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Posted by netwalker9000 in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Reach Out & Touch Someone (A H2H Solo build)

This is my take on the Lone Wanderer build. Instead of guns I went hand to hand to free up some perk space for other things that are more in line with my play-style.

2 posts, last by netwalker9000 10 months ago.

Posted by Salvation78 in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

efficient team melee build

this is the original version of my other build
After playing the game for a while, I decided on some changes that are reflected in the other build, but I’m re-posting this for those of you who still want to follow this.
2 str, inspirational
3 cha, inspirational
4 cha, inpsirational
5 str, actionboy/action girl
6 str, slugger
7 str, slugger
8 str, slugger
9 agi, actionboy/actiongirl
10 agi, actionboy/actiongirl
11 str picklock
12 cha, r…

Created 10 months ago.

Posted by Hitokage in Fallout 76 Character Builds.


My initial thoughts on a solo player that uses ranged scoped weapons. Also a non automatic pistol for backup.
This style is focused on being able to access all areas and unlock every possible terminal or locked door etc.
Also being able to actually take as much loot from the places he/she accesses.
If there’s definite perks you think i should have added, let me know so i can improve my character build! Thanks

3 posts, last by Genus31 10 months ago.

Posted by Walking talking nuking trucker man in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Here’s what I thought

This is a big guns and explosives tank build. Just wanna give big damage and take no damage.

Created 10 months ago.

Posted by Preston in Fallout 76 Guides & Tips.

Clown Outfit & Clown Hat – Location Guide

Clown Outfit & Clown Hat – Location Guide

You can wear the clown outfit over your regular armor. It doesn’t give you any detriment or advantage other than the look itself.
Tip: You’ll need a clown outfit for the quest “Kill a wendigo wearing a clown outfit”!
Where to find the Clown Outfit (Location Guide)
The Clown Outfit has already been found at the following locations. Note: It’s not 100% confirmed that the outfit will always be there.
When you found it at on of the locations mentioned, it would be grea…

2 posts, last by Ted 10 months ago.

Posted by Preston in Fallout 76 Guides & Tips.

List of Fallout 76 Aluminum Locations

I put together this list with spots where you can find aluminum. You need aluminum to craft a workbench and repair certain weapons and armor.
If you know more good places, please let me know so I can add them! 🙂
Aluminum locations

Tyler County Dirt Track Workshop (located northwest of Vault 76, west of the ferris wheel). You can find an Aluminum vein there.

Claim the Workshop.
Build the harvester on the vein + enough generators to power it (a total of 10 electricity is needed)
Place some defe…

Created 10 months ago.

Posted by Blazened13 in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

PvE Rifleman

Just a build I put together quick, looking for feedback

Created 10 months ago.

Posted by Sentinel76 in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

BOS Paladin 2

BOS Paladin 2

Ultracite power armor

Armor Modifications
Helmet – Targeting HUD: Visor highlights living targets.
Torso – Reactive Plates: Reflects 50% of melee damage back on attacker.
Arms – Optimized Bracers: Reduces Action Point cost for Power Attacks.
Legs – Calibrated Shocks: Increases Carry Weight capacity.
Headlamp – Bright: A brighter standard lamp.
Anti Armor Auto Grenade Launcher: Ignores 50% of your target’s armor. 50% limb damage. 15% faster reloa…

Created 10 months ago.

Posted by Preston in Fallout 76 Guides & Tips.

List of all Weekly Challenges in Fallout 76

I’m collecting all the weekly quests available in Fallout 76 here. I also want to add tips how to complete the more challenging ones. So if you have any recommendations just write a comment! 🙂
You get 5 weekly challenges per week and you have 7 days to complete them. The quest reset seems to be on Tuesdays at 4 pm CET/10 am ET/7 am PST (please correct me if I’m wrong here for one of the time zones).
The challenges are account-wide, so you can just complete them once, regardless whic…

Created 10 months ago.

Posted by doctorgreg in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Sniper + Pistol with VATS criticals

Non automatic Pistol for close range and extensive VATS use for criticals.
Rifles for long range.

Created 10 months ago.

Posted by Hezino in Feedback.

Leveling system feedback

First of all, thanks to all the contributers of this simple and usefull site.
The leveling system was a great addition to create my build, however it seems to overlook one detail. While it urges you to pick all of your perks, it doesnt take into account which level you want to max a certain skill. For example:
I wanted to level inspirational to 3 in the charisma perk. The leveling system urges me to pick inspirational perk 3 times. The flaw in this is that my charisma starts at lvl 1 and ends u…

3 posts, last by Dennis 10 months ago.

Posted by targetrein2 in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

With a Pocket FULL of Shells…. (11/13/2018 EDIT)

Note:  This build was heavily influenced by Battlin’ Jack’s level 50 build and is basically a shotgun version of his build with minor changes here and there to suit my playstyle.  The build assumes we can hot-swap for crafting rank 5 weapons (Gunsmith 5) / exotics / etc (hence Intelligence 5) and can hot-swap for lockpicking / hacking / everything in between.
I may update the build as new perk cards are fully revealed or may ditch it altogether if shotguns turn out to be pure garbag…

6 posts, last by targetrein2 10 months ago.

Posted by Twotusktommy in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Resilient Genius named Jack

Started this build during the beta and it works very well. As long as I had stimpaks on me I never went down (even in a 2v1 pvp situation). I did not hot lvl 50, so I am not 100% on how it will work end game but for lvling I had fun with it. Now please remember that Perks may be swapped as needed, so the real thing to look at it the available combinations with this S.P.E.C.I.A.L. setup. 14 Int allows for maximum crafting and the 9 Cha can be bumped to 15 when in a full group for sharing purpose…

3 posts, last by Twotusktommy 10 months ago.

Posted by timidobserver in Feedback.

Leveling Roadmap

It would be nice to have a leveling roadmap based on the level of our perk cards that outlines what special and perk we need to take at each level.

4 posts, last by Dennis 10 months ago.

Posted by OctaviusBangwolf in Fallout 76 Guides & Tips.

Fallout 76 Power Armor Stats (All Sets)

Here is a list of all Power Armor Sets in Fallout 76, including their stats, the required level and details on where you can find them.

Ultracite Power Armor (Level 50)

453 DR (+60 from chassis = 513)
393 ER (+60 from chassis = 453)
393 RR

Finding place: A reward for the BoS questline.

X-01 Power Armor (Level 50)

398 DR (+60 from chassis = 458)
453 ER (+60 from chassis = 513)
453 RR

Prototype X-01 Power Armor (Level 40)

332 DR (+60 from chassis = 392)
374 ER (+60 from chassis = 434)

3 posts, last by ace26041 10 months ago.

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