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Posted by Revvy in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

The Lucky Assaultron [WIP]

Stealth Boy. How can I open this build with anything else?
This build is purely based on the Assaultron and isn’t at all optimal. It’s just a dumb, weird and fun build for those who like to RP as a Synth or some weird shit like this. This is a one-handed melee build and, yes, it can be two-handed. But since we use VATS to pump-up sneak-crits, one-handed is faster and cheaper on the AP cost.
First thing first, you absolutely need to craft one of the robotic headgear and equip it. Onc…

Created 1 month ago.

Posted by Jumbored in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Flexing Rifleman

This build can easily go between automatic and non-automatic rifle weapons by switching out the commando cards with rifleman cards. If you like a stealth build, you can easily switch out the 5 star adrenaline card for a 3 star sneak card and a 2 star covert operative  card. Just add a silencer to your rifle and watch baddies walk on by. Weapons to use are; Lever Action, Gauss Rifle, Handmade Rifle. I also like the Tesla. Yes, it is a rifle as it benefits from the rifleman perk cards, it’s…

Created 2 months ago.

Posted by Azmodean666 in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

A ‘nade spammin’ rifle shootin’ gladiator. Basically, how I play Halo.

Want to pretend Master Chief made a visit to the Wasteland? Well, assuming you play Halo the same stupid way I do, then use this build! Ghouls are Flood. Scorched are Covenant. Get some green PA, squint and go with it.
Optional: sub Power User for Picking Locks.
Optional: sub Shotguns for Auto Rifles.
Optional: tone down the grenades, add some more convenience perks or additional damage to other weapons.
Selected mutations are desirable, but not compulsory.

Created 2 months ago.

Posted by babyboy in Fallout 76 Character Builds.


For personal use. What I thought would be fun, nothing serious.

Created 2 months ago.

Posted by dougharry in Fallout 76 Character Builds.


This is my attempt at an ultimate build for running around with nothing but a hammer. No mutations.
I’ve seen others that get extra damage out of keeping your health low, but I didn’t want to mess around with that. I also want to be able to survive for a while.
Take a look. See what you think. Discuss in the comments.

Created 2 months ago.

Posted by Raszack in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Power Armor + Heavy Guns Solo Play

Just a build I came up with. I want to hear what do you all think about it and If you feel like there are any improvements for it.

2 posts, last by fuzzyyoda 2 months ago.

Posted by Raszack in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Power Armor + One-Handed Weapons Solo

Another build with simple power armor set but now focusing on One-Handed weapon.

Created 2 months ago.

Posted by Revvy in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Frostfire Turtle (Heal/Support). Revision of Napalm Turtle.

Howdy! Y’all like fire and ice? Me too!
So, the goal here is a really long and painful road. Until level 25-30, you’ll be stuck with whatever you have in hand. I’d suggest a nice melee weapon like a fireaxe, and a good ol’shotgun. This build is mainly for team-centric player, so Lone Wanderer will not be mentioned here, but if you want to make a solo healer, which is kinda useless, I won’t stop ya. This build is viable with or without PA.
Using the Cryo (or Gatling…

8 posts, last by Revvy 3 days ago.

Posted by Zanzajin in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

VatsCrit Rifle build

Tinkering with theorycraft, yet to test it.

2 posts, last by Zanzajin 2 months ago.

Posted by kodama in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Explosive Shotgun (Sneak/PvP)

Explosive Shotgun Build with a secondary focus on sneak damage, non-power armour damage + energy resist focused on PvP. This build is utilized with Chameleon and Strength bonus armour.

Created 3 months ago.

Posted by KrysisViraak in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Sentinel Assassin Heavy Man / Commando Build

Just a Sentinel Assassin I made. It’s for Heavy/Commando users. I play full Sent. Assassin set, with AAE Minigun, AAE Handmade. 🙂

Created 3 months ago.

Posted by RogueOfDreams in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Scared of the Dark

Do ghouls freak you out? Do you lose your cool when something pops out of the dark to murder you? Do you like to roleplay drunken yellow-bellies? Well, this build may be for you!
When you’re terrified of the dark, there’s only one thing you can do: shore up your defenses! You can try to hide in a hole every night, but it sure does sneak up on you quickly when you’re raiding a factory 0_0
Blocker: Avoiding melee damage when some creep races up to you will help you keep your coo…

Created 3 months ago.

Posted by Warforged in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

The Warforged – 1h melee with power armor

G’day peep’s, this is my first take on a melee 1hander in the xo power armor. Any suggestions on how to min/max it for both pvp/pve be appreciated!

Created 3 months ago.

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