6/9/10/6/9/15/1+0 (0% positiv)2018-11-23 StealthBoy🗨️ 0
Stealth Sniper9/13/7/5/5/14/3+0 (50% positiv)2018-11-22 Mineboss01🗨️ 0

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