Hazmat Suit – Location Guide (MUST HAVE!)

Other than the Clown Outfit the Hazmat Suit offers several advantages (apart from the look itself): It gives a rad resistance of 1000 and grants you 98% radiation reduction. According to Camelworks the Hazmat Suit will protect you more than anything else in the game from both radiation environmentally and radiation in terms of damage.

Additionally, it completely prevents any damage and/or disease from airborne hazards. So basically, it’s a rad suit with a built-in gas mask and a must-have for every player regardless of the play style.

Note: When you equip the Hazmat Suit it will unequip all of the armor you were wearing so you can’t wear armor and the Hazmat Suit at the same time. You can’t wear an outfit over the Hazmat Suit either.

Where to find the Hazmat Suit (Location Guide)

The Hazmat Suit has already been found at the following locations. Note: It’s not 100% confirmed that the outfit will always be there.

When you found it at on of the locations mentioned, it would be great if you could write a comment. If you found it on a location not mentioned yet, please do so, too!

Location #1

  • Go to the Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06. It’s located straight south of Flatwoods, just above Ash Heap.
  • Once you arrived there you can see three chimney stacks: Two are together and one stands by itself on the south western side of the power plants and that’s the place to go to.
  • Across from the single chimney there is a red metal walkway leading up to the roof (on the map this walkway can be found between the railway track and the marker for the actual location).
  • Make your way all the way to the top. Fair warning: This place will be swarming with enemies, so be prepared!
  • Once it levels out there’ll be a long walkway and up onto a concrete roof.
  • As soon as you get onto the roof turn to the right and head south on the other side of the rooftop platform. There is a temporary workman’s office. In there and at the back corner (on top of a box) you find the Hazmat Suit.

The Hazmat Suit was found by Camelworks at this location:

November 11, 2018 at 1:34 pm

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Another GREAT location to find MULTIPLE hazmat suits is “Federal Disposal Field HZ-21”, which is also #11 on the “Fallout 76 Workshop Locations”. This site is located near the bottom center of the map, near the border between the Ash Heap and the Savage Divide (just about due east of the Garrahan Mining HQ and the “sky mansions”).

Across the road is a trailer where 5-6 Scorched hang out, and the site itself has another 4-5 Scorched in it as well.

(When I stumbled in, an event started to help “protect” the site, and 3 Vertibirds showed up to help. This was apparently triggered by a glowing Wendigo that had wandered into the radioactive hot-zone in the center of the site, and with the Vertibirds there to contain it, I could snipe it to kill it without much risk aside from dodging the acid it occasionally spit at me. Bring your clown suit just in case! I wish I had thought of that before I killed it. :))

Inside the small building on the site, where the claimable workstop is, there were 4-5 hazmat suits, as well as one damaged one. Jackpot!

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