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Posted by Jerad in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Wandering Rifleman

The Wandering Rifleman

Created 2 weeks ago.

Posted by ScottFO76 in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Explosive 2-Shot – Shoot N Loot, Jumpin’ Jack, Speed Freak

2SE 3Star Legendary Shotgun Weapon – 131 dmg base, 12-shot clip
Miner Armor – Maxed
Sipping Purified Water, eatin’ dog food
Poppin’ Bobbles and Chems for Max effects

Created 2 weeks ago.

Posted by JoBo0302 in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Stealth Commando/Rifleman 2.0 (Crit spam + Stealth)

Welcome to my revised Stealth Commando build that I have based off of YouTuber (Captain Noob)  (The link below is his channel)
Gear: Use any rifle/ auto rifle with a 2 chameleon legs, 2 chameleon arms, and Stand Fast as the chest (this helps with stealth a lot).
Strength: -4- Strength is not a necessity for this build but I have it at 4 to help with weight reduction. This is very situational for example: Equip Traveling Pharmacy 2 with ra…

Created 2 weeks ago.

Posted by KimerElisk in KISS End of The Road Tour dates.

KISS End of The Road Tour dates

Interested in hardrock? How about KISS? They are on a tour this year all across USA. Visit [url=]KISS Tour Dates Omaha[/url] to know more about KISS tickets in 2019.

Created 2 weeks ago.

Posted by beefytostada in Fallout 76 Guides & Tips.

Nuke codes for February 4th – 11th

sitting at the keypad like an idiot… forgot it was monday!  Anyone know code for site charlie??

3 posts, last by Carlton 2 weeks ago.

Posted by BeagleJack in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Just Crank It – Optimal PvE/PvP – Gatling Gun – Patch

This is an optimized build I’ve tinkered with that still provides viability for explosive lovers out there.  This build is 100% reliant upon using an Explosive Gatling Gun w/Martial Artist.  I have modeled this build based on other popular builds, and tweaked this build according to what I have found to personally provide the best mix of very high dps, and all around viability (including PvP).
A good guide to check out, for explanations of most perks, is…

4 posts, last by Shaun 5 days ago.

Posted by Itsapaul in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

PvE Pistol w/ Melee Backup 1.0

I’ve gotten pretty bored with the end game grind and having everything on my main so this is my idea for an alt that actually uses some of the legendary pistols I’ve been saving. I included some melee backup so I had an excuse for points in strength plus if pistols work like everything else I need a backup for when I run out of ammo.

Created 3 weeks ago.

Posted by Itsapaul in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

PvE Heavy Guns Build

So this has been a rapidly evolving build as I learn the ins and outs of what perks work best (or at least correctly) and as I find out what heavy weapons to go for. Personally I use the trusty .50 cal and a Minigun since the Martial Artist perk applies to it and it one shots lower level mobs very easily when its ammo is more or less the same to make as .50 cal ammo is. Gatling plasmas weren’t bad but you have to carry more than one for when (not if, when) they break and I’d rather …

Created 3 weeks ago.

Posted by Sauce_Tomate780 in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Alcoholic Genius Swordsman

This is the build I’ve been playing with and have been having alot of fun with it. For weapons I use an Instigating Ski Sword(double damage if target full) with 40% more power damage and 40% less damage while power attacking, as well as a Vampire’s Combat Knife. Craft all kinds of nuka grenades and use whatever you find (I find alot of plasmas and cryos). Even grab a rocket launcher and wreak some (+100%) demolition damage. Drink booze for the high special bonus too, because its tri…

Created 3 weeks ago.

Posted by Sentinel76 in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Radicool Vampire

Radicool Vampire

Vanguard’s Armor: Grants up to 35 Damage and Energy Resistance, the higher your health. 1 Strength. Reduces damage while sprinting by 15%.
Vampire’s Shishkebab: Gain brief health regeneration when you hit an enemy. 40% increased swing speed. 1 Strength.

Created 3 weeks ago.

Posted by Lilphero in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

2 Hand Build Solo Game

A quick build for solo game with 2 handed wepond.

2 posts, last by Louis-Charles Mauffettte 3 weeks ago.

Posted by Stalkercze in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

BOS heavy gunner team tank

My heavy balistic tank
Ultracite PA\”>Fallout 76 Build with 15/3/7/4/15/6/6

2 posts, last by Stalkercze 4 weeks ago.

Posted by virpyre in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

The Big Fat Bastard (Solo/Heavy Guns/Power Armor/Tank)

Recommended Gear
Weapons – .50 cal Machine Gun, Minigun and/or LMG.
Underarmor – Shielded Brotherhood Soldier Suit
Full Headwear – Assault Gas Mask (Only wear in area’s that need it)
Hats – Marine Helmet
Eye – Wraparound Goggles
Mask – Skull Bandana
Outfit – Brotherhood Scribe Outfit
Armor – Buttressed Marine Armor w/ Dense and Deep Pocketed Marine Armor Limbs
Power Armor – Ultracite Power Armor

Created 4 weeks ago.

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