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Posted by OctaviusBangwolf in Fallout 76 Guides & Tips.

Fallout 76 Power Armor Stats (All Sets)

Here is a list of all Power Armor Sets in Fallout 76, including their stats, the required level and details on where you can find them.

Ultracite Power Armor (Level 50)

453 DR (+60 from chassis = 513)
393 ER (+60 from chassis = 453)
393 RR

Finding place: A reward for the BoS questline.

X-01 Power Armor (Level 50)

398 DR (+60 from chassis = 458)
453 ER (+60 from chassis = 513)
453 RR

Prototype X-01 Power Armor (Level 40)

332 DR (+60 from chassis = 392)
374 ER (+60 from chassis = 434)

3 posts, last by ace26041 8 months ago.

Posted by Salvation78 in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Theory crafting PVP griefer build?

The concept of this build is to use a very fast weapon like the mr handy buzz saw in combination with the overly generous perk. The total offense required for this build is a single 2 point perk, so we can focus the rest of our points on being as tanky as possible allowing us to have ourselves irradiated enough to trigger the overly generous perk.
the reason I call it a potential griefer build is because i’m not sure how it will interact with the “slap” damage mechanic. If the…

Created 8 months ago.

Posted by pallyftw in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

†Holy Trinity Ranger†

The Ranger
If you’ve played Fallout 4 then you’d probably know that one of the more popular builds is the Sneaky Sniper build. This build’s trademarks of high agility, luck, and perception make the game incredibly easy.. but does this translate over to Fallout 76? This build is bound and determined to find out!
The Ranger went through a slight tweak under the Charisma tree. We’re still at 6 but we’re losing Magnetic Personality in favor of Rank 2 Squad Maneuver and…

8 posts, last by Joel Harris 5 months ago.

Posted by Jetrpg in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

The Rifleman Commando – It just works tm?

Not going to type much did an entire guide it errored when posting (i should have copied it but i was dumb).
TLDR; This build allows you to use rifles both automatics and non-autos very well, gets crit and agi for sneak and vats uses also. The Gunsmith in INT would be very optional (you want a 5/5 Gun smit for crafting that would be your 2nd group). The CHA Perks are flexible, use lone wanderer for solo, and if you are playing with a group of people and you are a good candidate for both suppres…

3 posts, last by Jetrpg 8 months ago.

Posted by WhoDaHow in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Survival Marksman Build #2

Let me know what I could change around!

Created 8 months ago.

Posted by kenny in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

melee power armor

lone wonder can be switched with bodyguards

2 posts, last by Sky Fatality 8 months ago.

Posted by Rankypriest in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Grouped, 2h Melee tank, no power armor with level guide to perks

About the build: I wanted to build something that takes some account into level with it as I went along. I don’t want to get to level 50 and realize i need 20 perk cards and have to make it to 70 before I finish. I also wanted to know roughly how tanky I could be by the time I finished. I put together a google doc with calculations to determine DR/ER at all levels depending on traits taken. I missed a few traits as I didn’t use them. I am willing to share it in view only to allow pe…

6 posts, last by Men 8 months ago.

Posted by Arakkun in Feedback.

Problems with perk db and login

Some perk description and name are in German and not in English
I can’t Sign In via Google+

2 posts, last by Dennis 8 months ago.

Posted by Preston in Fallout 76 Guides & Tips.

Clown Outfit & Clown Hat – Location Guide

Clown Outfit & Clown Hat – Location Guide

You can wear the clown outfit over your regular armor. It doesn’t give you any detriment or advantage other than the look itself.
Tip: You’ll need a clown outfit for the quest “Kill a wendigo wearing a clown outfit”!
Where to find the Clown Outfit (Location Guide)
The Clown Outfit has already been found at the following locations. Note: It’s not 100% confirmed that the outfit will always be there.
When you found it at on of the locations mentioned, it would be grea…

2 posts, last by Ted 8 months ago.

Posted by Gohla in Feedback.

Link to builds not working

All link to builds from go to a German “page not found” page. For example:

3 posts, last by Gohla 8 months ago.

Posted by saintcat in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Kamikaze Ninja! (No Power Armor/Melee build)

Sneak your way in, die to get out. As you silently slaughter your enemies they will only know at the very last second the manic look in your eyes and that they died to naked person. wuuuuut?!
There is no retreat! Do or die! There is no try!
Counting everything without drugs you get 235 Damage resistance and 215 Energy resistance with no armor. Must carry 30 lbs of junk for Junk Shield. Scaly Skin mutation is a must! Choose between Lone wanderer or BodyGuards. Don’t forget Dodg…

Created 8 months ago.

Posted by saintcat in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Combat only rifle into melee bloodlust

HI. read. level. kill. cleave. smash. shoot. die.

Created 8 months ago.

Posted by OolongPanic in Feedback.

Perk card Class Freak is not actively reducing Mutation negatives.

The Luck card Class Freak should actively alter the negative stats of Mutations.
Ex: Class Freak reduces negatives of mutations by 25% per rank. If a build has the Marsupial Mutation this reduces Intelegence by -4. At rank 2 of Class Freak this mutation should only reduce build Intelligence by -2.
However, currently at rank 2 of Class Freak with the Marsupial Mutation the front page of the build still shows and active reduction of -4 Int. as if there was no change.

Can this be fixed?

2 posts, last by Dennis 8 months ago.

Posted by Lokaz in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Covert Auto Rifle VATS build

My sneaky covert soldier build using auto rifles utilizing sneak dmg. on long range and vats support in close range.
Change charisma card to lone wander if going solo.

Created 8 months ago.

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