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Posted by Aarafondo in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

No VATS solo build (Hillbilly Hound)

*Updated Build*
Strength 10 : Blocker – melee endgame will be the tough for PVM and PVP.  This should help out with that.  Packrat for collecting and LUCK armor.  Bandolier and sturdy frame is a must imho for all distance builds.
Perception 12: 1 in each regular/expert/master of each of these perks: rifleman and commando for 30% increased damage of each.  Tank killer and Longshot compliments these.
Endurance 5: Originally had this set to 2, was told atleast 3 for flexibility.  Went with 5…

5 posts, last by Aarafondo 11 months ago.

Posted by targetrein2 in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

With a Pocket FULL of Shells…. (11/13/2018 EDIT)

Note:  This build was heavily influenced by Battlin’ Jack’s level 50 build and is basically a shotgun version of his build with minor changes here and there to suit my playstyle.  The build assumes we can hot-swap for crafting rank 5 weapons (Gunsmith 5) / exotics / etc (hence Intelligence 5) and can hot-swap for lockpicking / hacking / everything in between.
I may update the build as new perk cards are fully revealed or may ditch it altogether if shotguns turn out to be pure garbag…

6 posts, last by targetrein2 10 months ago.

Posted by Shotgunner Tank in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Shotgunner Tank

Step 1: Acquire shotguns.
Step 2: Blow away everything.

2 posts, last by DoublesunRUS 11 months ago.

Posted by PlanckZero in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Solo Scavenging Sniper v4

The primary focus of this build is on playing solo while being stealthy and taking out as many enemies as possible through sniping and when that fails backing yourself up with a shotgun.  This is a general exploration/scavenging build and is not entirely focused on maximizing damage or for PvP and includes some utility perks to make life overall easier and more convenient.
Strength: Some people say to avoid perks that modify the weight of items but I think Pack Rat is an exception given how oft…

2 posts, last by SirSoth 11 months ago.

Posted by Dra6o0n in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Ninja Thief Build

A build that makes full use of thrown knives and weapons, focusing on ranged sneak damage and looting.
Very versatile once you get specific perk cards to enhance throwing knives, as at low levels the damage is immense, at least 75 raw damage I think, and counts as ranged damage. Throwing Knife is very cheap to craft, costly only Steel Scrap and dishing out more damage than you do with guns below lv10.
Can be very useful in PVP as well, since your attacks are very silent and 13 perception lets y…

2 posts, last by Dra6o0n 11 months ago.

Posted by Redbeard in Fallout 76 Character Builds.


I haven’t played the beta yet so I have no clue how it will work but the idea is to be drunk most of the time and be able to take and give as much damage as possible.
For Strength the one handed, two handed and punching cards can be swapped out if needed.
Intelligence has a lot of flexibility.  The that are needed are Makeshift Warrior and First Aid.  After that everything can be swapped around depending on what you’re crafting.  Excess points here can also be used elsewhere if need…

2 posts, last by SirSoth 11 months ago.

Posted by FourDog in Fallout 76 Character Builds.


Max ballistic gun damage, heavy on INT and crafting, added some perks for being in a group since it seems pretty easy to group up.

Created 11 months ago.

Posted by LuckyJoeKokomo in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Jet Road Dealer

I am probably going to have to edit this later on a PC however I didn’t see any Chem-Head styled builds yet so I thought I’d submit my own…

2 posts, last by RealGladiator 11 months ago.

Posted by Lernok in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

EndGame – TwoHandMelee – SoloPlayer

This build faces two aspects.

The first is the damage. From what we could see the melee weapons are very strong at the beginning of the game so it is not a problem to overcome the first encounters.
The second thing to keep in mind is survival, both in the hand of increasing the maximum amount of life and increasing the chances of avoiding being hit in the face. Without having enough knowledge of the amount of life loot that will be within our reach, sacrifice a couple of perks in “Lead B…

Created 11 months ago.

Posted by nulldesu in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Generalist Build Skeleton (BETA)

This build is meant to serve as a bare-bones framework for other optimized builds to be built upon, depending on player preference. The perks shown here are selected because of their universal usefulness to most play styles and the strength they offer relative to their cost. This build assumes the player will be primarily teaming with others. Also please keep in mind that at the time of posting information on the game’s mechanics are few and hard to find, which might lead to certain perks…

Created 11 months ago.

Posted by BattlinJack in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Battlin’ Jack [Currently Under Revision]


9 posts, last by dubiousone 11 months ago.

Posted by ConfidenceCat in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

The strongest solo build in Fallout 76

Here is an early prediction of what could be one of the strongest builds to use in 76. This build relies on VATS since based on the information of the perks available, that is likely going to give you the most damage and survivability possible. Besides that, combine this all with power armor to get strong defense, and get the buffs from individual food and from being well fed.
<strong class=”yklcuq-14 gLhJob”>3 Strength (155 base + 5 carry weight per strength level)
<ul cla…

3 posts, last by BattlinJack 11 months ago.

Posted by ESO in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Best Melee Starter Build (PVP & PVE)

This build by YouTuber ESO – Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides is perfect when you start fresh in Fallout 76 and want your character to be strong in melee combat. Above you see the build how it looks like after level 10.
According to ESO the build is a solid foundation to go any way with it. If you want to go leveling from here he recommends investing in Strength and getting Expert Slugger and Master Slugger.
Points and cards up to level 10
As ESO says in the video, in the first perk car…

5 posts, last by paowee 11 months ago.

Posted by OFurthestBenO in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Berserker Tank

Imagine being a charging bull that keeps getting faster the more hurt it gets and gets even tougher to put down the more hurt it is.
Well…how would you respond if I told you that is very possible in Fallout 76.
Build: Berserker Tank
Core Attributes/Special points.
S=6. P=1. E=1. C=4. I=1. A=10. L=6
Total S.P.E.C.I.A.L Points = 22
Core Perk Cards and why we use them:
Strength Perk Cards:
Gladiator Level 3/3 or Slugger Level 3/3 (Your one-handed/two-handed melee weapons do +20% more damage)…

Created 11 months ago.

Posted by JV2017gameplay in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Gunslinger PISTOL – Strong early game build

YouTuber JV2017gameplay presented this build in the video you can find below. It’s a strong early game build that allows you to deal a lot of damage and is mainly focused on combat.

FALLOUT 76: Gunslinger PISTOL Build in Fallout 76!!

The primary perks are Gun Runner, Gun Slinger, Crack Shot and Packin’ Light. The seconardy perks are Concentrated Fire and Action Boy/Action Girl. As extra perks to can fill your build with he lists Inspirational, Lone Wanderer and Scroun…

3 posts, last by SirSoth 11 months ago.

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