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Posted by ShadowRyuu06 in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

My sniper build

made this build for solo play but also play with friends a lot. I have managed to 2 shot a lvl50 scorchbeast with a dragon and there are very few enemies I can’t one shot.

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by Arakkun in Feedback.

Problems with perk db and login

Some perk description and name are in German and not in English
I can’t Sign In via Google+

2 posts, last by Dennis 1 year ago.


PVP Mutation sniper build

Not sure where to utilize some of the points for better build.

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by QLDerPete in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Anti-Melee PVP Shotgun Mutant

I’m not gonna write an essay on my thought process behind this as the title is fairly self explanatory. The idea is to counter the most popular and powerful build being used in the game (Melee & Unarmed)
This build is nearly exclusively for PVP as it uses so many perks that are only combat or protection based and leaves pretty much nothing for utility. The idea is to make life hard on any would be melee attacker by debuffing their health and damage output whilst also buffing your own.…

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by GreeNDestnE in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

PVP Assassin Max Damage

I love making build guides for friends!  I realize that eventually 100% PVP mode will be a game mode so I made this in preparation.
The build relies on stealth and cunning but if mastered, can one shot unsuspecting victims and do maxed out damage in a fight.  With low armor, you will also have a high chance of evading a fight if you need to.
You should get at least one piece of armor with chameleon on it for extra effectiveness.
Minor adjustments could be made to get a little more damage output…

Created 10 months ago.

Posted by Grotesque85 in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Good clean fun.

Very early game based build with strong roleplay elements focusing pve.
Just cashing in stuff.

Created 12 months ago.

Posted by ninjah in Feedback.

Field Surgeon Perk seems bugged.

Field Surgeon is a perk with 1 level only but once you pick this it increases 2 points on Charisma stat.

3 posts, last by ninjah 1 year ago.

Posted by kevin in Feedback.

AP count vs in game

Why is there a difference of 35 AP between the build planner, and actual in-game?  I’ve checked and there aren’t any effects or mutations.

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by Feelagain in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

The hammer

the hammer is a melee build for power Armer travelled! Tank build.

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by Supertriqui in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Explosive shotgun solo

This is my explosives and shotguns solo build.
The objective is to increase the damage you can do with explosive shotguns and grenade launcher (which is a shotgun) in nuclear zones started by other groups, aiming for faster clearing. If you are in a group, you can trade your lone wanderer for some group friendly cards, like Bodyguard or whatever.
It uses luck of the draw to balance the fact that you don’t use gunsmith in the regular build, so you don’t have 50% slower degradation fo…

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by The King of PSU in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Dangerous Solo Full Damage 2H Melee Build

Pretty simple and straight forward Build. It’s made to be paired with a Bloodied weapon. You ideally need to stay with low HP (0%-20%) to maximize efficiency. Im getting a decent lvl 35 FireAxe above 1000 damage with no buff. 2-3 Hits with that on lvl 80 Scorchbeast and lvl 91 Deathclaws.
Swap Concentred Fire for Glow Sight during Nuke.
Power Armor: X-01
Head (Databased)
Arms (Bracers x2)
Legs (Kinetic + Optimized)
Torso (Protocoled)
Note: Not sure about Unstable Isotope, I’ve …

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by bigK92 in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Versatile Build for looting and shooting: Power Armor, Teamplay, PvE, ranged weapons (8/5/5/9/12/9/8)

Hello everybody,
Here’s my first attempt, comments and criticism desired!
What do you like, what could I improve? Thank you!
Basic idea: Playing together with friends, no focus on PVP or extreme damage, lots of looting.
I play with power armor and firearms (silenced and heavy)
Strength: the few skills here are used to reduce weight.
Perception: here the damage of the semi-automatic rifles is raised, as well as the scatter of the shotguns reduced.
Endurance: this is about survival: skills …

Created 12 months ago.

Posted by Notrufus in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Solo Sniper Build

Just using this as a reference for how I want to build my character. Basically the PCGAMESn sniper build but with a few changes for my playstyle.

Created 1 year ago.

Posted by GeGe in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

GeGe Commando

More GeGe builds to come

Created 1 year ago.

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