Fallout 76: Best & Worst Perk Cards by French Tomahawk

This time we’ll be taking a look at what I think are the best and worst perk cards as of the current version of Fallout 76.

This tier list is super subjective to what I have personally seen and experienced in Fallout 76. There simply hasn’t been enough time to experiment with every perk thoroughly to understand where they will actually sit. In addition to that you can expect there to be changes to things once players learn what’s overpowered and how to break the game.

If you are going for a specific build you’ll clearly want to take most of the perk cards that directly affect that build type. I am just looking at it from the perspective of what I think is best – don’t let me ruin the fun of character building just because I say pistols are not as good as shotguns from what I can tell at this point.

Every build is viable so you can get by with anything you want. This video is just for people that want to know what perks are generally good and generally not good what perks you should gravitate towards you know or to help people you know kind of figure out what build they want to go for or given us certain build what perks they should go for.

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November 12, 2018 at 7:40 pm

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I agree with this list, but I hope people don’t hold a high value to it for fear of a meta developing. A lot of the fun with Fallout games is role-playing and build-making, so everyone using a “generally good” perk set would take away from the fun.


First of all, before anything else, thanks for transferring this into text. It’s a nice service of you. NOW, this tier list is OK for the most part, even though there are some head-scratchers rated far too highly or far too low. The big problem though is that a tier list in this fashion isn’t particularly useful because you can have every single perk in the game. Tier lists in Fallout 76 need to be more focused on which perks you want to have equipped near-constantly and the other perks they have to compete with in their own SPECIAL stat because of this. It doesn’t really make sense ranking – say – crafting perks highly because anyone can just swap to them in CAMP and then swap right back.


This list seems more like a perk lottery IMHO.

How can the best situational skill in the game (Wrecking Ball), which does extra 120% damage be on the last tier, same with Suppressor, one of the best defensive perk in the game which reduces 30% of all incoming damage of the enemy, also how a perk which turns irrelevant in few weeks (if not few days) like Inspirational be considered SUPER STRONG?

I’ll stop here…


In PVP, if your opponent cripples you, you’re probably going to lose. You’ll be forced to retreat and heal while they’re still attacking you. Auto stim is similarly useful especially if you get staggered.


Auto Stim (Born Survivor) atm resurrects you from dead if you took a hit over 20% of your last hp. Pretty strong.


In pvp there is no cripple, its your 1 hit thats it.


Rejuv is one of thje best perks there is. Its +25 HP, +25 ap regen and +20% disease resist. for 2 points. To help people understand Lifegiver (which i think you missed from your list) is only 11.25 HP a point, and it provides no ap regen or disease resist.

Now is it more work to maintain sure, but its STRENGTH is not in question.


Thank you so much for making this into a post here. Did you catch why they rated Suppressor so low? I can only see that if its from a team perspective, doesn’t stack, and your teammate has taken it. That being said, I just may just misunderstand something obvious or perhaps they capped their Cha at X and other perks were just so much better in comparison?


The effects of Suppressor can be stacked with the Pyrolyzer, which is a unique Flamer.

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