Fallout 76 Guide: Vendors List & Locations

While cleaning out my stash and inventory I was looking for NPC vendors (Bots) to trade my mines, explosive, boobleheads and other items I don’t need anymore.

In this guide I’ll collect all vendor locations for Fallout 76.

Warning: Vendors share their caps pool

The vendor bots seem to be grouped by their faction. If you’ve used up all available caps at one vendor all vendors of this group will be empty, too.

When are caps refilled / reseted?

It seems like every group of vendors resets after 24 hours after you sold something.

Fallout 76 Vendor Location Guide

All vendors have one shared caps pool within their group.


  • Flatwoods – Inside the big white church.
  • Charleston Fire Department – South from Charleston upstairs in the Fire Department itself.
  • Grafton Station – Sout west from Grafton.
  • Morgantown Station – East from Morgantown Airport.
  • Lewisburg Station – East end of Ash Heap (south-west from Canny Caverns)
  • Welch Station – In the south-west of Ash Heap, north from Welch.


  • Pleasant Valley Station – Inside the station.
  • Pleasant Valley Ski Resort – East from Top of the World.
    You may have to fight mobs so it’s easier to chose another vendor from this group.
  • Station Sutton – East from Flatwoods.
  • Station Sunnytop – At the north end of the train rail in Savage Divide.
  • Station R & G – South from R & G Processing Services. R & G is located in the East, at the rail coming from Lewisburg.


  • Station Whitespring – East from Whitespring Resort.
  • Whitespring Resort – In the mall.

Brotherhood of Steel

  • Watoga Shopping Plaza – South-East in Cranberry Bog


  • Watoga Station – South from Watoga Shopping Plaza at the rail (the rail at the bottom).

Free States

  • Harpers Ferry – Backyard in the last row of houses in the north (near the train).


  • Whitespring Bunker – The terminals.

Vendor Location Map

Here is a map created by Channel5Gaming (thanks Salvation78!):

November 16, 2018 at 5:11 pm

18 +54

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11 Replies


This was awesome man.


Thank you! Still working on it and just added 2 more.


Could you tell me exactly where the Brotherhood of Steel merchant is? You said Watoga Shopping Plaza. I have that on my map but no vendor is there.


I added one more Watoga Trader: He is at the Watoga Station south from Watoga. It should be the same faction and way easier to find. I’ll double check it today or tomorrow.


Welch station is responders


Thanks, added him!


This is great information thanks, a map with vendors marked colour coded to faction would be really awesome


This is an image with all 7 vendor factions color coded, each faction has 200 caps per day that you can clear out. As you can see the watoga shopping center bot is a different faction from the train station. If you put your base towards the east near watoga/harpers ferry you can use vault 76 to travel close to the other vendors for free to use up less caps fast traveling.



Great guide, but you missed the Responders vendor in Charleston Station. And there’s also Grahm, who is is own faction, but he’s not that easy to find. Someone needs to follow him and map out his route.


There is also the Enclave faction that has a separate 200 caps pool.

Charles R Urrea
March 4, 2019 at 5:36 pm

Are the prices of items fixed or do they vary? Is there a list of what a vendor will pay out for each item?

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