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Posted by franks-and-beans in Fallout 76 Guides & Tips.

An abridged list of the most beneficial and easy to prepare cooking recipes

Credits to franks-and-beans who originally posted this list on Reddit!

Over the past few weeks I had made a few comments in various posts about how useless I felt cooking recipes were in general. I decided to take a closer look at them to see which ones are the best. I do believe we’re swimming in too many lackluster recipes or recipes that do the same thing as 4 or 5 others do and this wall of recipes so to speak turns off many people. Hopefully the below compendium of the “best&#…

5 posts, last by Maxperilous 1 month ago.

Posted by Stoicsasquatch in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Shotgun Surgeon

Buckshot, Bloodpacks, and Bourbon. Thats all this wastelander needs.

Created 1 month ago.

Posted by Istaria in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

LEON – Invisible Knifeman Assassin – lethal when cornered

” The closer you get to being a pro, the closer you can get to the client. The knife, for example, is the last thing you learn.” — Leon
Disclaimer: This is a high end build, is tricky to play, and requires end-game gear. I cannot say how effective it will be with low to mid range equipment.
Theme: Sneak through the enemies, locate the target, assassinate, disappear. If they spot you or corner you….unleash HELL.

Str: 33
Per: 19
End: 6
Cha: 16
Int: 18
Agi: …

Created 1 month ago.

Posted by AlfaBuilds in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Enclave general (capable of solo and coop) automatic weapons build

Before the great war General was a politician, he higly succeeded in his career and was even a candidate to be the president, however he was the second, losing election by only a few hundred votes. He decided that he will work hard and maybe one day actually win the election and become the president. His plans were however interupted by the bombs and he rushed to vault 76. He was very eagor to conquer the surface with his vault 76 brothers and he thought that it was finally his time,…

4 posts, last by SirArkady 1 month ago.

Posted by MayaMaple865 in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Friendly Blessings (Lucky Cleric)

We will overcome – together! This team-based support build focuses on the power of friendship, the gift of wisdom, and the blessing of supernatural luck.
Despite your affinity for good fortune, you will be very squishy, so make sure to stay stocked up on Stimpaks and keep your Power Armor in good condition. Legendary armor will be of great benefit, especially Unyielding. A couple pieces of Life Saving armor may also be, well, life saving, and can free up a point of Agility by replacing Bo…

3 posts, last by MayaMaple865 1 month ago.

Posted by Stoicsasquatch in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Wood Elf

Nocturnal, stealth and sniper V.A.T.S. build for crossbows, and coming bows

Created 1 month ago.

Posted by Robot981 in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Th Soldier of Fortune

A build for a regular play style. Non automatic rifles are used but tjis character can carry a alot and take some damage.

Created 1 month ago.

Posted by Robot981 in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

The Perfect Teammate

This is the best team healer and support. This character not only heals, but also reduces damage, can see weaknesses, feed you, and hack hostule robots. Not recomended for solo play, but would be the most valued member of any team.

Created 1 month ago.

Posted by Robot981 in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Stealth Sniper

A stealth sniper, but kind of a glass cannon.

Created 1 month ago.

Posted by RatFink65 in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Solo Sniper/One Hand Melee, NO power armor

Solo Sniper/One Hand Melee, no power armor
After playing through nearly forty levels of Fallout 76 I finally realized that these perk cards are actually a big deal, and that I had better figure out how these things work before I went any further. I didn’t know that there was a limit to how many points you could assign.  What I discovered was that there was no way that I was going to get where I wanted to be with the character I had been using.  I found that I had allotted too many points …

Created 1 month ago.

Posted by Sentinel76 in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

X-01 Tricentennial Gladiator

X-01 Tricentennial Gladiator

X-01 Power Armor
Armor Modifications
Helmet – Targeting HUD: Visor highlights living targets.
Torso – Emergency Protocols: Below 20% health speed increases 25% and incoming damage is reduced 50%.
Arms – Optimized bracers: Reduces Action Point cost for Power Attacks.
Legs – Overdrive Servos: Increases Sprint speed at additional Action Point cost.
Headlamp – Bright: A brighter standard lamp.
Bloodied Assaultron Blade: Does more damage the lower your heal…

5 posts, last by Acheesecake69 1 month ago.

Posted by dougharry in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Solo 2 Handed Melee w/ Mutations V2

I think this is better than my first one.

Created 1 month ago.

Posted by Stoicsasquatch in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Ghoulish Gunslinger

V.A.T.S. non-automatic pistols and radiation buffs.

3 posts, last by Stoicsasquatch 1 month ago.

Posted by AlfaBuilds in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

BoS Paladin, heavy guns + power armor.

Tri barrel
Gunner sights
Legendary effects(good options):
Two shot*
Grognaks axe*
Legendary effects(good options):
Underarmor: Brotherhood knight suit
Armor pieces: Set of BoS combat armor
Overarmor: BoS jumpsuit
Set of T60 with BoS paint (paint can be learned by doing repeatable side quest Forbidden Knowledge.)

Created 1 month ago.

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